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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa and Real Truth!

right, right sister cherry...really meant that she was here right now, this minute, lol...I thought I remembered the assessment being done, but was it accepted by the subject.

An astrological reading should be viewed as constructive critism, if the subject truly understands the process. Quick example...rather than Taurus' continuing to be bull headed (a trait the Bull is noted for), one should go to work on compromising that position. It is this aspect of astrology I appreciate as corrective and helpful, if properly understood.



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Feb 28, 2009
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've been online a long time, have met lots of different folk, presenting themselves in all sorts of manners.

I mentioned in another thread, how we are often able to only present our minds (knowledge), and Spirits, without ever revealing our bodies. I spoke about how folk can pretend to be one thing, conscious, whole, balanced, spiritual, etc., never actually being that. This medium allows for such. It's not a bad thing necessarily, just the reality of it.

In my travels on the Internet, I have heard and seen our people demonstrating all kinds of untoward, disrespectful, actions toward their own people. It's detrimental not only to those they are issuing this treatment out to, but to their own selves as well, for it is a reflection of them. It seems as though some of us don't realize that the way we act, respond, etc., provides far reaching evidence of things we may not want folk to know about us ... certainly things we're not saying with our mouths ... yet by our actions, we're putting it all on the table....

...We claim to be knowledgeable, having wisdom from on high, yet we deal with each other, project energies in such a lowly manner ... contradicting our own selves.

This community though is unique, in that i believe we're challenged to take all of our people, no matter the condition, the energy, they present. It's trying at best.

It seems that those who lay claim to advanced knowledge, insight, and wisdom, would know that all of their interactions are precious opportunities, and should be dealt with in the highest regard, with the greatest of compassion, understanding, and foresight, but they don't ... or they don't care, which would be worse.

It leaves me wondering, if they really have all the knowledge and insight they claim, for something is amiss.

Love You!



Thank you for sharing this, Sister Destee.

Admittedly, my own "energy" online has not always been what it should.

Admittedly, my own "energy" here is not the same I strive to present of myself in reality.

Admittedly, I have not chosen to "be the bigger person" and instead reacted negatively.

So, I am confessing my fault and an intent to do better.


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Aug 14, 2010
I can tell when someone is tired online. I can tell when they feel sick, when they feel sad, or when they're hostile simply by how they type and the words they choose.

Many people believe "oh this is just the internet" and somehow don't think the people they are talking to are as "real" as those they encounter in their every day life.

Its true that a bad reputation is harder to escape offline than it is online and I think one can see the true character of a person when they believe they can "get away with it". Which people believe they can do so more easily online than offline.

The true character of a person is shown when no one is looking and there are no safeguards to prevent them from acting in any fashion they so choose.

People forget or don't care that the people they talk to online are affected by how they act and what they say.

They should be more mindful how they treat others online. Just because the person isn't standing in front of you doesn't give you the right to act in a hurtful or harmful manner.
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