Black Poetry : The Equilibrium (controversial)

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    The Equilibrium (controversial)

    I AM A SINNER.......
    If I died right now...I would go to hell
    I say this based on what I’ve been taught and how I live.
    I rape no one, I kill no one, but I don’t live for God, and in my church....
    That titles me a sinner. I believe that and accept it, because it’s a choice I’m making
    but compared to what I’m seeing and hearing, I’m not as bad as I think
    How do you measure good and evil?
    What sort of scale weighs the amount of evil in the WORLD?
    From babies killed over in foreign countries,
    to little girls being abused...right here in America, and elsewhere,
    it’s like somewhere along the lines, our whole equilibrium has been destabilized
    Evil has began to outweigh the good at a very alarming rate
    I recently stopped using marijuana, and my mind feels very clear...
    I see what is happening and it frightens me beyond description
    what makes uncles and fathers do the wicked things they do?
    Some blame it on domestic violence in the home....
    But seeing a man hit a woman, makes me wanna fight the man hitting her.....
    Not go out and molest young girls
    some say it’s because of lack of a father figure....
    I grew up without a father for 98% of my life....
    Yet I have never felt the urge to resort to abuse of women or children
    There is no reason, no excuse, and no sympathy in my heart for ANY man that does it!!
    If this poem offends any men...there must be a reason for you taking offense and I am GLAD!
    Doing this to children only helps to destroy their dreams and innocense...
    Making them reach for love in the arms of total strangers...
    Which in turn causes young pregnancies, which in turn causes more unfit parents....
    Which in turn is completely OBLITERATES our society, but more so..our world.
    It’s like a vicious wheel on the car of the devil...every rotation produces more corruptness.
    How can we extinguish the lives of small, innocent children before or soon after they are born?
    How do minds become so entangled that they can’t see the horror they are committing?
    Before, I used to stress over MY life and MY problems, but the world has so much EVIL,
    and TROUBLE in it, I have become encompassed in sadness...
    though my life is taking a drastic turn for the positive.
    Soon as I think I can write favorable poetry...I hear from a young friend...
    and she tells me what she is involved in, and it rends my heart in two.
    It destroys my perception of basic human morality and shatters any hope....
    for me EVER being normal.
    I loathe the ground that us soulless beings walk on...I don’t even wanna be recognized
    as a human..I’m losing my faith in human virtuosity.
    I wish I had never be born a lot of days when I see these things.

    Derrick H.
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    be one self live forth the GOD before u
    keep ya faith
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    that there is some great advice.

    nice stuff and your defenitally not offending me