Black Poetry : The Email That Cried Part Three;the Confirmation!

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    Email number three was accompanied
    with a FTD, delivery on the same day.
    And my Mom and Dad requested something
    special for next month and Father's day.
    The want to make a trip it's not far they say.
    Back to the email my eyes seem to linger.
    I feel something tremble it's my ring finger.
    I gasp when he says he is in Eufala.
    That's where I am to drive Mother and Fatha!!!:eek:
    I gasp I blink I can not speak.
    I think right now is a good time to freak.
    Whats the chances I say to myself, this
    could never happen to anyone else.
    I print out the email and read it again.
    It's signed simply and affectionately
    Your long lost friend.
    The card now was different ,
    accompanied by pink roses
    Times twelve, Happy Mothers Day
    and green ivy...what more can I say.
    He know's I love pink and green
    I am AKA
    He seems to have locked each rememberance
    of us...
    And now he is really making a fuss!
    Celebrate life he tells me, we've been
    given a second chance.
    Let's start back as friends and not fret
    about the romance...
    It wil come in due season he says
    and the email starts crying again
    My long lost friend...
    As I fold it and place it under my pillow
    I think of cool summer evenings under
    the weeping willow...
    Who is weeping now...
    and how?
    The email cried times three...
    My parents confirmed it!
    The email is crying out to me!!!!!!
    BJS(C)2002:confused: :confused: :confused: