Black Poetry : The Energy of Propers


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
They come in the form of just a small

"Thank You"

Some come as simplistic as

"Very Nice"

Others come in the form of a hella long novel

Then there are those that will make you think twice

I've read "This is hot" and "Good Flow" from a few

But none can compare to depictions

Those silly little emoticons

revealing just what we mean

When relaying our heartfelt descriptions

The ideal for we poets is to have our work praised

In a manner befitting queens and kings

But since this ain't Camelot and we're

just ordinary nobles

I'll settle for the smiles that it brings

"Tight work fellow poet!"

"This joint was a 10!"

All some more of the props that we see

Adjectives that show just how much we support

Each and every gifted poet at Mama Destee's

I could go on and on but I think you got the point

Of how a small proper goes a long way

It matters not how big or how small it will come

Just know that the energy of propers brightens the day!

i lost you on this because the title of this is Destee Discussion Forum
as a poet who write about issues
sometimes a person might want to expand
on the subject i think people write more than about love here, there's more to life than love, love of life is a different issue, but i think a person response should be left up to the individual, i myself like longer responses because you feel the reader read your stuff, when you throw those one liners out it seems that the reader didn't really read it. if i respond to something i read it, cause i can't be saying hey "good piece" and i am a KING dun, i don't measure myself on how many ******* i got or how much many money i have cause what i have is priceless, no body could afford to pay me. i don't want to come across like i got beef GQ cause you my man and i respect that. but here your point but let people respond they way they want cause people are already told what to do what to think and what to feel this is one place i feel i can get away from that.

Peace GQ i ain't mad at cha but you know how i can express myself



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