Black Poetry : The Experiment

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    The Experiment

    Need plain power for my main tower it’s a legal hastle
    Owning a medieval castle see too many devils evil rascals
    Itch for a staff to assist me in withcraft about half the folks
    Don’t believe in the supernatural a chance to gleam may choke
    My finance means but I have to explore and roar like a lion
    See my brain must retain knowledge may need a memory of iron
    or this could be a shook disaster must look after the chemical used
    criminal would be amused to get their hands on this really can’t lose
    if this experiment is a success, it’ll express action and test a faction
    of my body tone, party at home with these chemicals have an attraction
    to superman, wanna be a guy strong let bygones be bygones hear a high
    tone I try phone Dr Jekyll and Hyde this may not be the proper vibe why
    do I feel this way? Time to kneel and pray there’s an incorrection some-
    where in this injection my spirit divine this is a period of time to come
    true my veins are in pain then it came my body started to grow really in
    tremendous pain on a continuos aim to become a super hero silly grin
    room all sark no peace felt like a small geese ready to sprout wings
    and migrate my brain vibrate it lame no escape couldn’t figure out things
    bumped my dome as the funk roam through my body now a depression
    in my skull have the aggression of seagull going for fish, needed sessions
    with other scientists before doing this, it maybe perfect too crazy to interpret
    slipping consciousness this been extreme now my skin turn green was it worth it?
    face flaws in part the chemical caused a change to start like a strange dart in my heart
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    wow.....i enjoyed the read on this piece