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Aug 28, 2015
Brunell Donald-Kyei and Symone Sanders on CNN

Interesting, was trying to hear what the Trump surrogate was saying about the $100 billion dollar investment in the inner cities, and then the CNN host interrupted her asking about "why he isn't rallying African Americans" or something.

Then Symone talks about Trina, Jay Z and beauty shops ion "rallying" support

All these promises though, shrug... we know politrickters don't lie, don't we? ;)

$100 Billion investment vs. Jay Z, Beyonce, and Trina Tickets, Barbershops, Beauty Shops, Bible Studies

Don't know whether to laugh or shake my head, either way the mental delusion creates a weird disconnect with people.

I'm riding with you on this. Brunell is very eloquent, she makes good points, sounds believable, etc. But, there is NO WAY I would ever believe that voting for Trump would translate into what she's talking about. Remember, before The New Deal, he promised that he would give 2 African Americans $5,000 each? One a single mother, and one an AA who was trying to start a small business. LOL Now, in the ninth inning, he comes up with something that SOUNDS too good to be true. And, it probably is. He is trying to attract "THE African-Americans" , LOL

I'm going with Hillary, by default, but I have no delusions about her, and yes, there is a major disconnect there.


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