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Jan 22, 2001
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Hello Family,

I've found myself making mention of "the energy of us," quite often lately.

This is not something that i've planned on saying, but after speaking, it's said.

And here i am now, posting about it. There are so many threads that need a response from me, so many i need to start, so many folk i owe a phone call, so many issues that need to be addressed. Some have waited a long time for my attention. Yet here i am, talking about "the energy of us," totally unplanned, but compelled to speak on.

Family ... there is a great energy in us. Each of us. It can't be bought, sold, or mistreated, for if there is an attempt to do so, the true essence and power of the energy dies.

Family ... the energy in us, is rejuvenated and fed, by the touching of other like energies. In normal cases, when a battery, or source of energy is continually called upon, it eventually exhausts itself. With us, it is the exact opposite. When we use our energy to rejuvenate each other, it is increased.

I firmly believe that this is why they never let us gather together, have always discouraged us from gathering together ... even have us looking negatively on the gathering of ourselves together. Young Brothers congregating on the corner, a bad thing. When this natural phenomena, of our energies seeking each other out, happens without our even trying.

This costs no money. This does not have to be sent off for a patent from Washington. This is something we all possess. This is a gift from God. This is ours. This does not come from FEMA, or any other organization. This should not be forsaken by us.

This community has been here a number of years, proving the above.

Family ... let us take full advantage of what we have. I believe in my heart, that it will not be allowed for always. They have worked too hard at keeping us away from this very thing. Making every gathering together of ours, a negative thing. Just think back. When has such a thing ever been looked on warmly by others? Remember, even our churches have been bombed.

Don't wait until we don't have it anymore, to appreciate it.

Come into the chat room and re-strengthen yourselves, with the energy of other positive Sisters and Brothers. Share your wisdom and opinion in the many discussions found here. Encourage another when they share the songs of their heart in poetry. Lift each other up at every opportunity.

The same way that they rape our Beloved Africa of her resources, her gold, oil, very life and breath ... is what they seek to do to us. The combined energy within us, is even greater than all the resources laying in the bosom of our Beloved Africa ... if only we would harvest it.

We each have a responsibility to this. If you are online, reading this, you have also been given the capability. How can you not do, at the very least, what you can? How can you deny the gathering together, the rejuvenation, the strengthening, of this energy?

Let's love each other Family. Let's be not afraid to show it. With every opportunity given.

I hope to see, hear, or read you in chat, or on the forum, soon. We need each other's energy.

i love all of us




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I agree fully so let us all take in what we been gifted with and share
in a soft sweet gethering open your door to CHAT visit and feel the
beauty of this tool we have to share in ....look to see many in chat

thanks Destee for this well worthy enlightment .


going above and beyond
Dec 15, 2002
Detroit, MI

You made a great point. OUR energy...the energy that resides in us...given to us by undeniable. It helped us in the building of many great nations. It helped us in getting through slavery. It helped us during the Jim Crow era. And, it's helping us now...although we're not using it to it's fullest extent or to our greatest ability.

Right here....right a great time and a great place to start.

Voice chat is a place where we can communicate...joke, share and vent with one another in real time. WE don't have to wait for someone to respond hours later when they can reply instantly. It's a great way to share your thoughts and what you've learned on a plethora of topics and get inspired all at the same time.

We can play music and look at videos that are of interest to us...the Family. This is a great way to galvanize OUR collective spirit, OUR collective energy for getting to know one another on a deeper level and start to build friendships that will last.

Join us in voice chat. You can type if you want to...a mic is not necessary unless you get tired of typing and want us to hear what YOU have to say on a topic that you're passionate about as your thoughts are given birth in your mind.

Come and share yourselves with the Family. We'd love to hear you....see you.

Much Love, Family

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