Black Poetry : The Fountain of Youth


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord
The meaning has clearly been misunderstood
A mystical treasure with power that could
Grant the bearer with life ever after
Drink from the spring, tricking the hereafter

The treasure, the fountain was never a throne
It was never a structure build from gray stone
There was never a map that showed the way
Or a chart found in an ancestor grave

The fountain of youth is what stands before US
The fountain of youth is what is around US
The secret to our life ever after
Are the children we are the protectors

The fountain of youth is the future to come
The ones who are born and the ones yet to come
The mystical treasure that those once did seek
Are the children who stand at our feet

They are the treasure that the ancients spoke of
It comes from the womb, from the treasure of love
So you see it is not a mystery
The fountain of youth; our children, our seed


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