Brother AACOOLDRE : The Egyptian Mothership Connection

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    By Andre Austin

    The famous Greek poet Aeschylus (480BC) once wrote in his play about an Egyptian ship: “I can see the Egyptian crew with their black limbs and white tunics”. Now imagine Cleopatra, who thought she was Isis incarnate as Queen of ships & sailors, convincing mark Anthony to duke it out in the sea in the battle of Actium.

    Isis is “thighs high” in the sky in an ark/boat taking saved/healed souls on a cruise course from west to east in heaven. Isis is the goddess of navigation and all Egyptians prayed to be on that boat to escape hell.

    Now enter Jesus who will save like Noah (Luke 17) of people on their housetops (An Egyptian pyramid). Noah (Egyptian Nun), is also associated with baptism/salvation (1 Peter 3:19-21). All of the above passages are linked to the Egyptian religion from birth to resurrection. As you are born the water breaks and someone brings you out with hands shaped in crescent/ark form. We can all be children of the sun/sun by being born again through water baptism. Why water associated with birth? We have to go back to the Egyptian terrain and landscape.

    First right from the gates we linked the Nile/Nun flood creation myth of producing 8 gods and its average height of 15 cubits high with Noah saving 8 souls including himself and the flood being 15 cubits high (Genesis 7:22) plus on top of this the Egyptian flood season is exactly 150 days just like Noah’s flood (Genesis 7:24).

    Every season in Egypt the appearance of the Sirius star in the sky coincidence with the Nile flood season. Also three stars in the Orion belt (Three kings/magi) line up and point to the Sirius star. You meet their figures in the Bible as three magi (Matthew 2:1-2) looking for the birth of Jesus and Mary/Isis the eastern star (Sirius). When the Sirius star was seen the Nile flooded and brought water on the dry land. It also brought black soil/mud that pilled up in a sacred mound/pyramid/mountain/ark. From this mound Osiris was born. Adam was born in this same Egyptian folklore (Genesis 2:5-7).

    The Egyptians felt the same way you were born, you were resurrected. So they built Pyramids to resemble the mud pile from the Nile flooding its top soil on the land to bring forth plant life. The Egyptian then built shafts in the pyramid pointing directly towards the stars in Sirius and Orion where they felt their souls were born and return to. Jesus tells his followers they become Angels=Stars of light. Now the bible converts the pyramid into a housetop and introduce the phoenix bird (The Egyptian ben ben bird) see Luke 17.

    When Osiris was killed and rose three days later it happen in precisely the same month as the biblical Noah.


    The Jews and Christians deviated from the original Egyptian narrative and turned Noah son ham with homosexual barren eyes when in reality ham was the black soil from which life could come and be sustained. They criminally deviated from their master’s lesson plans from Egyptian priets.

    Books to review Black genesis: the prehistoric origins of ancient Egypt by Robert Bauval and

    Christ in Egypt by D.M. Murdock