Chief Elder Osiris : The Evil Of Political Correctness

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

Come now let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them as truthfully pure as that Holy mass of Darkness.

Yes I know, such a statement is not political correct, thus to make it require the ability to have independent thought, in order to understand its implication.

The world now flows in a direction that lead to the rise of a deceiving order, being guided by forces of Beings, who have a nasty thirst for complete domination and control over the world thinking ability.

Such forces have perfected the ability to interrupt certain members of Mankind desire to be thoughtful independent, which protect from becoming victims to predetermine conclusion reached about things being focused upon by someone other than self.

Such lack of independent thought, usher in dependence upon belief and such a method is more dependent upon our senses, in order to form our decision about events that are caused and do have an affect upon our lives,

The world has been programmed to accept those things in life that have been categorized as being socially and politically expedient to hide the Truth of the matter, as being perceived and not independently thought of and such a method, guided by the senses, is identified as being politically correct.

Most all of the News Media, they program the masses to be so call political correct, thus preventing people from being truthful about their feeling, blinding them from having an objective reasonable mental view of the world behavior, concerning those events caused by our action.

It is a fool who say Racism does not exist and make claim that certain Races of people are not targeted for abuse and to receive injustice from other members of Mankind.

Those people have maneuvered themselves in a position of power and authority, so they may dominate the thinking and behavior of certain people, whom they hold to be inferior, both mental and Spiritual, as they program the world to believe and not think a certain way toward Black people as well.

Political correctness encourage you to choose a lie over the truth and call the lie the truth and the truth the lie and in doing so, you are being political correct and the world suffer from such foolish thoughtlessness, because we become pawns controlled by the powerful,the evil that is given responsibility of establishing the Rule of Law, which determine the code of immorality calling such acts moral and Just.

To become political correct, make one out to be a liar and a murderer and will justify their every action of immorality and injustice, as they claim to be political correct.

It is the Black African Nation that serve as the badge of truth, qualifying us to defy the act of political correctness, as our status and condition in the world, condemn the lie and reveal by elevating the Truth, the nature of behavior of other Races and ethnic groups, that have and now act out toward and against the Black African Nation, in a deceiving manner and yet in their effort to deny the evil of their behavior, as acted out against the Black Nation, they serve by claiming to be political correct in their claim of denial of the role they have and now play in causing abuse and measuring out injustice to the Black African Nation.

It is also a sign of the power of those who is programming minds, as well as conditioning those minds, to believe the lie,as being the Truth, when even members of the Black African Nation, stand four square next to the perpetrators of the greatest crime against Hue - Manity,treated as Chattel Slavery, when in their attempt to be political correct, by blaming the victim for the crime of Chattel Slavery.

The evil of political correctness, will drive the founder of Chattel Slavery to attempt to hide behind Time, in order to justify their action, it will cause them to make claim that they were doing those they Enslaved a favor, therefore exempting them from the responsibility to pay Reparation to those they label as being only 3/5 of Hue - Man value.

Isn't political correctness great ? A warped mind would think so. It is political correctness which now is conditioning the world to believe that Race does not matter, even to the point they now make claim that there is no such thing as Race, yet they play political correctness, when they classify Hue- Man kind as being the Hue - Man Race instead of Hue -Family, all in the name of political correctness.

It is political correct to make claim that Racism does not exist and that we all come from the same Racial Root, over looking the fact that the Black Nation is in the condition we are in today all because of our pigment Racial identity, so evil is political correctness.

It is the idiot who choose to hate self and love those who history verify their action of evil behavior toward us,the Black Nation.

Political correctness teach to believe, to elevate the Truth is a sign of Hate but to elevate the Lie is what they call Love and in being political correct, Justice be Damned.

We being political correct and in so being, we crucify our Soul, which will prevent us from being thoughtful revealing.

To be thoughtful active, endowed us to Condemn the Lie and Elevate the Truth, about God, Universe and Being and may the Devil be Crucified.

Complete Love To The Black African Nation

Chief Elder
Sankofa Repatriation Movement
The Pan - African Inter' National Movement

Author of the controversial book, Lies About God, Please, information can be obtained by contacting the publisher, Voices Of Truth, Mr Robert Miller,
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