Black Men : The Effeminization of the Black Male


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I just finished watching both part one and part two of this video - and video two was focused a lot on MLK and I like that.

MLK was the worst thing that has ever happened to our people - yet I had a website a while back called and showed a video dealing with it and I was dang near crucified over the video exploiting MLK. What people have to understand is that MLK birthday is not a birthday for our benefit but its actually a holiday for Europeans... He's the essence of what we are primarily in this situation we are in today. We had a chance to get out of it but we couldn't because he was setup to be the voice of non-violence which was a message opposite to our warrior nature.

I think I wrote something on this website in regards to that ....
Do you know the History of the Cibil Rights Movement?
Do you know that Martin Luther King led a movement in which he predicted his own death.
Did you know before the CRM there were separate bath rooms labeled “Blacks Only” and White only? Did you know?
Did you know Black men could be killed for looking at a white woman?
Do you know about peonage and share cropping. Do you know about Emmit Till. Did you know?
If you knew how difficult it was to get the MLK Holiday, you would no it’s not for white people.
At most jobs white folk don’t take off work on MLK day. It’s optional.
Study to show yourself approved.

What are you willing to die for?
MLK was prepared to met his death fighting for equality.

You can still use your warrior methods. Black have much to be done in our communities.
What have you done lately to improve your community or just lead one person out of a bad situation.
Do you volunteer in your community?

You must have done something significant to have the ****** to critize Martin Luther King, Jr.

Must be a millennial, who seem determined to smear Martin Luther Kings legacy and point out mistakes in his peaceful movement.

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...And how to stop it.:

Brother, get a small piece of metal, preferably Iron at first, Copper, Steel, or Brass, at the dimensions: 1/2 inch in width, height, and length, next get a Ball and Peen Hammer, find a spot where you can hammer it over a period of four hours/240 minutes, you can hammer it for 20 minutes for example, take time off, you have over 220 minutes left. TAKE YOUR TIME, write down the time of start and the time of stop until you get to 240 minutes/4 hrs.The results will be ‘God’s favor’ indeed.

Works only for Africans.

No apologies.