Black Poetry : The Enlightening

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    The Enlightening

    Lie down, beg for my check can’t neglect expense it taints
    My mind petro in the Ghetto is three dollars plus, look now
    Got a divine wild thirst I was confined at childbirth oh wow
    And fed cow milk that somehow built me wrong it won’t be
    Long before I’m bull headed and won’t listen and don’t see
    Life for what it is, in stress and misled wasn’t breast
    Fed, life came almost to a stop on the internet post a lot to test
    My IQ and try do the right thing like spike Lee, get my dew rag
    Wet and it like a magnet attracts iron ready to smack lions with my swag
    My correct wisdom is hot like the mechanisms of clock it goes tick tock
    And I’m sick a lot with illness other MC’S can’t kill this, my flock
    Of rhymes are deep like a thousand sheep on farm wool and HIP HOP
    Like a hike this is a long walk doing strong talk with a pack on my back
    My pride talk while other cats on sidewalks complaining doing whack acts
    True no doubt I reach thoughout my speech as my words control behavior
    My bold pager beep like crazy this that deep gravy folks wanna eat with major
    Appetites these rap writes are ill enough to fill brains with ambition that’s my goal
    My scripts are like whips they beat backs with heated facts where yall at?
    This stuff tight be aware of these nightmares on Elm Street so don’t sleep pat
    Your friend on the head wake up freddy Krueger is already on your computer
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    gotta shack a leg........I hear ya bruh !!!