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    The Forbidden Prophecy.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe somebody Black Might Hear You.

    The Forbidden Prophecy Is That Lucifer has So Ordered that The Black world Is Never To Be Revealed to The Human Being world, The Divine Truth About Who You The divine Black Being Truly and Really Is.

    I serve as your mirror of reflection in good time and Bad time, the Good is when I share how you use to be, and the bad, is when I share how you have been made to be, now.

    Tell me Beloved Black people, how did you get to this level of Mind that you now use to interact in life?

    Here is this Earthly world and all that now happen upon it make it seem as if there was not ever a Time when you Divine lack Beings, now been made to look at yourselves as Black Afrikan Human Beings, as if you have never been been the center of this world cosmic dust, meaning life form upon this planet that now constitute the two World upon this planet.

    Today and many past days of the life on this planet Earth, much has happen upon this world and many conversations have taken place about the various societies that constitute this world, all about various and different Nation of people whose ethnicity is of common talk when the discussion is about the World Earthly happenings that has occurred upon this planet.

    So much so, until a major book was created to influence the world about the occurrence that too place in various window of dispensation of Time, while on this planet in this solar system.

    Each and every made to be known of Ethnic group of Nations upon this Planet, those who constitute the World upon this planet, much talk and much is said about people of Ancient time, even up to this time, about the contribution and destruction, and Nations conquering of Nations, now to New World Order construction.

    Much Talk is made about Prophets, Messiah, Son of god, Dreamers, Philosophers, Remote viewers, people being clairvoyance, people making claim to have made contact with the people who have died, and people who have vision of the Time not yet come.

    Well, all of such claimed activity and participated seers of such activity, regarding what has, is to, and will happen in the course of time, and all discussion about such Time, is carried on by every ethnic that make up this world, with the exception of Black people.

    Black people have been made to be good for nothing but to believe all that other people tell us to believe, and Black people submit to playing such a role in life, because we have been made to forget what our Divine role was to the living of life.

    Therefore, any information that is Divinely shared with Black people by Black people, the quality of Mind black people use today to guide our Black lives, automatically is set to ignore and dismiss all such quality of Divine information about Black people, such is what place Black people to be the central Core around which this earthly world revolve.

    Take for instance when disaster come to be of a major problem upon the people of the world on this planet, all Nations are solicited for their intellectual contribution in the form of help and solution, with the exception of Black people, a people who came to this planet with knowledge of Universal Quantum Law.

    Well the people qualified to calm the Elements have been made to believe about themselves to be no more, in regard to intelligence, than what the world has caused Black people to believe about ourselves, concerning intelligence and the lack thereof in the possession of Black people.

    I use belief to associate it with Black people, because we have been made not to know a **** thing about our Primitive Divine selves, and as Black people, we been made to believe, which increase the level of ignorance of Black people.

    All of your well received Prophets, Clairvoyance gifted people, all of your Seers, remote Viewers, Philosophers, Dreamers, visionary, Intelligent conversationalist on the topics of concern on a National and international discussed intelligent level, all is taken place by all walk of Ethnic Groups life, with the exception of Black Ethnicity, Why?

    Well beloved, it is because the world consensus is to forever, if left up to the world, to keep Black people away from knowing the power of thought that evolve into Mind, and the quality of such a mind is depended upon the quality of Thoughts, and it is a fact that Black people came to this planet with the ability to Think Divinely, thus meaning that our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors came to this planet with a Divine Mind, and Black people are the heir to such Divinity.

    So, among Lucifer the Human Beings of this world, it is forbidden to recognize and include Black people collectively in conversation where it require for you to go beyond the scope of belief, and enter the Dimension of Free Divine thinking.

    Because, none can rival with competitiveness, the Mind of Black people, and when such a mind is the original Mind of such a people in use, that mind is Divine.

    So why in the Hell do you observe the way we are treated in the arena of ideas, we Black people are treated to be invisible, because it is well known by Lucifer that if you Black people are ever to rise closed in your Divine Mind, then the gods in the Cosmos will respond to your incantations with adulation, and order will be the time once again to caress this planet call earth.

    Beloved, you possess the Cosmic power to become as you once were, but not as long as you consent to remain a Believing Human Being, that is not you, it is your oppressors upon this planet, Lucifer the devil, Satan, the Triad of evil.

    The divine Truth?

    Black People been made to be mentally unable to know, understand, and accept the Divine Truth and as long as the mind we now wear remain to be Lucifer mind and not your divine mind, Afrika will continue to decline to be for the Afrikan and black people, oh well, will continue to make claim that our lives are ll good.

    Much more I am to share with you, but not before you develop the desire to reclaim your Divine Mind, and the first step in doing so, is to reject all form of religion, it stifle your Divine spirituality, beloved.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]

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