Black Poetry : The First Night of Forever - Bishop and Natasha


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smoldering eyes
beseech thee
come hither
and taste the passion within
as I lay reposed on your black panther rug
surrounded by the petals of the freshest flowers
a bucket crystal chilling in the other room
a continuous melody of Jazz softly playing in the background
the scent of cinnamon and jasmine fills the air
as I watch you lay there
and your smooth skin glistens in the moonlight
calling out to me
invoking my appetite
empowering my manhood
as I prepare to devour
this delicate dish before me

a smile alights my face
as your hands undo
smoothing away the stress of the day gone past
tracing the lines of my back
kissing the spot behind my knee
caressing my voluptuous mounds of glory

licking the back of your leg
as my tongue rolls up to your hips and thighs
you unlock the door
allowing me to come in
Tongueplay our foreplay
as I feel your legs tense
from the lick to your lower lips
as it moves further
rolling along the sides of your walls
the intensity of the pleasure
compels me to grab the back of your head
bringing you closer to my heat
my thighs convulse
my fingers clench
I lick my lips in anticipation
knowing what's to follow

As I drink from your fountain
draining you of your essence
you become weak and your body limp
I bury myself deeper
as I feel the quake of your body
knowing that eruption is soon to occur
I can't wait any longer
to wrap my lips around your manhood
I pull you up
flip you over
and glide down between your strong muscled thighs
I can feel the heat radiating
can feel the pulse of your very heartbeat
pounding from the shaft
I wrap my mouth around the essence of you
gliding my tongue up and down
all around

I let out a sigh of passion
as I grip the rug
teeth clenched
I am raptured in the midst of extasy
as you massage my loveshaft
my head begins to swirl
from the sheer raw pleasure

in mid stroke
the thought occurs
how badly I wanna ride
I climb on , you hold on
gliding back and forth
in and out
up and down
you grip my behind
with hot sweaty palms
I grab your tensed shoulders
I lean down for a deep wet

Kiss, as our tongues dance together
Move to the beat of every thrust we put forth
as tears of joy stream down our eyes
as we become one
one body
one soul
one love
exploding in a fervent climatic release
as my essence is deposited within you
consummating this relationship
on this Honeymoon Night.



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