Black Poetry : The Enchanting Negress


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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles
The Enchanting Negress
(daughters of Eve)

It all started with the rib. When God saw that the first man was by
himself, he said "it is not good that man should be alone." So he caused
the first man to go into a deep sleep, took a rib from him, and formed her,
a work of art unparalleled by the most talented of artist even until this day;
Eve, the mother of all mankind. She was beautiful beyond description.
She became the focus of the first mans love, second only to God; so much so
that when Eve was deceived into yielding to temptation, the first man, Adam,
willingly followed, knowing the warning that was told to him. When they
both gave in to the object of their detrimental enticement and fell out of
fellowship with God, their eyes were open to a strange, new beauty;
each others nakedness. Strange enough for them to want to promptly cover
themselves, but beautiful enough for them to want to look upon, and
experience the physical differences they saw in each other. He was alluring
to her; she was enchanting and attractive to him.
Looking at the tapestry of humanity I can see Gods divine craftsmanship
in the wide spectrum of brown; ranging from light tan, to caramel brown, to
chocolate brown, to ebony black, all of whom posses an eye catching sheen,
and an enamoring wit. Blessed with melanin, to varying degrees, and a
colorful fascination that keeps a mans eye, she is in undisputed totality,
all woman; and all women of color are her. In her, is that something that
appeals to the love and compassion that is within my gender, and also to
the baseness, lust, and passions that are a deep seeded part of man. She
is the Enchanting Negress. The daughter of Eve; enticing to all who look
upon her.
As is part of her nature, her charm is unmatched by anything ever
imagined; that which is an integral part of her being. The sound of her
voice is relaxation to the ears, and the sight of her,... OH! the sight of
her is an optical massage to any man who just happens to take a glance in
her direction. Her touch is sugar to the body; sweeter than any sugar ever
tasted. She is the ultimate inscent, sweetening the air with cocoa butter
scented pheromones that subconsciously drives a brotha up the wall. Her
kiss is chocolate , her neck is caramel, and her paps taste of hot cocoa,
as we ravage each other in the heat of passion. Her charm is temptation,
and surcoming to it seems to be the only natural recourse.
Among her many attributes, the daughter of Eve is very sensual, very
sultry,... very sexual. She is sensual in that she appeals to al of the
senses; she looks good, she sounds good, she smells good, she feels good,...
she tastes good. Her hot bloodedness and strong will is what makes her
sultry. She is alive with attitude, and is animated like the ebony flame
that she is. In her purest physical form, she is beautiful; visually
compelling. My eyes work their way down from the eyes which are set in an
enchanting face, to the smooth neck-line and dainty shoulders, to the full
bosom, to the slendering waist-line with the enticing navel as its center
piece, amidst a toned abdomen, to the buffed brown hips rounded out by a
firm, taut buttocks, to the sleek and toned thighs, to the smooth solid
legs, all the way down to the feet; everything bare, everything elegant,...
everything lovely. I gently grab her by the waist and bring her close to
me, and kiss her neck and forehead. I whisper sweet nothings in her ear
and she whispers sweeter things back as we hold each other in a warm embrace.
Hers isn't a sexuality of mere intercourse, but of a total interface of
passion, feeling, and emotion,... two become one.
It should not go without saying that the daughter of Eve is intelligent,
which makes her more enchanting. Her intuition and rationale is keen, and
her wit is astounding. Her articulation and expression is both strong and
sweet to observe. Out of the fire of will and determination was forged the
shades of brown that are feminine, bold, and beautiful. Well endowed with
brilliance and charm, she can defeat the strongest of men without using a
muscle; the complex combination of beauty and clever-wit is her strength.
She is every woman, and all women are her. She is intelligent;
brilliant, and has been throughout the time of humanity. She is beautiful;
desirable to those who take notice. She is charming and enamoring; she
speaks without saying a word. She is the wide spectrum of brown, the
Enchanting Negress, the daughter of Eve; one to hold forever.

Written by: K. Charles
(c) 1998
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