Black Poetry : The Flat tire

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    The Flat tire

    Can?t win in pain now it begin to rain sad not clever
    To be in bad weather changing a tire in an ocean whatever
    This tend the notion on why I didn?t bring a raincoat my brains
    Soaked nothing plain or dope about this, clothes catching stains
    Trouble and aggression a double impression vision blurred can?t alter
    The truth wish I was waterproof disgraced my fame in a place
    Name Bedstuy in my head thoughts fly thinking about Biggy time raced
    By, been with pistols bought my girl twinned crystals and now the wind
    Is Bristol and again start to whistle again and this will somehow end
    My art is hot but got a dark spot in my past got shot in the ***
    Doing a drug deal but love heals all of that and here atlast
    Loosen all the lub nuts got it jacked up now passing is a speeding
    Mack truck oh ****! It shook the car was scarred now proceeding
    My brain vary in wisdom need a dietary system a dang whopper
    Came hotter on my fat glands and now at the hands proper
    Can?t feast being obese and it never cease look I can?t drink
    Whisky extreme and eat Krispy Kreme that really stink
    Ready to buy a load of gin an I?m on the road again winked
    At the highway, try today to dry out, hair dreaded as I?m headed
    To see my girl I?ll be a sick butt if some dude already picked her
    Up got flaws great because I?m late at home got a piece of land prefer
    Take my girl to Hardee?s feast is my plan or atleast stand in front of KFC
    Try be served finger licking hot chicken my clock ticking like keisha a deft spree
    Of tick tock quick to rock some drumsticks plumb sick of collard greens not for me
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    very well done lyrical master this flow