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Jul 2, 2003
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You are so right.

" It can't be bought, sold, or mistreated, for if there is an attempt to do so, the true essence and power of the energy dies. "

When we gather we do create an enery to behold.
We have come up so many times, thru very difficult times. In the twenties, we had businesses, and most continued thru the sixties and early seventies.

I recall eating at many black owned restaurants, serving great soul food.
In these places, there was positive dialog, and community cohesiveness. As a teen we had hamburger places where we pumping nickels into the juke box, danced and ate good burgers.

" I firmly believe that this is why they never let us gather together, have always discouraged us from gathering together ... even have us looking negatively on the gathering of ourselves together. Young Brothers congregating on the corner, a bad thing. When this natural phenomena, of our energies seeking each other out, happens without our even trying. "

When I was a teen we gathered on corners and harmonized. This is how many of the groups of those days came about. The Temptations, Chilites and Others.

Destee opportunity is cloaked in initial ways. WB ( I believe they were TV20 )came up on black shows and then pulled them all after their ratings were up.
We keep supplying our energy to others success.

Our energies are harnessed in sports, to make billions for networks and others.
Bought and sold. That is selling ourselves short.

We are mistreating our enery by consuming material goods like cars and IPODS. Drinking way too much and participating in illegal drugs this country aids getting here.

No plane can sneak thru these skys, no boat on any water, without our Government knowing.


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Feb 26, 2008
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Sister D,

I was so moved by that post... I'm going to go out and have 10 babies. Thank you for the motivation!
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