Violaters / Violations : The Formation of ... The Destee Community Justice System (Council)

No volunteering unless you volunteer yourself? Who's volunteering you? lol Do you mean when another asks if you'll be available to be apart of their council?

You volunteered all of us

Well, not exactly. It would be the same as now, save the "second" team doesn't go around making certain things aren't getting out of hand, but rather issues are brought to them. They wouldn't have to be monitored if people would be more mature in their own behavior as Destee expects from us anyway, but I guess that's asking too much.

I do agree that the animosity is extreme here; Asomfwaa arguing his point kind of made that clear; some are just going to refuse to work with others though they claim they want unity. *sigh*

But I thank you, butterfly#1 for your support.

You're so welcome sis. Anytime, we must continue to support with coolier heads prevailing @ all times. We know it Can be done, if only old bothersome Ego would removed itself.
You volunteered all of us.

Lol, no I didn't. All of this is just a thought if the community were to work together, like everyone is always talking about. In reality, only a few might step up to start, and if it all goes well, maybe more jump on board.

I have no idea who might actually throw their hat in the ring, so we'll see, I guess.


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