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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The believers look at things as they want it to be and ask no questions, the Divine Thinker See things as they are and know the answer about all that is Divinely Real and True, thus you have two Qualities of Mind that reveal the Spirit of the World, a world that now is dominated by the Mind of the believers, an evil world that it is, which indicate that believing is done by evil people in power, and it is all because the Divine Black World no longer desire to Know whom we are, and so today, it is the Black World in Captivity, confined within the shackles of the Human Being believing Mind, crying out for Change and not Freedom, and the reason why Change is the goal of Black so call Afrikan Americans, is because the Afrikan American believer, has been conditioned to believe that Freedom will come only in Heaven and that is why beloved, the Black World is a Divided World and is in the state of Mental condition we are in today, which is depressing deplorable, wanting Change and not being able to see the need for our Freedom.

    The Greatest and defile enemy to Black so call Afrikans today, is the Mental action of belief, such is a lazy display of a body economy, the mind, an aspect of the Body attributes that rather follow the dictate of a Mind of others with a history of kicking our behind, always in a slave mentality, waiting to be told what to believe and how to behave, an actionable display of a Mind action, that is not akin to the Body Economy of the Black Divine Beings, a Being that has been made not to know Thy self any more and now express a willingness to abide in such self ignorance.

    Let me share this with you beloved, when in a burning House, you can skin and grin and you can tell jokes about your Believing ignorance, then know that the Life of the Black World is as being pushed out of the Shuttle in Flight, and you are in a free fall without a Chute to buffer your fall, such is the condition that a Black so call Afrikan Believing Mind puts you in, and whose destination is sure Death to a once Thinking Black World, a World that is different from all other worlds upon this Planet Earth, as the Human Being so name it to be, and Black Folks have not the Divine Mind, qualified to challenge nor question the Mind of Lucifer, the self confessed Human Being, the Master creator of the Mental Process of Believing, a Mind state locked in doubt, about all things that confront the Black Life today.

    A believer is conditioned to accept things as wanted it to be and not as it is, belief rest upon a foundation of Doubt, having no desire to Know about that which is causing the belief of a dying Black Divided World of a Nation to behave as is today.

    Belief have you to Lie and deceive people, while being the biggest victim of such a deception, concerning that you believe in, without question, it cause you to hunger to be told not the Divine Truths, but to be told deceiving Lies, because belief paint in your Mind sensuality, that what a believer has been told what to want, in and for the Believer life, and nothing can be so evilly vain than a wanting believer, because all that the believer want, is all that has been told to the believer to hope for and have faith in, never a desire to know the Divine Truth in Life and about Life self, God, and the Universe.

    Religion is the instigator of belief, Faith, and hope, principles without Divine value, elements that produce the Trinity of Evil, the vanity of Ego, Envy, and ruthless Jealousy, with malice.

    A Divine Thinker exercise a Mind grounded in profound Reasoning and Logic, using Empirical Facts to substantiate that which is being reasoned to know about, on the physical level of illusionary Reality, having no desire to doubt what a Divine Reasonable Mind has revealed, by the power of Divine Thought, given the ability to know that which is to be the Divine truth and Reality, concerning Life and existence, and the life and existence action relationship is to Death and Infinity, is a complementary one, on both level of the Body and Mind interaction, physical and Esoterically, materially and Ethereal in Composition, one with limits and the other without limits, causing such action to appear to be Not Real and to be Real, and it is the Divine Thinker that Knows the difference that is caused to be, between the action of Believing, and the Mind action of Divine Thinking.

    A Divine Thinker does not waste Time with frivolous perception of belief, a process of Mind dependency, moved by irrational Emotions, causing you to believe that a Person, Place, and Thing carry Divine value over the power of Divine Thought, which produce the ability to Know, and not believe that which is Divinely True, concerning the Divine essence, ( GOD ) the Universe, and the Divine You, the Being that is comprised with a Soul, Body, And Mind, whose attributes of You, happen to be the, Me, Self, and I of You, representing the Soul, Body, and Spirit of YOU, the Physical, Spiritual aspect of the Body You.

    The Believer believe in the Now and Here After, the Divine Thinker Know that there is Neither, knowing that there is only Then and Now become Then, the two constituting the Divine Truth about the Divine Reality of the Eternal Infinity, and such is aware of the Mind that bring Reality into focus, one serving to be a Physical Illusion Reality, in which the Believer is a prison of, and the other is the Divine Reality, of which the Divine Thinker is a Functional part of, which qualify the Thinker to Know and not Believe and the Believer to Doubt while never to Know, because Knowing is a Thinking Mental Process, needing not to be influenced by the delusional Believer.

    Come Now, Let Us Reason Together, Though Your Mind Is White As The Human Being, Our Divine First Way Black Ancestors will Cause Your Mind To Return To Be As The Eternal Infinite Perfect Night, The Enlightenment Of Mental Comprehension, The Place Where Divine Truth And Reality Reside.

    Let You Who Now Are In The Process Of Reclaiming Your Divine Thinking Mind, Know What Has Just Been Shared With you, and Let The Believer Attempt To Critique That Which You Know Not.

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan American Human Being Despise The Divine Truth, Why ? Because It Is Humanly Condemning

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism / Reparation / Repatriation
    [email protected]