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    I published my three books, Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice, Poor Dre’s Almanac and of course My Poemology so that people could see me in full context and to show off that I was a stone cold writer.

    I hope you enjoyed the short story of Pimps No More. This story got me booted out of a local high school that was at the same time allowing students to read Fifty Shades of Grey that had nothing on Pimps No More. The objection of my short story came from a parent who attends a church of a black Republican preacher who has hated me for 20 plus years. That was the surface level attack. The juice of the attack grew from a verbal exchange of excerpts of another book Lukewarm: the temperature of Justice. They wanted to punish me for telling a high school senior to allow all the evidence to come in before you make a decision about anything. If I would have been allowed to stay in that school I would have been able to give him all the evidence I’ve accumulated. I will share after my two book reviews a sample letter I would have given him about the correct temperature to be in.

    I wrote two book reviews that I would like to share with you so you can compare my language with Fifty Shades of Grey & President Obama’s Dreams from my so-called Father.

    FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: A Good High School read ? (LOL)

    Book Review By Andre Austin

    “It’s so big and growing. His erection is above the water line…” (p.135)

    “A low groan escapes from deep within his throat. my mouth …hmm” (p136).

    “Continuing the sensual caress across my sex, over my clitoris” (p.429)

    “He spanks me twice more, and then he pulls at the small threads attached to the balls and jerks them out of me suddenly” (p.366)

    Fifty Shades of Grey novel by EL James is marked for “Mature Audience” which is the opposite of our High Schools of today. James’s super-freak is Christian Grey to Anastasia who loves using the “Holy” in the front before a profanity of the “F” word is used. You can highlight the highlights from the book and make a case for its ban along with President Obama’s book Dreams from my so-called Father. But hey, I’m not wearing no black robes you just sit down and judge from the excerpts. So I slide in on pages 255-257 of James book and my eyes open wide to a book that should have been put on the No Hall pass List:

    “I move closer to him on the couch and glance down at the list


    Soft limits

    To be discussed and agreed between both parties:

    Does the submissive consent to:




    Swallowing Semen

    Vaginal fisting

    Anal intercourse

    Anal fisting…

    Anal intercourse doesn’t exactly float my boat

    I’ll agree to the fisting, but I’d really like to claim your ***…your *** will need training

    Training? I whisper.

    Oh yes. It’ll need careful preparation. Anal intercourse can be very pleasurable, trust me…

    He moves down the list.

    And ….Swallowing semen. Well, you get an A in that…

    Sex Toys? He ask

    I shrug, glancing down the list.

    Does the Submissive consent to the use of:


    Butt plugs


    Bondage, he says, returning to the list. I examine the list, and my inner goddess bounces up and down like a small child waiting for ice cream.

    Does the submissive consent to Bondage with a rope, leather cuffs, tape

    Christian [Grey] raises his eyebrow. “Well”. (P.255-257)

    “The submissive will keepherself clean and shaved and/or waxed at all times” (p.500).

    This is a good read for your local high school? (LOL).

    I’m an author and I published 20 plus short stories and poems in the book My Poemology which is available on One of my stories is called Pimps No More which is against the occupational hazards of being a pimp but uses the “P” several time resulting in me being disinvited to a local High School who let the kids read Fifty shades of Grey. Like I said at the top you be the judge and check out the controversy.

    THE P WORDS OF POLITICS: From Clinton to Obama to Trump.

    By Andre Austin

    The second presidential debate of Trump vs. Clinton sex talk of trump came out. People should feel free to talk and write. I’m going all the way with Hillary because I think its cool to have the most qualified woman to be president. And with that said here are some general opinions about the “P” word:

    Barbershop talk and private conversation are being exploited for political gain. They have Obama on tape using the P word. Obama’s book wasn’t scrutinized Dreams From my Father. This book, in part, helped him get elected, but its main thesis may have been untrue.

    Obama also talks about when he was in the Barbershop how the men would talk about other men getting caught having affairs running out the house butt naked at gun point (p.146).

    In order to talk positive sometimes you have to highlight the negative. When Obama went to Kenya his so-called sister Auma told him about not being able to go into Buildings, hotels restaurants in Africa without being thought of as prostitutes. She went on to say “That’s why Kenya, no matter what its GNP, no matter how many things you can buy here, the rest of Africa laughs. It’s the whore of Africa, Barack. It opens its legs to anyone who can pay” p.313-314.

    When dealing with Literature you can be very subjective. Any High school could make a case for Obama’s book not to be in their school and at the same time allow 50 shades of grade to come in. Here are some brief excerpts of Obama’s book. Keep in mind he is quoting other people using these words like “w..op” p.21, p.121, and the “N” word p.85,194 etal:

    “And, too. Don’t Malcolm [X] talk about no *****?” p.87

    Schools use Malcolm X book that do talk about him being a pimp, putting powder on old naked white men’s body for pay.

    “Punk-***” p.186

    Obama’s book also talks about his grandfather taking him over to Frank Marshall Davis house to hear “Dirty Limericks” that would eventually “turn to Laments about women” p.77 Then Obama would be drinking a coke “looking at the pornographic art on the walls” of Frank Marshall Davis home.

    Joel Gilbert has produced a documentary proving that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father. Davis wrote Sex Rebel: Black under the pen name of Robert Green where he brags about having sex with Obama’s mom Anne. I’m bringing it up because both of them are using the P word:

    “When we finished, she (Anne) said wistfully, “Gee, that looked good. I bet it felt good too. Bob, please use the candle on me now”…

    I never again tried to enter her. Instead I used her assortment of candles, cucumbers, weiners, and small Polish sausages [Bill Clinton used a cigar]. In return she learned the finer points of cunnilingus, fellatio, 69 and basic sex facts she was unlikely to get elsewhere. Anne maintained her overwhelming crush on me…”

    The nymphet Anne tops it all off with an ending episode of scrawling in huge letters of white chalk at the front door of Bob and Doris apartment with the words:

    Doris Loves Pu.ssssy” (Sex Rebel: Black By Frank Marshall Davis).

    When Obama was in college he wrote a poem called Pop which connected him to Frank Marshall Davis poems as his real father. When you take a look at Davis daughter, Lynn, she is a spitting image of Obama. For this and other reasons Obama has been concealing the real identity of his real father. Davis admitted in the book that he was bi-sexual. Larry Sinclair, said he went down on Obama and has written a book accusing Obama of engaging in sex with him while Obama smoked crack. Recently Obama made his 18 year old daughter, under the threat of economic sanctions, to wear a T-shirt that said “Smoking kills”. This was due to pictures leaked of her smoking weed out in public. I know his daughter read his words: “The swagger that carries me into the classroom drunk or high, knowing that my teachers will smell beer or reefer on my breath, just daring them to say something” p.270.

    Frank also write a poem to Anne and I will exit on that note


    By Frank Marshall Davis in Black Moods p.212

    In the gangling hours

    Thin, adolescent hours

    Before night runs softly

    Away into the west

    Anne rises wearily

    From her tired bed

    And sleeps

    Sitting in a chair. (Frank has pictures of her in a chair but I’m not 100% sure it Anne)

    If I would have stayed at the local public school I would have given that students from Rev lets call him Rev Pick’s church this:

    BLACK GENESIS: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

    By Robert Bauval

    Book Review by Andre Austin

    Ever since the Egyptian hieroglyphics have been decoded in 1822 racism about the terms & definitions of people places and events have flooded in.

    The Misnomer: Egypt isn’t Egypt. The people of Egypt didn’t call themselves Egyptians but Kemiu (Kemet/Ham).

    Bauval went on to say “The ancient Egyptians viewed themselves as the Rmt-en-Km-t, which Egyptologists usually translate as People of the Black Land, because, they say, the ancient Egyptians were not referring to themselves but rather to the color of the alluvial soil of the Nile Valley, which has a dark, almost black tint. Diop argues, however, that it makes far more sense to translate this term as Land of the Black People. Indeed, Km-T is perhaps the origin of the Biblical name Ham (hence Hamite), which also means “Black”. The H and K in the Semitic dialects are often mingled to create the guttural (Phoenitic sounding), KH. Thus the Hebrew Kh-am may be derivative of the earlier Egyptian Kh-em. This would certainly explain why in the bible, Egypt is often called the land of Ham or Khem” (p.174).

    The Bible refers to the Egypt people and land as Ham.

    Anthony T. Browder also states “The word KMT or Kemet means the country of the blacks or the land of the blacks and not the black soil as some have suggested” (The Nile Valley contributions to Civilization p.52). Plutarch in his essay Isis and Osiris does precisely what Browder says about the black soil but Plutarch applies it in conjunction with people. Take note:

    Plutarch, in his essay Isis & Osiris p.83:

    “Egypt, moreover, which has the blackest of soils, they call by the same name as the black portion of the eye, ‘Chemia (Ham), and compare it to a heart; for it is warm and moist,… like the heart in a man’s left side”.

    When the stoics influenced the Christians writers we come to terms with “Lukewarm” (Luke/Look) the condition you are supposed to be in far away from a Hot-Heart or Cold-Heart. Satan’s nature is a desert and is opposed to Holy warm moisture (Tefnut) and can’t swallow righteousness so he has to spit it out. Satan can’t eat from the tree of right/wrong (maat) either, but we can and we will live off of it in heaven. The Jewish writers believing they were slaves to Egyptians retaliated by turning ham’s eyes into a homosexual and attacked the Egyptian fruit capable of opening Adam and Eve’s eyes and distorting the correct temperature your eyes and heart supposed to be in.

    Just be yourself be black, stay black in righteousness and you will go to heaven. You can read about this more in my two books Poor Dre’s Almanac & Lukewarm: the temperature of Justice.
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