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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Hoteph Beloved:

    Beloved I am involved in a project that require most of my Time these days away from routine internet interaction, what busy me now require deep and constant meditation, but I am moved to share this with you concerning what is going on in America and the world, by America instigation.

    As you know I am not an alarmist, but beloved, in these Times there are cause for you to become alarm about what is going on in America first, and the World in general, I know we have some Black so call Afrikans that believe when it come to America, all is well and that America is the Mightiest Country in the World and that all is safe in America for Black People and if you are those Black Folks that believe that about you being an American, then Woe is unto you, even though all Black folks in America is in danger, the woe is more compelling upon the the Afrian American believer with faith in America and it being the beacon of democratic principles which give so many Afrikan Americans a false sense of security in America, preventing you from knowing your status in America and what Time it is in the cycle of this Earth, Universe membership.

    Beloved, America is in a state of destructive Mode and Obama is being exploited to be a symbol of America Racial Maturity, when in fact it is not in the best interest to ever allow Black Folks to rise, clothed in Justice in America, and further more, now is the Sign of Time which the Universe is signaling to the inhabitants of the Universe and more in particular to the inhabitants upon this planet we call Earth, telling us that a Universal Change is in motion and is to bring devastation that will be caused by Human Beings on this Planet and by Natural cause of devastation to visit this planet, such is required for the Cycle of Change that is now taking place on this planet to take place, as well as in the Universe, this is not an Obama change but a Universal Change of position that affect all that is a part of the Universe, yet the Black World has gone to be made to be Blind and is now deft and we can not Hear the Voice of the Divine Truth that has now come to the Black World, all because we now serve as a curse upon ourselves

    I am being shown that Obama is to be used to serve as a menace to the Black World and more so to the so call Afrikan Americans, many of you who have no clue as to what is going on in America and the Black World, it is as if someone has waved a Magical Wand over the Black World and has caused the Black World to become a Curse upon ourselves, and that is why our Ancient Mayan Ancestors, they too, being Descendants of our First Way Ancient Cosmic Ancestors and were able to remember the information shared with all of us of the lineage of the Sirian Descendants, the Ancestors whom now have been claimed by the Descendants of our Oppressors, but be that as it may, in Time the Divine Truth as I have shared with you about whom we are, will be made plainly known to you, but now at this Time we now share to be together today , it is revealing to all of us Black Folks who can See, that the Universe is revealing what our Ancient Ancestors the Mayan was given to know about this Time we now are a witness of today.

    Obama is not the main player in America politics and never was and never will be, he is only the tool to be used to put the final Smite to the eyes of Black People, remember, I have shared with you, they who are on this planet, the people of interest, happen to be the Black World and it is the other World objective which is to smite the final blow to the Mind of the Black World, using as the killing weapon, a Man in the personage of Barack Obama, he who must know the Game he has been thrust into, not play the game as has been designed to play in time past with white folks, but today he is be used as a Pawn that will deliver the final blow to the Black World, by inflicting the Blow upon the Afrikan in America that will be felt around the Black World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Obama is a decoy, a distraction used against you, as your final wound is about to be inflicted upon you, it to be experienced by you in America, the Country that has long since been no more.

    There is much Talk about the year, 2012, I now take that year to be the Time of the Revelation, not the Bible Revelation but the revelation of whom these Black People are, here on this Planet, that Time will be the coming of the Time when Our Ancient Ancestors will be verified to have been upon this Planet and their presence will be made known, that is why everybody is becoming so Racial Elevated conscious wise, as if they have never had a difference with us Black People, but there is a people who have no intention of accepting the Coming Time of the awareness of whom the Members of the so call Afrikan Black World is, does this appear pretty ambitious in favor of Black People, yes it does, it is about Time, I Think.

    Far to long, everything positive has always seemly been about everybody but Black people on this planet, in a positive way, even in the motion of the oppressors rise and fall, they are referred to in a positive way, not so for the Black Race, it has been made to seem that we always been the Race of ridicule and Damnation, as it has been imposed upon us by everybody else on this planet, with the exception of a very few, they with just as rich of a story as the Black World has, no, you will never know it, if left up to the oppressors of Black people to tell you about your Black Selves, Truthfully so.

    Any Black Afrikan with your eyes not wide shut but wide open and you can see as well as look, at the way these white people power are playing not Obama but us Black People, as usual, against each other, we who are so hungry and thirsty for for the power of white people to accept us without their racist prejudice, we not knowing that within the fraternity of the powerful and wealthy, they being those that oppress us Black folks, they are committed to keeping us ignorant about ourselves and the less we know about ourselves the more godly the white power structure of the world appear to Black people, so when it come to Obama, he feel as if he is above the fray of white power RACISM, that is what make Obama such an approved candidate to be exploited by the wealthy political machine, not just in America, but in the global political world.

    Beloved allow me to share this in closing, I may not be communicating with you as regular as I have been.

    There is a reason and purpose to all things, even though we may not approve of such a natural process.

    Listen beloved, you have the responsibility to determine when you are being sold a false bill of goods in the form of information, so let me share this with you, now is not the Time for us to be romanticized with smooth irrational talk, in life there is a system to life, you are conceived, born, and go through the process of growth and development, to the maximum stage of what we call maturity, now, there is a reason for that natural process and when it come to us Beings, who are of a corporeal nature, the process of growth and development carry an obligation which is that the matured amongst us have the responsibility to guide the young among us, we grow in maturity gaining life experiences at each stage of our development, I hesitate using the term Old because our Ancient First Way Ancestors did not have such a term in their usage of word sound, so among the well experienced of us, we will be derelict in our life duty and responsibility to our young if we do not share our experiences and attempt to correct the error of our ways, be us " Old " or young.

    Beloved, it is the Nature of Being, to depend upon the wise amongst us for life guidance, do you think that the planets out there just moving along in Divine Order without the guidance of the Sun-Star, what do you think is guiding the planets orbit around the Sun, or the Moons around their planets, so tell me, is the planets and Moons more wiser than the Star, are they more matured than the star, and is it not the SUN-STAR THAT SUMMON AND GUIDE THE PLANETS IN THEIR TRAVEL IN THE UNIVERSE ?


    Have I not shared with you that it is the Universe that serve as our Master Teacher to all of its parts ?

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    social worker
    nice to have u back ! be safe hotep.
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    niece piece right here.......thanx chief............
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    Hotep Beloved Cheif Elder Osiris

    Your Divine Truths are so warmly welcomed as your pressence and truths are pertinent to our Rise. As we are ONE your messege is overstood.

    All the talk about 2012 is only a means to cause the same horrorcore that america home of the slave continues to feed to the weakest of minds, as Knowledge has spoken and has seen 2024.

    These ******** including the oreo ******** will never understand and/or know or determine anything. For only the HEART with the proper intent may see.

    For I am LOVE, and the meek shall inherit the earth and all of its darkness.

    As they laugh at us and criticize us, the like of you and me my dear Brother Keita and those that only wish to share and accept truths will soon see that the dead will walk again. That which has been stolen will be restored and those that have led astray pay.

    For our Ancestors were great and will be remembered.

    Barracka is a sell out as Jesse Jackson and all of the other supposed black leaders and black churches that claim that they have our best interest at heart.

    What they have is hearts full of malice and greed and would not piss on any of us if we were on fire.

    Anyone can take it how they choose.

    My suggestion is that you all read the Cheifs articles, along with Brothe Keita's book and study. Stop accepting other peoples truths, and start standing up for what is right.

    Everyone running around here with Mr. Barrock who sucks c*** t-shirts on like change is going to come through him.

    News flash, my sister is from Illinois and the a-hole did nothing for them as a senator, and as president will do nothing.

    To each his own but remember the last shall be first.

    Consider this, judgement has come and gone in the blink of an eye, so ya'll can keep waiting or you can rise up and KNOW THYSELF.