Chief Elder Osiris : The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not My Friend!!!

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    The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not My Friend!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come From.
    [email protected]

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    I refuse to be continually treated like a fool, as if I have not the capacity to See and know of my life as it once was, to do so is to reveal a sign of insanity.

    To depend upon my enemy for guidance in this evil and deceiving world which is now controlled by Lucifer himself, is a sign I do not know my way through life.

    Lucifer, he being the master Liar and deceiver who stole the Mind of the cosmic Divine Beings, and made us to become Black and Afrikan, without the knowledge of what we are, he is in whom we Black people, most of us, place our trust, and there is no respect the oppressor has for you, and yes, whether you want to or not, admit we are still an oppressed people, our condition and position in the world verify the truth of our life condition.

    We have been made to be who we are today, which is a Body Of People who is without the intelligence to know who our enemy is.

    The Devil is without merit of Divine cause, and is without a conscious that will allow him to have self respect.

    So, there is a phrase Lucifer use that verify how potent his evil is, the phrase being,"The Enemy Of My enemy Is My Friend"

    So, you know what, that is the phrase that Black people are exhibiting today, when announcing that the Egyptian is Black folks Friend.

    Not I, Beloved, "The enemy Of My Enemy Is Not My Friend," and especially those people calling themselves Egyptians, they chose a description that serve as the way of identifying themselves, because they did not want to be identified with their Black Nubian Afrikan mother.

    What foolish people do ignorance spawn, as I in my mind see Lucifer laughing at Black folks making claim to be supportive of the Egyptian people in their time of Family disagreement, while Black Afrikans will not show support for yourselves, while in need of freedom.

    Reparation is the ultimate representative, the symbol of the need for Freedom for Afrika, and to cause a United Black Afrikan Nation.

    Our Enslaved Ancestors, we will not allow their spirit to be at peace, there they are from the ultimate Dimension, fighting and providing a way for their children to be free, Reparation being because of our Enslaved Ancestors Enslavement, and Black people disgrace it by not having the gumption to demand and fight for it, our freedom.

    Yet, here we are, being to ingrained in the Mind of Lucifer, his profane mind that prevent us from being able to see and know, Reparation is the Black Nation Ark of Salvation, yet because of our ignorance of self we end up rebuffing Reparation in favor of showing favor to our enemy, the Egyptians Arabs.

    Yes, there you Black people are, expressing no knowledge of your Life story, as you believe you do well by showing support for those invaders of Afrika, by doing so you be implying that Your Enemy Of Your Enemy is Your Friend.

    You know what, take your Black behind to Egypt and find a True Nubian and ask if they consider the Egyptians to be their friend, as you observe their class status in their Mother and Father Land Kemet, now referred to as Egypt.

    Why do you look at there being need for guards to be placed at the door of the thieves museum in Egypt at this Time, there where our Black Afrikan Ancestors lay, and with much of our story residing in that Museum under threat of being rummage.

    Tell me, what people would threat to pillage the remains of their mother and father and take and destroy the evidence of their Divine Mind and wealth?

    Hell no, "The Enemy Of My enemy Is Not My Friend, and I do not care who know it, and the condition of my Black Afrikan life in this world, serve as evident that they are not my friend.

    I know you do not want to know of this Divine Truth, because it show how deeply ignorant we have bee made to be, about our Black Afrikan selves, and only the foolish Afrikan will attempt to rebuttal the Divine truth and remain to appear intelligent, this Divine Truth Which I am sharing with you.

    But you see, I have not come to make buddy buddy with you, nor to impress you, or to form phony coalition with you.

    I am come to share the Divine Truth with you, like you have never heard it before, and you are conditioned to take it or leave it, beloved.

    You Black people have been made to believe that you need the Devil to survive, because right now, you worship Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil, the three being the same one, he is the Master Liar and Deceiver of the Black Nation, we who are now in fragments and is not aware of our Divine Mental And Spiritual Toughness.

    Black people have been mentally reorganized to behave as a child, in the presence of Lucifer, and the condition of Afrika and all who now take up residence in Afrika, prove the fact that Afrika is no longer for the Afrikan, and that there is no Unified Black Afrikan Nation to be founded.

    It is as if there has never ever been one Divine cosmic Nation of Beings, but the fact of experience that teach about our Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, they that speak out to you now, serve as evident that there was a time on this planet when Black people were Divinely united.

    Beloved, Lucifer knows it, but your Black behind been made not to know it, and now the Time of Divine Enlightenment has come back to you Black people, you being the Ancient Cosmic Divine Beings who first arrived to this planet solar system.

    I know it is very difficult for you to make an effort to look to see your Black selves, as I share this information of you to be.

    So what do you do, you live a depended life, claiming that your enemy of your enemy is your friend.

    How sad and pitiful of a Black Afrikan people we are, we once lived as Cosmic Divine Beings, now living as Black Human Beings, sad and pitiful our life is today, having no clue what we are to the Universe.

    Beloved, the Arabs are no friend to Afrika, and its original people, Saudi Arabia owe Reparation to Afrika, Israel owe Reparation to Afrikan people, the pope and his religious institution owe Reparation to Afrikan people, Europe-America owe Reparation to Afrikan people, Afrika and Black Afrikan people have no friends in this world that we can trust, they who prevent Freedom to come to Afrika and Black people by not owning up and paying the debt of Reparation owed to our Ancient Cosmic Divine and Enslaved Ancestors.

    All who make claim to be friends to Afrika and Black people should have to meet the requirement of friendship that must come from Black Afrikan people and not take dictate from those with a history of oppressing Black people, their definition of friendship.

    Tell me, when will Black people learn from our past, well first you need to learn of the Divine truth about your past lives upon this planet earth, and when you do, you will see that the way you are behaving toward the Arbs in Egypt, is the same way that caused the fall of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Beloved, you allow sympathy, and compassion to over ride steadfastness, and wisdom, and that is why Afrika is as it is today and the Black Nation is in fragments.

    Beloved have you not studied the work of Honorable chancellor William, Destruction Of Afrikan Civilization, or any of diop work, or Dr, Clarke, Dr, Ben and other Black scholars who have a clear vision and understanding of ourstory, without compromise?

    Then how in the Hell you can be cheer leading for a people who invaded your homeland and chose not to honor our relationship because of the action took by their Arab fathers toward our Black Afrikan mothers, which caused the now so call Egyptains, those who now despised their father for that act of Assimilation with our Black Afrikan mother.

    A Double Hell No, The Enemy Of my Enemy is not my friend!!!

    Religion caused the fall of the Black Nation every time that we fell, and you Black folks have the audacity to be embracing the very weapon that have you living out of your Divine mind, and here we are conveying the same spirit of friendly submission that caused us our Divinity, to the same Arab world, which prove that we embrace the notion that, The Enemy Of Our Enemy Is Our Friend, and yet Afrika and Black people have nothing Divine to show for such a belief about our enemy.

    No, No beloved, the Enemy Of My Enemy, is Not my friend!!!

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Well Chief.....I'm glad you stated this, because like a few others here, all I've clearly seen in those news clips and pics are Arab invaders---not the indigenous people. What Black Nubian mother are they supposed to be identifying with?

    Thanks for the insight.

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    It was right on point ....

    I was thinking the same idealz when watching the riotz and so forth.....

    I respect the people for their opinion but I also recognized theft ...

    And possibly a mass cover up of destruction of ancient peoplez history....

    I have also noticed that in cartoonz dealing with the future there are no black children or adultz.....

    I have noticed that for yearz upon yearz upon yearz.... they might show one mixed nationality person but no black....

    I guess the world could not knock off enough noses and chip the features enough on each statue to have the world believe the ancients were of other decentz so they are looking to destroy the evidience...

    There is a secret to this though... each time ancient black history or any ancient history is destroyed .... partz of the world are starting to be changed for the worse ...

    Because when you rip energy "that has had time to become or alwayz was part of the great picture" from itz core.... the core is damaged forever... that is what is going on .... it is okay to change your self but dont destroy otherz energy...

    Much love and light....