Black Poetry : The fuss heighten trust me I'm writing so boo let me touch you there's too much ado about us dating on route elevating into an affair not a waste of


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May 11, 2006
The fuss heightens
trust me I'm writing
so, boo let me touch you
there's too much ado
about us dating
on route elevating
into an affair
not a waste of time
let me embrace your mind
while I taste this wine
stay bold
and play a role
in HIPHOP boogie a lot
when we lip lock
with facts at the tip top
whack haters wearing flip flops
she's a BROWN SOUL SISTA with
a round butt and that's a gift
this is a fun musical
with an unusual
beat, boys dance
and toy with romance
can destroy the chance
to score this could enhance
a love affair and cause an avalance
of kisses to come tumbling down
and crumbling bounds
on a mountain slope
drink from a fountain that's dope
so she proceed as a conscious daughter
in need of water
then scorn the silly
have an inborn ability
the deal tonight is to bone
and feel right at home
so boo your cake is soft
go ahead and take off
your panties lets talk
we can use wet chalk
to jot down
a hot noun or two
ready to crown you
queen on the scene
with breasts dressed in green
NAW PLAYER: a kiss is the best means
to get a girlfriend
and let the world spin
around that, candy curls win
the best dress contest to begin
an affair and in the air
I swear I hear a pair
of tweedy birds
my lips are red cake
you probably have a headache
looking at them, wanna suck
I'm gonna duck
if it comes to that
the lips on my thing soft and phat
my panties tossed where you at
but no, I changed my mind
these are strange times
got my dress down
can't mess around
I fear galore
here near the shore
with a TITANIC potion
romantic and thinking
now starting to panic sinking
this is sweaty funk
and have steadily sunk
but got junk in the trunk
got true breast
and threw the rest
under my dress
its thunder and finesse
in a love affair
and above in the air
are kisses with wings
“OK LOOK boo it disaster and passion
a mini-skirt after fashion
now just for fun
you must run
and tell someone
but before you leave this place
boo let me squeeze your waist
OK hurry, oh gosh made a mistake
now he want cake and I can't escape
oh, he jests kiss my lips
and got my tongue and grips
my hips couldn't go any place
and plenty lace to be had taste
of sex was in the room along
with perfume, a tuned song
on CD my dress was up
breasts been sucked


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