Chief Elder Osiris : The Fakers Of Freedom, Is Not Permitted To Enjoy Freedom Attributes!!!

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    The Fakers Of Freedom, Is Not Permitted To Enjoy Freedom Attributes!!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    If it is a fake, it is not the Real Thing and that Reality and Divine Truth apply to anybody and anything, regardless of how closely the Fake commodity imitate the Real and True Thing, the one thing is missing is the result when dealing with the Divine Truth and Reality of the original, which lead me to my point, which is, Black people are to busy in trying to Fake our Freedom, as opposed to fighting to regain what was originally ours, in the way of Freedom and Freedom Attributes, which are Independence, Sovereignty, Peace, and Joy, without restraint whatsoever,

    Freedom fakers are those that have released control of the Mind that came with the Life that was extended to us, to use and enjoy for only a Life season and we now do not know of the value of that Mind life that has been lost, so everything the Fakers do, is under the control of a false life Mind, a Mind which the Human Beings are in possession of, so when the Divine Truth is being revealed to those Black people with a lost Mind, and now is serving under a false Mind, it is the false Mind of Black people ( Human Being Mind ) that teach us to believe the opposite of that which is Divinely True.

    So beloved, it is no wonder why Black so call Afrikans are stuck in a caste of Lies and deception, concerning whom we are as Black People, because as long as we function under the illusion and being delusional about the Entity, Black, believing it is a color when it is not, it is our ignorance of not knowing whom we Black people are, that has the Black Nation in the condition we now Live on this planet.

    So, I ask of you, will you continue to allow those fakers of Freedom, claiming to have Intelligence, and are Religious believers, are those the fakers of Freedom you Black people are going to continue to allow to influence you, when what you are being influenced by, happen to be coming from those that destroyed your Divine Mind, Black Woman and Man ?

    You are a Fool,You are a big **** Fool beloved, if you allow those among us to continue to lead you up the path that has been chartered by the Human Being, those that have the experience in kicking us in the behind and stealing our Divine Mind and as I often share with you, experience is the verifier of the Divine Truth and the Divine Truth about those calling themselves Human Being is that they are out to destroy you Black Woman and Man, why, because that know now, more than you do, about whom you are and from whence you come Black Woman and Man and every Time I share the Divine Truth with you and identify you as you Really Are, Black and Divine, it be like I am driving the Symbol of the Ankh right through the evil Mind of the Human Being, so what is their reaction, they scream from the pain they feel coming from the Divine Truth, emanating out from your Divine Blackness, Children of the Sun.

    Tell me beloved, how can you embrace the Divine Truth concerning whom you really are, when you have compromised yourself with the Devil himself and when you have fallen victim of such a trap, you end up faking your Freedom, your Intelligence, as you religiously believe everything the Natural Mutated Liar and deceivers tell you about your Black Self, God, and the Universe.

    Beloved, they are fakers, Liars and deceivers, wearing the badge of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, telling you that there is no such Thing as the Divine Colorless Energy, which the Human Being has classified as being within the color spectrum, under the label of Black, and we all accepted that label as long as it served as a burden to Black people, because of the way the Human Being demeaned such a Divine Entity of Action, and now, because we the Children of the Sun is coming back into the knowledge of the Divine Truth and that the term Black, we have learned to appreciate, which mean that the Human Being has been defeated at his own lying game, now all the evil world, including the faking Black world that despise the term Black, because it now offend white people, the hypocrites that they are and is opposed to us Children of the Sun knowing the Divine Truth about that Holy entity, we refer to as Black..

    Beloved, take no thought of concern for those Black fakers of Freedom, those that the Human Being hold up before you to serve as a lying beacon of success, they beloved, serve to represent the Mental Mutants of Black people, knowing no more than the Human Being allow them to know, they are just a shell of their original self and have gone through a Mental metamorphosis and now is incapable of having a Divine Thought, because they now are forbidden to Think, as they are covered in the quick sand of their religious belief.

    Beloved, the way to identify a Black faker of Freedom, is to observe Black people when in the presence of white, Arab and Jewish people of power, the three major enemies to Black people and observe how we go out of our way to emulate them and please them, always aware of not offending them by being our Black selves, they beloved are the True Black Fakers of Freedom, serving to be a enemy unto themselves, thus to the Black Nation.

    Black Woman and Man, you may attempt to fake your True identity, by claiming to be something that is not, in order to refute what you Really are and by doing so, puts you in the company of the Black Fakers of Freedom among us Black People and an enemy to the Black Race.

    All that Black people believe we know, come from all that our oppressors have taught us to believe, such obedience is destroying the Black Nation, at an accelerated pace, yet we make claim to be Free Thinkers, when all the Time, we are Fakers of Freedom, proof, observe the present condition of Afrika and the so call Afrikan Black People..

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine truth And From Such Mental Action, Serve To Be A Detriment Unto Our Black Selves.

    Beloved, It Is The Rose That Maintain Its Scent And Appearance, Even When Amongst Other Different Flowers.

    Let Those That are Wise, Understand What Has Been Shared With You.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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