Black History : The Elegance of White Supremacy


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Mar 30, 2016
It seems that Black people, my people, have simply 'let go'; and have let the god(s) of this earth have their way with our souls. It is indeed our souls that are broken. From the continent of Africa to every land wherein we are found, our plight is the same, is it not? Our community in all places consists of impotent political leaders (Elected or Tyrant) of broken or subdued countries/Euro-formatted governments; a business-entertainment-athletic-religious population that cares only for the survival of its venue and individual monetary rewards; the population of citizens in school or ignoring school whose primary concern(s) and ambition(s) are centered around sexual orientation, egotistical prowess and availability to social spheres which would allow one to evolve the degeneracy.
Black men (12 years of age -38 years) in America have abandoned the idea of racial unity for economic/monetary gain. Gang and criminal life is glorified; Its origins lauded rather than lamented. For every degenerate behavior there is an indictment of God. God is used to justify homosexuality, transgenderization and outright abdication of born identity. Black people are unified, seemingly, in one thought: To inherit the mind and social status of The Oppressor. Whom, is not
looked upon as an oppressor but as a counter-part, co-sharing society. It is only when this illusion is met with police brutality, employment racial discrimination or white privilege that a Black person is temporarily jarred awake.
We intend to hide away in a big bag of money we can accumulate or in a consequence/judgement free sexual environment (not marriage to opposite gender) to evolve in; a Reality that could only be built into the mind of a broken people. From The Plantation to Jim Crow to Civil Rights to A Black President... how different are we from the worse segment of our history in America as its LEGAL property? Truly. We are so broken that there are Black men that refuse to mate a woman that resembles their own mother. Black women are all but spit upon by such men and those that think like them. Black women, undesired by their own men are available to men of other races and with gladness. Blacks have lost interest in Blacks, Black women and Black children.
The African Blacks seem to think themselves a grade above the American Black. 'They' are not like us. They carry the same idea for us that the oppressor does, the same idea that all immigrants to America are encouraged to adopt regarding the American Black. Yet there is not an immigrant family, business or immigrant individual in America that has not made its way to their station in life in America that has not or did not appropriate some measure or degree of the American Black culture for its revenue or monetary/cultural interface in society. Whether an economic well was dug and owned in a Black Community, or you (i.e. the immigrant) learned how to inherit the mentality which carries White privilege and so used it to your advantage over and against Black people. Even in our degeneracy and incarceration and death (i.e. bodily organs) we are monetized for the races of people in America.
The era of Revolutions were bound to fail, with all due respect to its attempt and those whose lives bare the scars and the gravesites. Our very own Veterans. They were bound to fail for they all lacked the one ingredient which would have provided a syllabus for its success and assured it. Just as today, there is no syllabus for life (way to live) or success (way to thrive/abide with and for each other ) for The Black Race in America which would naturally flow to all Blacks on earth, that we all can see and put our hands around. Before I state the missing ingredient, take patience:
We know too much. We all feel ourselves educated and incapable of being deceived. Our privilege and ability to handle His money has engorged our hearts and minds with buying power; and even for the one who has no money, they desire it for the same reason; to acquire the power the oppressor has so as to use it, abuse it or misuse it in ones' own interest. And for those who feel they have no oppressor are those who have drowned in the oppression. I submit they suffer from Stockholm's syndrome. Mentally they perceive nothing which indicates oppression; physically, materially. They must see the whip in hand and hear the words which inspire fear come from the mouth.
We have been educated by the oppressor in his language. Our thoughts are mapped by language. We truly do not know what this means because we do not socialize with the true authors of our plight. The Oppressors children and beneficiaries are not The Oppressor and his Cohorts. Can we not see, that there is not a thought that can be entertained that has not been accounted for? From Birth to Death, what Thought can be had that truly focuses the future? What is future? It cannot be had from memory so what truly is future? Memory is the graveyard of Reality and 'reality' is present tense if not perfect-present-tense. So, define 'future'. Where is it? What is it? What is in it?
Returning to my discourse.
The ingredient that the Revolution Era lacked was God. The past and current day Religious community lacks, God. I submit to you that the English language is the first and most formidable weapon which was and is used to solidify our Oppression and Degeneracy. 'God' in the English language is as distant from the truth as an ant is from a cloud. The Most High Sees and Witnesses SINCERITY no matter your language, no matter your religion, no matter your region. Nonetheless, The Words of The Most High carry and posit the true inventory of creation and so, Reality. To comprehend Reality in any language other than in The Speech of God is our first Oppression and marks the trajectory point away from truth. Our solution is not in political power. Why would the oppressor create policy that would allow his own policies to be questioned, challenged or usurped most especially by people considered to be legal property? The American government has loaned us out to visiting immigrants like a whore. Our entire nation is treated like a whore. Our solution is not in economic power. The Oppressor's willingness and desire for war should explain this premise. Go and see the last 100 years, foreign and domestic. Our solution is not in education. Literally the word means to bring out. What, pray tell, has been brought out of us? I can site what has been put in. We have learned how to accuse God, we have learned how to assimilate, accept and acquiesce to and of the oppressor. We worship the dead (i.e. Libation) instead of HE Who Claims to be Alive and cannot die. We have learned how to disregard our own nature, reform it (i.e. drugs, liquor, sex) as well as kill ourselves and each other. What is it to be educated in the language, curriculum and reality of The Oppressor? I site just one example of how pertinent language is and I close:
Look at The Bible. Is there not a segment of it which reads concerning The Prophet Moses? And in that, God is said to have come to Moses and inspired him to collect HIS people and leave to a place HE, God, would show them? And do you recall the very first of those famous 10 commandments?
" Thou shall have no other gods before me "? Is this not how it reads.... IN ENGLISH?
In its original Speech it reads: Not exist a god other than Me.
Tell me, are these sentences the same?
1). Thou shall have no other gods before Me
2). Not exist a god other than Me
All science and all religion (especially Christianity and Islaam - not taught from their original languages) have 1 thing in common which makes them the same (although your 'education' declares they are different); neither acknowledges The Presence of God.
They both have reduced God to an idea, an occurrence in history, an attribute of our celebration or the root cause of our degeneration. God issues His mercy as He wills. I am not speaking on The Mercy of The Most High and The Sincerity of the heart. These belong solely to The Most High. I speak of our ignorance and disdain for His Speech in ink and consequently His Presence in our Mind; the absence of which is the true nature of our oppression and the reason we abide as the property of others and an abomination.
Abomi - off the shoulder
Nation - group of families with the same goal for its survival.
We have been flicked from the shoulder, dejected from the Presence of The Most High. According to The Book of Hosea in The Bible, if you be in need of a reference other than the current day historical record. Though it is grossly mistranslated (by White supremist adherents- King James, et al.) the debris of its truth seeps through like wine through cloth. May we sop it. To you be peace, to us all be peace and may we return to The Presence of God. Our entering The Presence of God will be the evaporation of oppression.

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