Black People : The future is "written"

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    There are no random events in the universe, not at the atomic level. Every material object in the entire universe behaves according to the physical laws of cause and effect (again, quantum mechanics is an exception but, to my understanding, this doesn't effect macro sized atoms or events). Even flipping a coin is not random, the outcome is determined by how hard you flip the coin (which can be measured, I'm sure), what part of the coin your thumb hits, how close your hand is to the ground etc. If a physicist knew all of these different factors that play a role, they could (theoretically) succesfully predict whether or not the coin would land on heads or tails ( by the way, I actually flipped a coin 10 times, only 2 times did it end up on tails).

    Our brains are not an exception to the physical laws of cause and effect. Consciosness is a perception (it's not a 'thing' that exists in objective reality). Consciousness is caused by neurological activity (communication between neurons). These neurons do not behave "willfully" or even randomly, their behavior is determined by the genetic instructions located in their nucleus and environmental stimuli (including memories of past experiences).

    Because random events do not occur, there are certain events that are inevitable. Everything really does happen for a reason, although things are not "supposed" to happen, when you look at the entire universe from a bird's eye point of view, they are inevitable.
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    I agree with you especially when it comes to the white race