Black People : The End of Human Evolution....

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    This is just a possibility in the sea of possibilities....

    Basically by stealing other peoples ideas all that is left are thieves and death on the planet....

    How does this work ???

    Basically by allowing people that create items or idealz to make their genius come true then take it or steal it .... or kill the person...

    Once this is done, then creativity is dead ... it is then ruled by a idiot that wanted some one else to do their work ...

    Basically what kind of brain does a creature have that will take some one else's glorious moments and put their name or their picture ... in front of yourz ... in which they did nothing...

    A person really has to stop and think about what kind of atmosphere they are dealing with...

    But back to the thought at hand....

    Basically what kind of children will a person have that does nothing but steal and lie????

    We all know that our face traits and attitude comes from parents ... therefore eventually all that you will have on this planet are those that kill and destroy...


    The reason why eventually will be due to far to many laws that are against the people....

    Only liars becoming famous

    By birthing nothing but monsters .... it only takes a break in a system before they go back to their original nature...

    For a person with some morals and pride in themselves they will not do anything for a buck or etc.... They have enough pride and brains not to follow the leader;

    So hold your head high when you dont lie to keep your job....

    Hold your head high for not doing anything for a buck...

    Hold your head high when you know a system is broken and you dont follow..

    Hold your head high for not following people just because they have what you dont....

    Hold your head high for knowing that you are a hero and some one else stole your history because it was incredible...

    Hold your head high for being wise, Good beingz dont alwayz win;

    But knowing that you are good is the important part... dont loose that
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace and Love!

    Pretty deep introspection, Light.