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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
Let me see
if I learned you right spoke of many
things with me late
last night...

Talking about Christianity,
Bible Study, and your
own valued philosophy

Speaking about where
you see yourself in
proximity to me ~

What your thoughts
of 'WE' are;
even without
undressing me with
those hazel-nut tinted
bedroom eyez --
...'to die for'...

Speaking about where
you come from
how you got here, and
the road you are
travelling on ~ N2

I'm sure I heard you
right -- in saying
enough to conclude that
there is enough

You said you're "OPEN"
to connect the dots
with me
mingling conversations
that outlined
histories of
... and your involvement...

....Remembering your
28th Birthday....walking
on the wyld side
presenting pleasures
as great 'opportunities'
for seek

...In-common; we dialogued
about your son,
...I, about my daughter...
...a love of riding
with speed demonz
who've got your back
every mile that
is paved to hell's

Networking with the
well-wishers' ~
filled with memorable
discussions about
many things...
and those that have yet to cum~

I am smitten...
Beguiled by your
raw rare and ready
to be introduced
to love...
Greetings and
salutations in
third - person
giving me the
3rd degree of
your evolution

...I've witnessed
the bare nakedness
of your own humanity...
and I'm quite pleased
that the spirit
of Him walks
with you daily

I'm feeling the
order-ly fashion of the
life you live by

Master plans
with-- B.L. "U" prints
that suggest which
paths you should
follow...and those
same plans
led you -- somehow to me...

In my voice
while we talked
could you hear
the faint sighs of my
own relief?!?

Mental noting your
thoughts before you
could speak...ex-changing
capacity for possibility

I took
the atmosphere of
you in with
every breath
that I could breathe...
more ground for probability
and you held me
as the clock struck
12 --

I dashed away
before the spell
of midnight's lust
could unravel
my dream

...but twas not a
dream when you
called to check
on my safe arrival
at 1 in the
morn' ~

and I remember
quite well
the facts
as they were


Thank you Thank you Thank you...
I'm glad you liked the flow of it all!

The more I read this one it talks
to me.....says so many things....makes
me remember even more about my
great encounter with someone that
moves me to peace.....and I see him
CLEAR-ly....each time I read
this piece -- it is so real and unexplainable
overwhelmingly tangible
this person captured an essence
of me through him like
a pitcher catches a ball ~
and I am loving this feeling
loving the state it's put me in...
not as in "spell", but state of mind...
It's so refreshing!!

Thank you for yet again, reading ME
Sista SHYNE~

That is soooooo sweet of you!
I too, hope that there will be
many more of these pleasurable
memories made from futures
of time spent with a
gentle-man! I need it; and
Lord knows there are many of
us sista's who deserve it!!
I look forward to tomorrows
and all of its possibilities!

Thank you for the warm
wishes sista friend!



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