Brother AACOOLDRE : The Fish that couldn't save himself

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    The Fish that couldn’t Save himself

    I was eating at Denny’s the other day and a Christian attempted to debate me that the Zodiac has nothing to do with Christianity and that it was witchcraft. I didn’t debate with him because I do not talk about complex issues without citing my references.

    One of the early Church fathers of the Latin Churches Tertullian once said around the year 200Ad “We little fishes after the image of our (Christ) fish are born in the water”.

    This belief explains the use of the symbol of the fish to represent Christ and the Christians. Lets not forget all of the Popes signet rings have the symbol of the Fish/Pisces on their fingers. Look at some of the Christians driving their cars with the image of the Fish.

    Before Jesus was Pisces he was Aries the lamb/Ram/Amen and in 2012 he turns into Aquarius the fictional date for the end of the world.

    The astronomers knew and foretold that the Divine babe was to be born in the sign of the fishes, the sign of the Messiah Dag, of An, of Oan or Jonah. Jesus said the only sign was that of Jonah. Was he talking about the Zodiac sign? It is probable that the name of Rome was derived from an Egyptian name for the fish, and that Roma was the fish-goddess. Rem, Rum, or Rome signifies the fish in Egyptian. Be this as it may, the fish-man (or woman?) rules in Rome. The ring with which the Pope is invested, his seal-ring, has on it the sign of the fish, and Ichthon the Saviour was brought on in Rome as Ichthus the fish, or otherwise personified as the “historical Jesus”. This is illustrated in the Catacombs, where the fish emaning Jonah from its mouth has been supposed by Christians to represent the resurrection of an historical Jew. The name of the Piscina given to the baptismal font likewise shows the cult of the fish. Those who were baptized in the Piscina as primitive Christians were known by name as the Pisciculi. “Ichthus” also was the secret password and sign of salutation betwixt the Christian Pisciculi.
    Bryant copied from an ancient Maltese coin the figure of Horus, who carries the crook and fan in his hands and wears a fish-Mitre on his head. This was Horus of the Inundation, who was emaned from the water as a fish and by the fish, but who is here portrayed in a human form with the fish’s mouth for a Mitre on his head. The wearer of the os tincae on his head is not only the fish-man in survival, the petticoated Pope is likewise a figure of the ancient fish-woman; she who sat upon the waters and on the seven hills of the celestial Heptanomis as a water-cow, who brought forth from the mystical mouth of the fish. The Pope is dressed in the likeness of both sexes. The “os tincae’ of the papal Mitre, equally with the star Fomalhaut in Piscis Australis of the planisphere, and the mouthpiece of the divine Word, is still the same antique as when the ancient Wisdom was first figured as the female fish, the crocodile, and the male fish was a likeness of the Saviour who came by water in the Inundation.

    In Egypt the Pices sign wasn’t two fish but two crocodiles. We get the word for Christ/Messiah/anoint from the Egyptian word crocodile. All Egyptian Kings were anointed with crocodile oil on their hands and forehead which is the invisible 666. Some people say the letters on the Pope Mitre =666.