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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved dare I say that the fakers among us today come in many difference pigments, but the prince of the fakers amongst us today are Black people, so be not deceived by those that wear the same Pigment coat as you do, because the saying of beware of those that come among you wearing sheep clothing , that they are raving wolves underneath such a saying is today, more fitting to the attitude and behavior of those that now to wear the sheep clothing claiming to have you Black People Problems in Mind.. ( Heart )

The Black Leadership and those claiming to be so intellectual educated, many are the fakers wearing the virus of lies and deception among you and do claim to be your spoke person and leaders, yet you Black people carry just as much as the Blame, because you willingly bow and submit to those Black Faking deceivers, acting and honoring them as your leaders, when in fact they have not done a **** THING TO FREE AFRIKA AND YOUR WAY OF LIFE LIVING, they are the fakers among you of whom you place all of your trust in today and you have nothing Divine to show for you being so trusting.

You Black people are the prime promoters of the Black Faking Negro Afrikan, be they in Afrika or in the America Diaspora and you have only yourselves to blame for the present condition of Afrika and the Living condition of the so call Afrikan.

Beloved know that the fakers can not hide their true identity, so they commence to toy with your Mind by taking advantage of the way the king of all Faking, they being the Satan, Devils, Lucifer over the world has damaged the Black Mind to worship, honor, and submit to that faking religion, created by Lucifer himself, he claiming to be the Human Being of this world with a destiny to conquer the world, by the use of his faking Religion, so what your faking Black so call Afrikans Leaders do, in order to gain control of your confidence, they come to you preaching the devil Religion, the serum, the drug that grab your Mind and transform it to become the Mind of the Human Beings, the author and finisher of the faking apparatus, commonly referred to as Religion.

The faking Black Leaders are incapable of rescuing Afrika and the Lives of the so call Afrikans, Why ? because those faking Black Leaders are in fact Drunk off of Lucifer Religion and even though most Black so call leaders know that the Religion that they peddle for Lucifer is tainted with all profanity, they are incapable of telling you the Divine Truth about the potency of the Lies and deception that are deeply inherited within the Doctrine of Lucifer Religion, so what the faking Black Leaders do to maintain control over your Trust and confidence in them, they make claim to you that God does Hear your Cry and that he does hand out Blessing and that he does have Mercy upon your Black Soul and you Black people being in such desperation, you end up to be fallen prey to such a Lying Doctrine, that which prevent you from Thinking, while you are told to remain constantly in Believing and praying to a False God that is intrinsic within the Fake Doctrine of all of Lucifer Religion.

Black People ! you have no justified reason to complain about the fakers, your adopted Black Leaders, you are the source from which they get their power over you, so what they do to maintain that power ? You Black people give to the Black Fakers power over you, they get you to submit to the Religious Lies and acts of Deception to a Doctrine that promote individuality over Collective Unity, so when you see or / and hear those faking so call Black Leaders making claim that they are not a victim of Lucifer, then know that claim is the evidence of they being an agent of Lucifer, they that make claim to be your leaders and they which you extend your fake Religious Blessing, reaping the abuse and :Life Hardship that come from such obedience to those faking Black so call Afrikan Leaders, they that come before you wearing the clothing of sheep's, but are the dangerous Wolves underneath.

They come convincing to teach you about a Religion that they have given their allegiance to, by getting you to believe that you can separate and discriminate against certain aspects of Religion, each imply that there are some very good religions in this world that Black People should embrace continuously and that is why I have come to warn you about the evil of all Religions and My Warning is Just, and Divine, because you have given Religion Many Thousand Of Years to bring Justice back to the Black Life and I dare say to you by inviting you to look and See and behold the present condition of Afrika and the so call Afrikan, you who now Live under a identity that is not you, Black Womb Gender and Staff Gender, you who were once Divine Beings and not Human beings.

Beloved, need I say unto you that if you wear the identity of a Liar and Deceiver, then you become that Liar and deceiver, a sign that Lucifer has succeeded in making a Fool out of a once Divine Black Being, you now being the victim of not only the Master Fakers of Black People but of the Black Faking Leaders among you today as well.

So the Fakers that are among you today are all of those with a History of Abusing the Black Nation and Afrika, and they now are all of those that are of us Black People who now wear the identity of the Human Being and has welcome our Faking Black Leaders among us Black People, they which maintain the present Life condition that the Black World suffer today, we having yet to be able to taste the nectar of Divine Justice today, in our Mind and in our Life Living upon this planet, in these modern so call Times.

The fakers among us Black People seeking Divine Justice, are those that are in opposition to our Enslaved Ancestors Receiving their Reparation and is against us Refined Black Nationalist People from encouraging our Black People that it is Time for us to Leave America and return back to Afrika as the next established State in Afrika, with the intent and obligation to Unify the Black Nation and to regain control over All of Afrika again, such an endeavor is written in the Star DNA of our First Way Ancestors, thus within you Black People today, and only a Black Foolish Faker would rebel against this Natural Divine Truth.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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