Black Poetry : The Father the Son The Abandon Son of Man

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    The Father the Son The Abandon Son of Man
    By Jacqueline Amos

    Oh father, Oh father why did you leave?
    The days have been hard,
    the stripes upon my back,
    The hard times ,
    watching mama work so hard.

    The tears that she shed upon the night,
    Oh how can I become the man,
    when there is no role model?
    For the adjustments of my dignity,
    and the role I must play.
    Oh the coward ness of rejection,
    of the lifeline thy shall lead.

    I must not shed a tear;
    it would make me less than a man,
    Castration of a mind,
    guided by a broken heart,
    a women is not a man,
    so who traits must I follow.

    Responsibility the role of man,
    why have you lynched me through my mind,
    aspirations of a man you seek for thee,
    when there is no man,
    to relate my likeness of what a man should be.

    I am angry for the likeness of a foundation,
    has been abandon,
    you seek perfection, from the loyalty ,
    you say as a child,
    Only a coward runs an hide,
    Mama the man, the women, I the child.

    Who is the warrior ,
    when there is only a queen,
    who is the provider?
    only mama is there,
    what respect can I give to a coward ?
    who hides behind the doors of no return,
    genocide to his own seed he plays,
    loyalty is even given among thieves,
    up my father, you are killing me.

    Chains on mind, chains on my feet,
    chains that blind my inner peace,
    The sins of the father, lye upon the earth.
    God was loyal to the son,
    why must you castrate me of my spiritual rights?
    as well as a son.

    Babies crying, sons are dying,
    dope dealers supplying,
    covering up my wounds.
    Why am I hated for being a man?
    Genocide by my fathers hand.
    Why must I stand before justice?
    to plea for your love of thee,
    am I worthy the lifeline that I follow in its ways?
    the curse of the father,
    the mother, the son, the universe,
    civilization has it any warmth.

    I the father the son,
    the Holy Spirit,
    I the abandon, the forgotten,
    as my Jesus. As my God, the sins of man,
    the sins of the father,
    the sins of the earth,
    the mother, the father,
    the warrior, the provider,
    the lynching of her emotions.

    Copywriter 2002

    Oh father, Oh father why did you leave?
    I the boy the man the child, the darkness I wear the scars.

    Dedicated to:
    I the Mother the Universe:confused:
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    A letter to an abandoned

    Dear Man Child,

    You are not abandoned you belong to the village and every barren woman.
    Dear Man child you are not forbidden to cry it does not make
    you weak it makes you strong.
    For he who hears your sorrow is also there to heal.
    You feel this pain so deeply because you have not let it go.
    Free your soul to justice and from judgement do withhold.
    For if you don't hold back this silent wrath you to may find
    yourself a coward in some childs eyes.
    Weep and let your spirit be cleansed , you are not punished
    for your father's sins.
    He who is the Father of us all, see's us when we suffer and
    cathches us when we fall.
    Mother's you are not father's and neither can you be.
    Be what God has intended you to be and not what you imagine
    yourself to be.
    Someone who is inadequate in keeping her man, who cannot
    keep her family together and therefore you are the warrior
    and the Queen. Do not do this thing that makes your son
    feel shameful, speak of love that created him and love that
    sustains him. Everybody has a father and his name is
    *I hope this helps you in some way , I will pray for you daily!
    As I often do the sons who feel abandoned. It's even worse
    when the father is in the house and has little to do with his
    children than when he is not there at all.
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