Black Spirituality Religion : The Emperor Has No Clothes.

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    A Message From Abyss.

    "Abyss"- as I was asked to call him- is my much older Self, a part of me that I encountered while having an out of body experience after drinking some very powerful spiritual tea. For more information on that tea and many more concoctions please visit "Share Your Tea Experience."

    I must warn the general Destee public....apparently it is not for the faith of heart.

    While this message from Abyss was a very personal one, I wanted to share it anyway as the information can help many of us to focus in on certain qualities in life that may be mysteries for us right now- or it might also help to create more questions. Either way- Abyss was a very enlightening Old Man, and if I will indeed become him- I am proud of me- even thought I'm saying so myself.

    He wanted to warn me about the future, perhaps not warn me- but bring me more into an awareness of what was really happening right now that would led up to a less positive future- if I didn't learn how to focus some of my power.

    His core message was that - The Emperor Has No Clothes- this is not only about reality being an illusion, but also that our so-called Authorities having no real power, and they have had no power for some time now. This is some of what I recorded after the experience.

    Meta: Why the name Abyss? How did you come to that one?
    Abyss: After I learned how to die consciously, I became very obsessed with the ability and kept doing it until I felt as though a part or all of me had merged into the dark world- the void and the in between. The only way to design the concept in my mind was to call myself Abyss.
    Meta: How does that work? Dying consciously?

    Abyss: You've done it already, but you haven't mastered it yet- that won't be until a good number of years from now. You can't master dying consciously until you gain a better understanding of death.
    Meta: You mean I still don't have it right?
    Abyss: What is right is only what works for you, what might work for others, or the information you get from others may not always work for you. So while you understand death you still haven't found the death that works for you.
    Meta: So I still don't understand it then.

    Abyss: You understand rebirth, you understand the cycles- these are forms of death, what I am saying is you still have not understand "your" form of death, the death you require in order to transform yourself completely. But in time.
    Meta: What is it that I am not getting?
    Abyss: First, you must understand that birth is also death. When a baby's umbilical cord is cut and that child is separated from it's Mother for the first time, that is death. 9 months in the womb is equal to 90 years on Earth. And then it is still slightly incorrect to say birth is also death, but in this language of ours we are looking for distinct emotions and character, the truth is it is the same process of going from one body to the other, one form of consciousness to another. Remember that first heartbreak? That was death.

    Meta: How could I forget that, that was terrible. You still remember that?
    Abyss: How could I forget all that crying we were doing?
    Meta: So you mean that's the same heartbreak we experience when we are cut from our Mother?
    Abyss: Why call it heart-break?
    Meta: Amazing. So conscious death is somehow learning how to break that cord, break your own heart or something to that effect?

    Abyss: Not along those lines. Spiritually we are connected to the body via a cord, this you know. There is also the cord of breath that connects us to the planet itself. There are psychic cords that connect us to people we love. In a sense as we develop in life we begin to weave a spider's web of cords that connect us to spiritual, emotional and material things. This web is also why the transfer between bodies is so painful.

    Meta: That makes perfect sense, and I've been seeing allot of spiders coming towards me lately- are you the one sending me these signs and symbols?
    Abyss: Not me, you.
    Meta: But you are me right?
    Abyss: You become me.
    Meta: You mean the higher self could be creating those symbols?
    Abyss: We are powerful dreamers, we can almost produce anything into reality that we want, a part of you is always in the dream state, and this is the part you would call the higher self.

    Meta: But isn't this conscious death that I am having right now? This out of body experience, I feel like a flood of wind around my body.
    Abyss: This is only a state of consciousness you call an out of body experience, you are still inside the Earth, so you are not out of your body- the Earth is part of your body so long as you are on Earth.
    Meta: Now there's something I've never heard before. And you are saying the out of body experience is still part of the illusion?
    Abyss: Very much so.

    Meta: Why am I able to channel you now so strongly, I usually have to get into a very good trance state to channel, was it the tea?
    Abyss: Of course, certain plants and herbs enhance different parts of the brain.
    Meta: If you know me, then you know the drill, you have to tell me something to convince me that I am not imagining and making all of this up.
    Abyss: We have a powerful imagination also, what should I tell you?

    Meta: That's up to you, how can I suggest to you what you should tell me?
    Abyss: You know you've been looking for switches on the body that turns it off or on? You haven't gotten into pressure points yet.
    Meta: No I haven't, I never really studied the pressure point system in the body.
    Abyss: You'd be amazed to know that there are switches on the body that can cause the body to transform completely.
    Meta: You mean like shape shift?
    Abyss: Precisely.

    Meta: But isn't that something that requires allot of mental training as well?
    Abyss: Follow my lead and you'll find the answer to that. You wanted me to give you something, there you go.
    Meta: If what you are saying is true, that is remarkable. But how?
    Abyss: Just follow the lead, you didn't think the sexual organs are switches?
    But most of the switches are placed into areas no one would even think to look.

    More to come....
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    That was a one fascinating meeting! Thank you for posting that Brother Meta, and Thank you too Dark Master Abyss!:terrific:

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    Bro Meta this post was much appreciated, thanks for sharing! I was just looking into future selves, and this was an informative channel 4 sho.

    I have a question, if you don't mind:

    1) When he said our authorities have no power, was he talking about just any kind of rulers, as well as gods and goddesses that are considered authority?

    Def. looking forward to more on this..
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity

    excuse the room and the mess it appears...there is a method for my madness!

    I recognize it as a 'symptom' of my Abyss
    I kinda of experience myself as a "mad professor" and details like cleaning and cooking slip through the cracks easily. reply to what you have shared up to here....

    The Abyss is fitting description on the workings of my mind!

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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    Ok so I went and listened myself and can sense room for improvement or maybe clarity in focus.
    Basically I'm stating that the messages you received from the Abyss, are messages I am aware of AND experience myself living on a daily basis. I think this is what people have always labeled as my being "too deep".
    I know that on most given topics/subjects/areas of study or experiences, I become aware of the multiple realities of the sit chi a tion....these things play out on not just the 5 levels I list, yet the levels within levels is also going on.
    I become overwhelmed with myself and am seeing more and more the "power" that is me. Learning to harness and direct is my work along with Accepting that which I AM. I AM the Abyss and the Abyss is WE.

    I"m counting on the tea now to obtain guidance in direction towards our connection....for it is in IT......ENERGY is channeled....moving it in a direct course ...along the pathways of our Connect

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    Warrior Goddess True- you have a blacnificent level of awareness, I am grateful for you sharing it with us! A very powerful play on words can be used especially when we speak about the Black Woman's Abyss, there is so much we can learn from that side of ourselves.

    DW TY, I'm still converting some of the chicken scratch I wrote down after the experience, I tried to record all that I could we did go a bit into Gods and Deities but it's not in this part that I've typed up so far. This is where I am:


    Meta: Now that is very heart breaking, even the out of body experience is part of the illusion? It's hard to believe. What about my astral projections? Also a level of consciousness?
    Abyss: Don't misunderstand my intent. Beit an illusion it is still an experience you've created for yourself that you need to have in order to evolve to your next stage of consciousness. As Gods we create illusions, to dispel the illusion as if it is not meaningful is also to dispel the God, do you understand?

    Meta: I feel as though I want to drift off right now, if I drift off right now will I die?
    Abyss: You most certainly will. But this entire reality you are in is just a memory, all reality is composed of pieces of memories that compile themselves together.
    Meta: I need a better understanding for that concept.
    Abyss: Monitor pixels create the images, each pixel a memory frozen as energy.
    Meta: We are composed of memories?

    Abyss: The material world is. The story about Adam and Eve? That story while told millions of times in different ways to explain just about everything, is a story about two different level of consciousness, the same levels of consciousness required to construct the material world. Adam- is the atomic consciousness, the quantum. Eve- is the evolved level- the material or surface consciousness. Within all levels of consciousness there are thriving worlds. There is the atomic world, also known as the underworld or hell, and then there is the material world, the surface of earth- also known as heaven. You will even find the word Eve inside the word Heaven.

    Meta: Never noticed that one either- or maybe I did? Can't remember now.
    Abyss: What you must also notice is that even though I am required to call them separate states of consciousness in order to speak about them in detail, they are Mother and Son. Just as the Son lays dormant suckling the Mother's breast, the atomic consciousness lays dormant under heaven, the material world.

    Meta: You are telling me that conscious death has helped us to see all of this?
    Abyss: Yes. You must understand that the Son was created to interface with the Mother.
    Meta: Why am I feeling like this?
    Abyss: Because the truth is causing your emotions to spark, speak what you are feeling as plainly as you are feeling it.

    Meta: All Women are Mothers and all Men are Sons?
    Abyss: Precisely, now you are finally beginning to see the illusions for what they are. And knowing you, you will have to meditate on this later, you will not grasp it fully yet.

    Meta: Because I want to feel equal to my Woman, and even though I am evolved enough to know we are not equal in life or perhaps not even spirit, I still want to hold on to a feeling of balance? Why is she a Mother and I am her Son?

    Abyss: You have misunderstood. Remember we are speaking in terms of life and death, heaven and hell- we are also speaking in terms of the illusions Gods create for themselves, to experience themselves, to evolve-themselves and know themselves for what they truly are. When we speak of Mother and Son, we are not speaking of the relationship of physical beings that interact within the illusion, we speak of the Gods themselves that create the illusion.

    Meta: Sh--. I feel like I really want to ascend right now, I cannot believe this information- you are not saying?
    Abyss: Two distinct species of Gods, two distinct entities- the Mother Gods while represented by Women in this realm are many trillions of different species of life that nurture Universes as eggs, they harness the illusion within them.
    Meta: And the Son Gods are also Sun Gods?
    Abyss: You are precise in judgment, these codes are based on mathematical principles that I cannot teach you right now, but you will learn in time. A Sun is also a nucleus star, the very center the portal where energy from the outside flows in. Within every egg or Universe there is a Sun, trillions upon trillions of them show up as these eggs of dark mass overlap into one another.

    Meta: So these Son Gods create from the atomic level, while the Mother Gods from the surface?
    Abyss: Always a quick learner.
    Meta: I still don't understand where conscious dying fits into this?
    Abyss: We are speaking still about memories and how reality is formed.
    Meta: Right, how does all that fit into this equation?

    Abyss: From your understanding of computers, what do you need to store information?
    Meta: You need material, a harddrive or anything made to store that data on.
    Abyss: Also from your knowledge, how do you erase information?
    Meta: You delete it.
    Abyss: No. How do you erase the information?
    Meta: You scrub the harddrive by formatting it at least 7-8 times?
    Abyss: Again. How do you erase the information?
    Meta: You burn the harddrive! You throw it into a hot lava pit?
    Abyss: You get my point?
    Meta: No. You mean you can't erase information?
    Abyss: The erasing of information is an illusion.

    Meta: OK. So I've created drives with allot of data and I've formatted them until they were completely erased.
    Abyss: And then a being of higher intelligence will come along and retrieve all the information from that same drive as if nothing happened.
    Meta: How? I don't understand.

    Abyss: When I asked you what do you need to store information you said material. All reality is stored information, storied memories that consist of thoughts and emotions. Remember that the material world is a level of consciousness, we engage in it as receivers picking up a frequency. Consciousness consists of a range of frequency algorithms that never change, also called laws by the ancients. All heaven and earth will fall away before the laws of God ever change? The reason why the information you store will always be there despite the illusion of it being erased is before anything is "written" on the surface or material world is also written in the quantum world. Thus, the Son is always suckling from the Mother, whatever the Mother is fed the Son is fed also.

    Meta: I should've known that, I was told about holographic technology already, I know that- I just never understood it that way.
    Abyss: So you didn't know it, but you are learning.
    Meta: So that's what the as above so below is all about. So all that data on the harddrives is taken off the surface, but it still exists on a quantum level.
    Abyss: And so do we.

    Meta: Now I understand. You mean there is a atomic self and a surface self?
    Abyss: There is the self that focuses on a certain level of consciousness, beit the material world or the spiritual world. Consciousness is also experienced as different dimensions. There is the dimension of Adam and the dimension of Eve. The Mother and the Son. Not the Son of Man, the Son IS Man, and the Son wanted to experience the material world and was made manifest from the quantum Universe within the Woman- hence it is called the fall of Man, not the fall of Woman.

    Meta: If this reality is nothing but a memory, something that was already stored, then I am not here to change anything? Can I just move on now since there is nothing here to fix?
    Abyss: These are the lives we build for ourselves. You can move on, but there was something you came here to remember, even if that is a person a soul you came here to find and reconnect with. It would appear as if this is one Universe, it is actually several trillions, all eggs of different sizes overlapping and within each other- but all of them drawing together what appears to be a seamless reality.

    Meta: Universes are like browsers?
    Abyss: Very much so yes.
    Meta: Now that's a profound thought, so we all really Gods of our own worlds, not just one world in particular.
    Abyss: Worlds influencing worlds, minds influencing minds, souls influencing souls.

    Meta: It is influence, it is not they that change us- but they influence us and cause us to change?
    Abyss: Yes, there are many ways to trick souls into thinking they are not the Gods of their own Universe.

    Meta: Let's see if you remember this, I was coming home from a female's house one night, you remember that? 3 am in the morning, pitch black darkness- I had to walk- no cabs! Nothing! I remember thinking to myself I really hope I don't get robbed, and then there was a single streetlight on, something was pushing me to walk up to the light and I went up to the light and there was a poster on the streetlight, the paper was wet it was all ripped up and the only visible words on the poster was what?
    Abyss: Our name.

    Meta: That scared the s--- out of me, what was that about? Was that Ancestors? Spirits? How was that possible?
    Abyss: The higher self is always changing the memory around to wake the dormant self up. Remember the higher self is always in the dream world, that's the projectionist in the booth, the memories that become reality is like the movie itself. But remember the projectionist gets the memories first. In fact movies and memories are pretty much the same, we watch movies to remember something about ourselves the same way we engage in these realities which are also movies we get to live out.

    Meta: But Ancestors can do things like that too right, like the Higher Self?
    Abyss: Certainly, anyone consciousness of the dream world can change the material Universe, Monks do it all the time, and so do many people even the unconscious ones but they are not aware it's them doing, they usually think it's God.

    More to come.....
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    Meta: I admit I am really enjoying this out of body experience and I will apply myself to mastering conscious death also, I am willing to learn.
    Abyss: And you will learn, or this conversation will never take place.
    Meta: I would rather believe you are a spirit tricking me, but your information is well appreciated anyway it is helping to expand my already expanding mind. Some things are just now sinking in, I need this time to float around and really see life for what it is. Wouldn't it be beautiful to be able to travel out the body for days or even weeks, use the body as a shell and just come back whenever we felt like it?
    Abyss: That was something mastered by African people already.

    Meta: I know, but this is such a powerful feeling, like all time and space- completely gone, I really feel like moving on, I am grasping the understanding of the Mother and Son now. The cycle of life and death continues because we are always mothering the atomic world, when we die the soul sinks down into the atomic or quantum world, which cannot die or be erased even when burnt to ashes. These worlds still exist way below the subworld, inside the crystals of the bone morrow, and this is why we are told heaven is within us. The blood crystals are gateways into much different realms.

    Abyss: Contacting you was a good idea after all, you retain information very well and the information you retain helps you to tap into what was forgotten.
    Meta: I am a Draconian?
    Abyss: A dragon spirit yes.
    Meta: I used to eat Human beings at one point in my evolution?
    Abyss: Yes, we did.
    Meta: And now I am a Humanoid, why is that? Is that karma? Punishment?

    Abyss: Did you listen to yourself? Not punishment, life. You live a life as Mother God nurturing worlds within you, you are eating and consuming blood, where does that information go?
    Meta: Into the quantum world and when the surface body dies or can't work as it did before the soul falls down into- you mean memories are stored in the blood and those memories are used to create inner realities and Universes?
    Abyss: You are what you eat?

    Meta: Noo. It couldn't be that simple or poetic. That is crazy.
    Abyss: It is a design. We eat as a way to store information and energy, that same information and energy is used to create our inner worlds as you've stated.
    Meta: But at that rate many souls will experience their next life as a chicken.
    Abyss: That would depend on the level of that chicken's consciousness, thankfully chickens don't see themselves as chickens – they see themselves as Angels- didn't you notice Angels and chickens have the same wings?
    Meta: WHAT!!!!!

    Abyss: Use your emotions and see the truth for yourself.
    Meta: There are toooo many illusions to able to decode them in one life time, I can't do this, this is really too much.
    Abyss: It is all just enough for you to handle.
    Meta: Okkk. I understand the math. I was a higher Dragon spirit, I know because I've seen myself that way in so many astral experiences and dreams, I've come to terms with that. I also saw allot of rituals, I saw that Humans were a source of food at one point- so now I'm human, and you are saying it depends on that being's level of consciousness. So Humans don't usually see themselves as anything besides Humans, thus I am having the experience as a Humanoid because I consumed allot of that “blood information” as a, humm- this is really profound. Okk- I get it. This all a big cosmic joke at my expense, so I'll go along. Angels are chickens right. Or you mean Humans with chicken wings because we “eat” the consciousness along with the meat.

    Pigs and Cows see themselves as Demons or something?

    Abyss: All animals have an astral body too just like Humans, when we are transferred into the new body at the atomic level we usually either become or engage with the astral bodies and holograms still stored inside the blood.
    Meta: So coming in as a Human isn't some type of punishment, karma?
    Abyss: The closest thing to punishment and karma of Gods is rehabilitation, and we design that for ourselves. The zodiac is about rehabilitation.

    Meta: The zodiac? From what you are saying, I remember a movie- what's the name, Men were in a futuristic prison where they froze them up and put them asleep and while asleep they went through some programming that taught them how to be nice and moral etc, depending on their crime.
    Abyss: Not in the sense that a God can commit a crime against themselves or each other, but we rehabilitate ourselves as a way to fit into newer worlds we are trying to grow into.

    Meta: So what is the Gemini programming for.
    Abyss: Teaches us how to interface better with the Higher Self and the lower Self.
    Meta: What about numbers then, like numerology, I always get clues about the Universe from numerology- do we become better at it?
    Abyss: The laws of the Universe are classified as numbers, each number tells you what law is working the strongest in your reality.

    Meta: Do you remember when we used to be stalked by the number 7, it used to be everywhere we go, remember the time on the bus, right in the seat in front of us someone made the number 7 using a piece of chewing gum and it was old, it had to be there for at least a week and by coincidence we sat right there so we could see it. Is that also the higher Self and why the number 7?
    Abyss: Yes, the higher Self has the power over reality. 7 is the frequency of the soul, it is also the symbol of a ladder leading up to a higher dimension, when you see it it simply means- keep going, you are on the right path to the next level.

    Meta: The zodiac and even numbers are all part of the illusion, even the different beings I have been is part of the illusion, what I am really?
    Abyss: You are infinity curling in on itself, coming up with conclusions about what it is and those conclusions form life, you dream everything up, even the self that you believe is your self.

    Meta: And chickens are Angels. There are allot of fun and games going on here at my expense. But I feel very powerful to be having this experience, are you here to warn me about something?
    Abyss: Not warn, but inform. A time of tremendous fear is coming, you will survive it. Even if you forget everything that was said already, do not forget this. They who say they are powerful are not powerful in your world, only in their world. They have no power over you unless and until you lend them your mind to program it to their liking. Take back your mind, take back your power. It is that simple.

    Meta: Why can't I just learn how to die consciously now and start obtaining the powers I need now.
    Abyss: You have a wonderful gift, you are the only one that has not seen the truth of it yet, with the gifts you have mastered already you can get just about anything you desire, this is how we eventually learn how to die consciously by mastering our gifts.
    Meta: Tell me what is happening in the future.
    Abyss: What is happening in the future is not important, what is happening to you now is.

    Meta: I feel myself coming back, but I need to know more about suffering and slavery, I have some fears that I need you to put to rest for me, I just want to be feel powerful like this all the time, I don't want the fear.
    Abyss: As long as there is the experience of power there will be the experience of fear- being without power. We must experience the with and without. Know that both of them are states of power. Wealth and money? Love? Bliss? Dream up positive energy for those that struggle with reality and such things will always be abundant. But know your place. You are a God over no one, you are only a God over yourself. Know your place my Self. Be empowered by the moment, and know that we are always being monitored and watched by our many selves, we are judged by our selves.

    Meta: Am I pleasing my self?
    Abyss: That is for you to judge. Your feelings will indicate the truth.
    Meta: I am not pleased yet, there is so much that I need to grasp and learn.
    Abyss: Learn you. Master self.
    Meta: But so many powerful minds have so many different opinions about the path I should go and led, so many people in pain, why does the mastery of self feel like such a selfish path?
    Abyss: So you would celebrate along with them in their pain? No amount of pain can change the reality already built by pain and suffering, only the opposite. Learn from the higher self, learn even from the lowest self. When the higher self wants to change something in reality it does something to get the attention of the mind. To inspire the mystery is also to peek into the soul, that is your selfish mastery and without dealing with mastery of self there will always be pain and suffering as an illusion that lost Gods inflict upon themselves, they splash about as drowning fish blaming the ocean for their suffering.

    Meta: Am I also being judged my Ancestors? Aren't they also watching me and don't they also need me to help?
    Abyss: Over several lifetimes we gain relationships with many souls, there as many cosmic Ancestors- those who exist on much higher frequencies, as there are earth Ancestors those who exist in the trees, the grass and in the ground. Yes there are many that will disagree with your path, but it is for you to realize your God, there are many of these Ancestors who still worship other spirits are their Gods, while this is a path and an option- it is one that keeps us prostituting ourselves between life and death. Deities can be ceased - controlled and mastered by even the lowest of Gods, many were designed of that purpose- it is better that you learn how to interact with the creators on your frequency, and attract the higher ones that want to see you advance outside the realm of life and death.

    Meta: This must be what we did eventually in order to learn how to die consciously?
    Abyss: Keep this in mind along your journey. The Emperor has no clothes.
    Meta: White people have no power over us? The Illuminati? Jesus? God? The Devil?
    Abyss: All power to the Mother and Son, and there are no powers before us.
    Meta: All power to you God Abyss, I will always remember you.
    Abyss: Aja immortal one, aja.
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    God MSaience,

    The death that You/He (mayne, this is going to be tricky) speaks of sounds similar to the Tibetian concept called working the Bardo. Apparently, every minute that passes is a form of death, and we must learn how to ‘die’ and be ‘reborn’ into the next minute. Most peoples suffering comes from refusing to ‘die’ and be ‘reborn’. I am therefore pleased to read this here in more detail.

    Lmao!!! @ How could I forget all that crying we were doing? I see the sense of humour still remains.

    Did Abyss mention anything further about sexual organs as being switches?

    Ps - Will you start eating chicken?

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    WOW.....thanks for sharing that with us DG MS.....definitely an experience you may need to meditate on many times to fully grasp all the concepts presented.....this happened from that crystal antenna? Hmmmm.....I have all my materials except for a branch....I may construct this today....

    GOOD post!
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    I've certain given myself allot to study, but- I feel as if this information was either in me all along, or I've been talking about it for awhile but just couldn't connect all the dots up until now.

    Goddess Alex, I don't recall us going into the switches and sexual organs. But I've been thinking about it since the happened and a big what if keeps hitting me. Wouldn't that be something else. When he said most of the switches were in places no one would think to look? I couldn't imagine where those would be right now, but I want to study the concept some more perhaps even get some more channels in so I can understand it.

    And I won't be eating chicken! But I questioned the eating of fish too, I'm still unclear about that one- even though I understood the part about what we eat as far as blood goes into our blood as well or the data is transferred into our blood.

    The real power of this channel was something I didn't record, it was so profound that the more I meditate on it the more I find myself transforming. It's just something about the reality of being able to do this. Like the scene in the movie "The 13th Floor" when the Bartender in the holographic virtual world is speaking to one of the Creators of that world, no matter was is said, there is still that reality of- or that feeling of- you are not from around here are you?

    The more I engage in these types of channels the more I become aware of that state, the created speaking with the creator and both of them are us.
    I definitely saw that the Mother and Son wasn't necessarily dealing with gender, I got a sense that it was something much bigger than what my mind could allow me to record or remember at the time.

    DG GeorgeM, the crystal antenna did help along with the tea. The funny thing is a few days ago I had a dream that I was with some people at a book store and a female there looked at me and said, you know something that we don't do anymore? We don't build and invent new instruments and we don't build and invent spiritual devices like we used too. As plain as day I heard those words. Now the channeled experience with Abyss, while he never mentioned it I got the feeling he was a builder or Scientist that creates spiritual devices. That is a profession I would really love if I could master it, I think that would be the highest level of magick, artsy and wizardry for me if I could get to that level! Could you imagine someone having the ability to build the spiritual device anyone needed to do just about anything they wanted?

    I need some rest.

    Are we the spiritual scientists returning? The ones missing from this equation?
    Do we have the power to dissolve this matrix once and for all?