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Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I've been online a long time, have met lots of different folk, presenting themselves in all sorts of manners.

I mentioned in another thread, how we are often able to only present our minds (knowledge), and Spirits, without ever revealing our bodies. I spoke about how folk can pretend to be one thing, conscious, whole, balanced, spiritual, etc., never actually being that. This medium allows for such. It's not a bad thing necessarily, just the reality of it.

In my travels on the Internet, I have heard and seen our people demonstrating all kinds of untoward, disrespectful, actions toward their own people. It's detrimental not only to those they are issuing this treatment out to, but to their own selves as well, for it is a reflection of them. It seems as though some of us don't realize that the way we act, respond, etc., provides far reaching evidence of things we may not want folk to know about us ... certainly things we're not saying with our mouths ... yet by our actions, we're putting it all on the table.

I've heard folk say, yeah, I'm doing this right now on the Internet, but it's not how I act in real life. In real life I'd not respond this way, I'd demonstrate the wisdom and knowledge I have. I've heard this so many times! I'm often left to wonder, do they not know that in order to demonstrate such behavior at any time, means it is in them to do. It is a part of them, one that they can't just take off when they shut down their computer. Even if it isn't manifested offline, which I doubt seriously, it's an ugly thing no matter where it rears its head. It's really the weirdest thing, to see folk acting in the most unbecoming ways, yet claim it's only how they act online for they are truly wise beyond their years.

While I mentioned in the previous thread, how we might be a bit reluctant to get to know one's mind, and Spirit, because their body has been so neglected ... i have to say ... there are some minds and Spirits presented online, that would make me not want to know anything else about them.

We claim to be knowledgeable, having wisdom from on high, yet we deal with each other, project energies in such a lowly manner ... contradicting our own selves.

This community though is unique, in that i believe we're challenged to take all of our people, no matter the condition, the energy, they present. It's trying at best.

It seems that those who lay claim to advanced knowledge, insight, and wisdom, would know that all of their interactions are precious opportunities, and should be dealt with in the highest regard, with the greatest of compassion, understanding, and foresight, but they don't ... or they don't care, which would be worse.

It leaves me wondering, if they really have all the knowledge and insight they claim, for something is amiss.

Love You!




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May 9, 2003
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Thank You for reminding me!

I realized the same about a weak ago.

I was reacting in a not so positive fashion toward others.

latter realizing that I could have done better to address our differences.

Obrigado, Y AXE!

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Jun 27, 2009
Sometimes it is time to leave

My energy is expressed by my zodiac, kemetic, assyrian, chinese ans yoruba

I am a Leo , Leo Sun, Leo rising, and Leo in Mars, Rooster in Chines traditions, Herukhuti, in Kemetic, and Shango in Yoruba

There is nothing wrong with a healthy self interest, or a healthy expression of ones individuality, apart from others, or as a subject of discussion unto itself

But when one sees that folks eneriges are directed only and soley to personal gain or engrandizement or oneupsmanship rather then a serious and concentrated effort to pick up were Black so called leadership has left the Black community and that is why some of us have a sense of urgency in regards to what is impending for the Black community here and especially in Africa.
There are so many positive and actual methodologies of using web based venues that attract brothers and sisters from around the nation to actually do asignments and collectively work towards actual solutions that can be discussd OPENLY
Groups can be set up to deal specificaly with youth abandonment or neglect or spouse abuse or abuse of women were folks can research data, and chime in solutions and network in regards to what is actualy occuring in ones home state and what works and what does not as well as sharing websites that actualy deal with the specific problem.
There is much discussion about what can be done for our youth but a systematic and scientifc approach to actuallly have a heart in regards to this and 50 out of a thosand chiming in each week with solutuions that can be evaluated and voted on, to campaign in each of our states for implementation, on a grassroots level or politicaly,and as the progress goes we could have come back to this site for support in regards to the efforts made in each state.
As Black men there is no reason that we do not have enough time to deal collectively with the ravages of our community.
Talking about spiritullity is fine but if it is not manifest to the greater good of the down trodden and opressed in the Black community, then we only cause the Ancestors great sorrow by our inaction.

I had a dream, a while back,
quite lucid about a 9 year old Black girl who left her house to go to the corner store in a neighborhood were there are plenty of parents, and as I turned to look in another direction a car had her 2 blocks down the street, so I went to aacar full of brothers playnig cards and they said they would pursue, when thier card game was over, and I ran to another car full of brothers on thier lunch break and they said they would pursue, when they had finished thier meal, and I went to another group just standing ther that had seen the whole thing and with all of my pleading they looked at me with indifference.

I woke up crying and sweating , and in a state of physical panic

because I realized what that beautiful immocent young African Amerrican girl represented.

My intention and purpose in posting has been to alert the Black community as much as possible about the new chains that are being forged to be placed around us on an economic and environmental basis, here and in the Motherland and try to see if there are at leats 20 sisters or brothers who would desire to discuss, PUBLICLY, and not in some closet somewhere, on a post of consistent ideas researched from various resources and evaluated and polled by moderators to put an end to this demon of white supremacy sucking the life blood of the community and putting hundreds of thousands of well educated hard working middle class Blacks into poverty, and those aleready in poverty into a state of desolation.

The genocide programs and reenslavement plans are no conspiracy regarding the Motherland and anyone can go to the leading African news wwebsites written by sisters and brothers there to see how serious this isssue is,

but if folks want to tell me that evil is not something to fight against and that Malcolm X was wrong when he said ones spirtuality must take a revolutionary course in order to be viable,
or that the Common Good of the Race or nything Good for the Black community is not worth seeking because there is no good or evil, then it is time for me to leave.
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