Black Poetry : The English Language


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Dec 19, 2005
You see, it all started with See...Spot...Run
And then it levitated with higher levels of print
Where the lungs smell a scent of English
Delicious to the soul and refreshing to the brain
We introduce ourselves proudly by saying our American name
While we praise this language
Raised in this language to personalize expression
We speak as if our English could knock down buildings
But when it's mastered
We have actors dressing up speech to be ignorant
Manipulating it to their own satisfaction
So the beginners of language
Can be easily tricked at birth
Two year olds saying Fcku you, is not cute
Five year olds saying Fcku me is certainly
Not the direction English class should have taken
When we learn how to piece together feelings through words we
Learn how to express things like hate
And jealousy
And pride
And prejudice
Familiar tastes that reside on American tongues
Speaking love is hard, teaching how to say I love you is easy
But I can't teach you how to mean it
Meaning it comes from experience
When the heart can't explain in this language
On how they may feel about someone
But I think America might need to go back to English class
Not because judgments classify black people
To not speak proper English
But because English allows everyone to speak judgments
It allows us to place cultures in boxes
Trying to make them remember this is not their original soil
This is not Asia and this is not Africa
So you better learn your English because this is...America
Not tolerant of things we don't understand
We're actually terrified of things we don't understand
So we will take your hand and force you to write English
Force you to spill English from the foreign cracks of your teeth
Until you learn the way we conformers speak
Didn't you know that the English language defines us
It determines whether we're smart enough
Whether we're rich enough to be a part of an American dream
Where Spanish is just not seen as its equal
We've programmed into our tradition
that it if ain't, I mean isn't English
Then you can't be accepted in this dominant way of speaking
If you can't talk right, then you must be dumb as hell
Or you must just be too cultural
They want you bilingual so Corporate America can corrupt all races
Teachers take their time in spaces
Where little Maria from Brazil, just can't get it
So if they can't learn it, just call them a minority
Since numbers show that minorities have the worst trouble learning anyway
What more would it hurt to curse proud customs
Just because the English language forces children to forget them
The best beauty we see is Americanized
And there's still some ugly in these states
The letters of the Alphabet were diverse to me
Simple to a native but one of the most complicated languages in the world
Because it's a divine privelege to be American or European
I ain't, I mean it isn't no, I mean it isn't a easy ticket
To learn a new language and then worship it
I love English, because it rolls off my soul so easily
But if I had the creativity to translate my poetry
I believe that no matter what tongue a language is bleeding from
God hears all of the words He created with the same meaning
So I think we need to stop these limits on language
Stop the stereotypes that create social anguish
The word was always God and God was always the word
And His words are beautiful
So when you express in hate
And in jealousy
And in pride
And in prejudice
Just know that it's not proper English
But if I could have the creativity


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