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Jan 3, 2002
The Ei, The Ai, and The Eye Of The Divine Essence, Universe, And The Physical Beings

By Chief Elder Osiris

It Is Your Blackness That Is Divine Beloved, Read and See, and not Believe, Why It Is What It Is..

When you do not know, it serve as a sign that you do not Divinely Think, and without Divine Thought, it reveal that the Mind that guide you is not Divine, therefore you are set up to believe everything anybody tell you about The Divine Essence, The Universe, and about the lower God, he being the Human Being Lucifer is of the World.

So much has been told about an all seeing Ei, but have gotten you to relate with the Eye of Man sense, as being all seeing and there is nothing that can be further from the Divine Truth than for you to believe that, and it take a believing Mind to believe such a Lie about the All Seeing Ei of the Divine Essence, and refer to it as being the All Seeing Eye Of God.(Lucifer)

I will share this with you and you can take it or leave it beloved, you have been misinformed about Darkness and Light and also about the Universe and all of its I's.

Darkness is the Ei of the Divine Essence Eternal Infinite Intelligence and there is none other Eye that transcend the Ei of the Divine Essence and yes, you have the Ai of the Universe, full of Radiant Light coming to you in the form of an Energy Ball of Fire, which we refer to as being a Star or the Sun of the Physical Universe.

Then you have the eye of physical Beings, Lucifer included, and such is the lower level eye of the physical Universe, and can be deceived, because it function by the physical senses of the physical body and all things that are physical is only an illusion of what is Divinely Real.

Darkness by Lucifer has been presented to you to be the phenomena of Evil, insignificance, and the cause of misfortune, and Lucifer has gotten you with the Eye of Sense to believe that Darkness has no Divine Purpose to all that your physical sense eye can look at and not see the Divine Realness of what is being looked at, so whatever you look at you should take with caution, because it is not Divinely Real, just the illusion of what is real on the physical Dimension of your Body Life living.

Darkness is the All Seeing Ei of the Divine Essence and its Blackness serve as the Divine Essence Pupil that See and Know all things in the Universe that is visible and is not visible, Darkness is the omnipresence, omnipotent, and omniscience of the Eternal Infinite, and of all things that are of its Physical and Living Being Universe.

The Divine Essence is that which give cause for all things To Be Physical And Not To Be Physical, The Divine Essence Is the Infinite Intelligence radiating out from the Eternal Infinite Energy Darkness, the God To Us All and For us all to Look at, To See, and To Know, which require for you to be functioning in your Divine Mind, the gateway to Seeing the All Seeing Ei of the Divine Essence, the Eternal Infinite Intelligent Darkness, the most sacred phenomena that possess the Alchemy Power to perform as It Does and has caused all things to Be as they are, in the physical Universe.

There is no more of a Divine phenomena than the Majesty of Darkness, it rule both universe, it is the master of all light, so to get to know the alchemy of the Divine Essence, it require for you to know of the all seeing Ei, the pupil of eternal infinity.

Light is subordinate to the darkness, it has no purpose unless the power of the Divine Essence allow it to manifest its action, the Ai of the physical universe is the Stars that glow at the permission of the Ei, Divine Darkness.

So all of this religious talk about the light being the glow of God, such is to be determine which god are you referring to, because the brightest force there is, happen the be the Infinite force of Darkness, which the Stars - Sun get its energy from, in order to glow and to illuminate.

You have been misinformed about what being the Ei of God is all about, having you to believe that the eye of Man is representative of being the Ei of the Divine Essence, when it is the lowest optical dimension within the Trinity of the optical reference to the Eternal Infinite God, the Divine Essence of all Intelligent Energy action.

Follow the Light and you will go right through it to find the Divine Essence, the Ei of eternal Infinite Energy intelligence, the Ei of the alchemy action of the Infinite Darkness, the phenomena that has no beginning, no ending, no limits, just Eternal forever in its Divine Motion of Action, such is what you Black people have been made to forget about, a knowledge that came with your Divine mind and now you know nothing about the Divinity of Darkness, because Lucifer has conditioned you to fear the Darkness and to equate such alchemy power with evil and misfortune happening in your life.

How pitiful and sad of a once Divine People we have been made to be.

The Ai of the Physical Universe is the Sun-Star and the eye of the Body Life Universe is the sense organ to the corporeal body and the Ei of the Divine God, the Divine Essence to all things physical and nonphysical, is in fact the Eternally Infinite Energy Intelligence, The phenomena we refer to as Darkness, Night, Blackness, the Ei of God the Divine Essence.

You go ahead and bow to the Light while I Honor with acknowledgement the Alchemy of the Eternal Infinite Darkness.

Can You Understand That, Beloved

Such is the Divine Teaching that is revealed in the Divine First Way Institute Of Alchemy Mysticism, such information you no longer know about, as you have been made to be blind with the lies and deception of Religion illusions, requiring you to believe in something that does not live in the Dimension of Existence, there is where the All Seeing Ei Dwell in the Infinite reality of the Divine Darkness.

Divine Spirituality,: Revealing Information About The real You, it is that book which must become a part of your study if you are serious of breaking the shackles of Lucifer hold upon your believing Mind, beloved.

The Link that will put you in contact with the Revelation that will Liberate your Mind is below, and must not have space in the link to have a connecting journey to that which will begin to reveal to you the Majesty of the Ei of the Divine Essence, the Infinite Energy Intelligent Darkness.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

No, No, this is not what Lucifer Will have you to know, beloved, because Lucifer will keep you Believing that which you do not know, beloved, which is Lucifer Religious Fantasy about Light and the eye of Lucifer the God of the Human Being.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder

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