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    THE FATHER, THE SON OF GOD & The Terrible Spirit

    By Andre Austin

    Jesus doomsday prphecies were directd against the "wicked generation/wicked priests" of Jews who rebelled against Rome. Therefore, his threatened "second coming" [of General Titus] was predicting the Gospel’s 70AD destruction of Jerusalem. This was the understanding of most Christian theologians until this century and is still the way the Preterist Christians understand these prophecies. They understood that Jesus words indicated that he would come at the head of the Roman army for their destruction.

    [I’m mainly concerned about the Black Ministers giving back the New Testament to the ancient Roman mafia where it belongs. Unfortunately, some of pastors know but refused to wean off the economic gravy train unlike St Louis minister Ray Hagins etal.]

    All of Jesus’ ministry was about the coming war with Rome and was designed to establish Jesus as Titus forerunner as the Son of Man who would encircle the Temple with a wall then destroy it a feat only done by Titus (Luke 19:43-44). Therefore, the relationship between Jesus’and the father referred to throughout the Gospels is a forerunner of the relationship between Titus and his father, the Emperor and declared God Vespasian.[later on Domitian would be added on to make up the true sadistic Catholic Trinity.

    The word Gospel Defined:

    In Greek the word Euaggelion means Gospel-a word that technically means "Good news of military victory". Rome defeated the Jews mainly in part due to forced starvation that lead to cannibalism which resulted in the memorial dinner of symbolically eating the flesh/Penis and blood of Jesus. I would rather make communion with my ancestor slaves with a bucket of Chitterlings than eat the symbolic sex organs of a Jesus mushroom/manna (John 6:49-52). I'm like Juliet's father in Shakepeare's play of Romeo & Juliet: "[so-called] God's bread! it makes me mad (III, 5, 18).

    After the Jew’s Temple was destroyed in 70AD 18,000 priests previously worked there were seeking new employment and helped the Flavian Dynasty of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian write the New Testament of pacifism, tax paying and Census taking , and holiness and subservience to Rome. Flavius Constantine saw a larger potential and decreed it a state religion. The Central character of the NT is the sun of Man who is proven to be Titus, the number 1 child molestor and rapist in Rome of his time. Titus was simply the Super-*** of Rome with his musical troop and everything. The NT "son of man" was no man at all.

    When we align the New Testament with the Adopted historian Flavius Josephus works of War of the Jews a clear picture emerges. Jesus predicted a "Son of man" would encircle Jerusalem with a wall and destroy its Temple and bring tribulation onto the "wicked generation" that rebelled against Rome. In fact, one man actually had these precise characteristics. A man who was a "son of God" because the senate declared his father Vespasian a diuus, and his brother got the nickname "the Terrible Spirit (Domitian). The senate thought of the destruction of the Temple a work of another God by the name of Titus. And in Paul’s mind "Titus my own true child in our common faith" Titus 1:4. I dont know who Paul was. He wrote half of the NT book. paul was a slave and servant to emperor Domitian who castracted and sodomized him. Paul told slaves to obey their masters in everything (Titus 2:9) making him a volunter homosexual to Domitian.

    Finally, only one family other than Jesus is associated with the origin of Christianity. It is the family of Titus Flavius. Even if one discounts the tradition that regards Flavius Clemens as the first Pope, as well as all the other Flavian traditions connected with Christianity’s origins, the inscription naming Flavius Domitilla as the founder of the oldest burial grounds for Christians in Rome still in existence today. If one ignores even this, the works of Flavius Josephus would be sufficient to confirm the Flavian connection with the origins of Christianity because the two are completely entwined and mutually supportive.The latter being a parody and spoof of the black comedy script of the former.

    Conclusion of the Triple Characters Lampoon

    So there you have it a very tragic Trinity of the real identity of the Father, the Son and the Terrible Spirit. The real and true crime family of a Mafia type of Roman thugs: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian who commissioned the writings of the New Testament with the help of a Paul and other wicked priests in their sucessful caper in fooling the Jews and Christians into indirectly worshing Rome as fools for Christ/Titus. Its about time someone lowered the boom on the fraud of these three clowns.