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    By Chief Elder Osiris>

    By being Black today, no longer reserve you a place among the gods, your Ancient Divine cosmic black Ancestors, they that came with the Divine Theology concerning GOD, Universe and the Black Divine Being, such Mental discipline Black People no longer possess and today has no desire to learn about what it take to become a Divine Being again, why ? because the Mind of Black People is corrupt with the Mind of the Human Being and it is that Mind that now have Black People worshiping the Human Being Man and his GOD, as we take everything the Human Being now has taught us and all that the Human Being has taught us is in direct contradiction to what our First Way Ancestors did teach us about GOD, Universe and the Black Life.

    So when you have made the decision to reclaim the Black Divine Mind, the first thing such a Divine Mind teach you to do is to disregard everything the Human Being has so constructed as his Civilization, that mean everything that our Black Life is confronted with today, a task that most Black People are not that Mental Durable in abiding to such a requirement and it is such a Mental standard that is required of Black People to meet, that is if we ever are to be able to See again what our Divine First Way Black Ancestors taught us on this Planet.


    THE DIVINE MIND TEACH THAT ALL RELIGION IS OF THE LUCIFERIANS, sometime referred to as the Devil, Satan, meaning the Human Beings in and of this World, evil it is, that the Human Being has now so structured it to be.

    So it is plain Foolishness Of Black Folks in our effort to categorize the Human Being and his Religion, as we attempt to claim one denomination of Religion to be better than another, when all Religions Lie and Deceive all Weak none Thinking Minds and it is such a Mind that Black People now wear and it is that Mental clothing that now have the black World in the wretched condition we now live and we black Folks have come to take our present condition in stride, infested with belief, Faith, Hope and a Love emotion that is fitted for the Human Being, as he use such an irratinal emotion to cause black people to become submissive to all that the Human Being tell us Black Folks, causing us to appear to be the most foolish among the World.

    Religion is no more than an institution of Rules, Laws, Commandments and Demands, controlling the way that we Believe about God, Universe and Life, so what we do, we end up without question, submitting to Doctrines enshrined in and about the ways of Man, as we end up worshiping those that claim to be God Messengers, apostles, Ministers, and yet, all that they tell you about God is a Lie, for purpose to deceive you, but you can not do anything about that, because you no longer act and behave in your Divine Mind, causing us Black People to appear the most Foolish in the World, because it happen to be Black People that was at early Time to be in possession of the Divine Truth about GOD, Universe, and the Black Life, because back then we did Know what God Is, the Meaning and Purpose of the Universe, and we were totally aware of the Meaning of our Black Life, meaning we did know at one Time who we were, Divine Black Beings and not Human Beings, it was at that time we did emulate the Universe..

    If You Do Not Know, Then You Set Yourself Up To Believe Any and Everything Lucifer Tell You, it being nothing but Lies about your Black Self. which is why our Ancient First Way Ancestors Instructed us when the Time come, we must once again learn to Know who we Black People Really are and not until then, will we be able to experience the Rise of the Black World to our orginal position and status in the World again.

    The Foolishness Of Black People, Debating whether there is Life After Death, as if somebody has Died and came back to serve as proof that it is, well I am here to share with you that Life is only for the Body and the Body is confined to this Universe and no more and Such a Divine Truth can not be Rationally and Logically refuted.

    Beloved, only a Religious Mind will take the Time to try to refute the action and evidence of Nature and it is Nature that reveal to you the process of Life and it extend no further than the Universe, meaning where we are located in it.

    The Action of Life is in a Motion of Coming and Going, being and not being and what happen after Life complete its Process of Living, nobody Know, but as the Universe serve as our instructor concerning the process of Life and if you are enclosed in your Divine Mind and do master the Knowledge of the Theology of God, Universe, and Life, then Wise goddess and gods of the Black World will know that Life if Finite and the Soul is Infinite and that Life is to the Living Body and the Soul is not of the body but is beyond the Body, returned back to the Eternal Infinite State of Existence it will go and reside in a state of inertia, because you See, meaning you must Think, Existence represent Eternity within the bosom of infinity, but Life is Limited and reside only in the Body, the Soul being not physical and Life being physical, so a none religious Mind will know that there is not Life after Death, Is a Star a Star after the action of a Super Nova experience?

    The Foolishness Of Black Folks, we rather suffer long and hard because that is what religion teach you to do, that is if you want to See Jesus, not again because he has never been seen by the Divine Black Being, he has been seen only by the Human Being, because he is the figment of the Human Being imagination and now after the mental conversion of the Black World into the Human Being World, now we wear the Human Being Mind, we now Lie as the Lucifer Human Being does, when making claim to have Looked at and walked and talked to and with Jesus, he having a seat reserve up in heaven for every devout religious believer, The foolishness Of Black Folks, in our new founded Religion.

    Religion tell you to suffer long and hard and by doing so it add a star in your Jesus crown and when you Love your Enemy and those that despiteful use you, then you become a Favorite of Jesus, as we black Folks are conditioned to take no Thought about what this world is doing to our Black Behind, just let it be, because after while, after all of the Black imprisonment, Disease, Hunger, Lost of Respect, no longer concerned about the Children, victims of the Human Being Drugs distribution to our Children, no longer having the confidence of our children, no Justice and no Self-Respect, giving no thought about none of that which now plague the life of Black People and the Docility and passiveness of Mind of Black Folks, if you will just maintain such a Foolish State of Human Being Mind and remain obedient to the Religion of your choosing, then you can look forward to a Life after Death with Jesus, so teach Religion, or you can look forward to 72 concubines virgins in heaven, or meet up with Elijah in the by an by, all coming from the tricks of religion.

    So that is why I say, The Foolishness Of Black Folks, turning away from a sure thing, it being your Life, in order to depend on a Belief that has been created for you to have faith in, through a mental action of belief, which indicate nothing certain, looking for Jesus in the sky and such being enough to allow your Life to be treated as a Fool, as the Black World go down deeper in the quick sand of ignorance with a display of foolishness and a hope for Life after Death, with an expectation of coming back to this life again, as you are, The Foolishness Of black Folks.

    Here is Lovingly thinking Of you


    Chief Elder
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