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    By Andre Austin

    Short Facts on File:

    1. Adam is the Egyptian Atum who brought life not death. Life, death and rebirth is the natural order of things. Adam didn’t, couldn’t pass “original sin” to mankind.

    2. The Garden of Eden was moved from the Nile to Mesopotamia by Jewish priest to impress the Babylonians.

    3. The two trees in the Garden was the Egyptian Shu & Tefnut. The Hebrew story about the evil tree/Tefnut is actually a sophisticated attack on the Egyptian doctrine of moral order/Maat/truth leading to eternal life.

    4. The Egyptian god Amen, Amun, Aman or Amon plays a significant role in the New Testament. Amen meant the hidden, concealed spirit. Paul called Jesus Amen and said that Faith/Aman was unseen qualities of God.

    5. The Golden calf was the Egyptian Hathor.

    6. Ezekiel 29 refers to Egyptian Kings as crocodiles. Egyptians used the fat oil of crocodiles to anoint their Kings. Messiah, Christ or anointing is an Egyptian word “Croc”.

    7. 666 with two horns like a lamb is Egyptian. 666 is the crocodile or Egyptian King who has magical powers. The Lamb is the Ram which is another word for Egyptian Amen.

    8. Joseph was never reburied out of Egypt his real name was Yuya who was the only person in Egyptian history to be called “A father to Pharaoh”.

    9. Moses was an Egyptian priest who was circumcised and had leprosy and a back disease. Stories about his hand trick and wearing a veil were insertions to explain away his deformities. Moses two bronze serpents were the symbols of the Egyptian Thoth. Moses name actually is “Msy” meaning “is born”.The front part of Moses name was dropped so it was more like Thutmose (I.e, Thoth is born). Moses name was Osarseph (Osiris) but changed his name & religion to get away from the priesthood of Amen.The Egyptians circumscribe in honor of Osiris who lost his phallus because of his jealous brother Set. Isis made a cross or Obelisk as a substitute phallus. Moses wanted to reject the god Osiris and that’s why we hear of the false story of his son being circumscribe instead of Moses as a substitute.

    10. Solomon was a title not name for “peaceable“. His real name Jedidiah= “By the word of the lord” which is the title for Thoth who created magic and helped Ptah a craftsman in Egyptian creation of the world in myth. No wonder Solomon is linked with 666 in the OT and claims he helped god create the world with a compass. Strip all the myth away and Solomon is Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

    11. Jesus was associated with many Egyptian deities like Shu, Thoth, Ptah, Maat, Osiris and Horus. Over 200 items link Jesus with Horus. The best known was turning water into wine at Cana. It’s Horus who makes “Grape-water” at a Canal. In Hebrew Cana was called the Nest. In Egypt the goddess Net was god over Canals. Strip away all the myth and Jesus is King Tutankhamen who lived during the time of Moses not Pilate or Herod. The Talmud reports a priest Phinehas (a Nubian) killed Jesus/Tut by hanging. Just like Moses first part of his name was dropped so was Jesus Tutankh was separated from Amen.

    12. Noah is Nun, Sons of God=Sons of Horus, Ham is Cham/Egyptians, Shem is a city in Egypt and Japheth is the god Ptah.

    13. The original biblical history of Israel began in Egypt, not Canaan or Mesopotamia.

    14. The Israeli flag is based on the symbol for Egyptians mountains called “Ju”. The symbols were later applied to Thoth, David and Solomon as pillars. Symbolically we are transformed into pillars and gates forming the so called star of David in heaven.

    15. King David is the Egyptian King Tuthmosis III who reigned from 1490-1436BC

    16. The Trinity is Osiris, Isis and Horus in Genesis they are elements in the creation of the world. The worship of Mary was a evolution of the worship of Isis and Horus. When God said let us make man in our image God name was elohim implying more than one god or his attributes and functions. The trinity is just 3 of 8 gods who took part in the creation.

    17. Catholics may be a name after Ra the Cat and Hathor who were the Universe Sun and Moon or Osiris and Isis. Catholics say their name means Universal. Reverse word play brings it all back to Egypt. Semites worshipped an androgynous combination of Goddess and God called Mari-El (Mary-God), corresponding to the Egyptian Meri-Ra, which combined the feminine principle of water/moon with the masculine principle of the sun.
    The name Hathor means “the house of Horus”.

    18. The curse on Canaan was caused by a homosexual urge of having delight in seeing Noah naked. Curse on Canaan was for land acquisition by Hebrews not by seeing the mythical Noah/Nun. Speaking of Homosexuality the word Sodom originally signified the “Underworld” a resting place for the dead and this is why Jesus is spiritually killed in Sodom and Egypt which would be Amen-Ta.

    19. We are given two reasons for the Sabbath for a reminder of the Exodus and resting on the 7th day. The later was influenced by the Babylonians. The Bible actually has God resting on the eighth day and calling for circumcision on the eight day because Osiris was one of eight characters in the Egyptian creation stories.

    20. Moses in Deuteronomy 18 states that Jesus will be killed for calling on God by other names. This reflects King Tut’s shift from using Aten to Amen at the end of his name. In the last chapter of Deuteronomy 34, Jesus other stage name Joshua son of Nun is revealed as the unnamed prophet in Deuteronomy 18 and in the book of Acts.

    101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg
    Christianity an ancient Egyptian religion by Ahmed Osman
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