Black People : THE ECONOMY 101 OR 911

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    In the Outlawz titled track We Want In, the amazing thug poetry in it's rawest formed words, Hiphop's language King Kastro raps, "and these *** got *** gas prices they goin up."

    A Hiphoppa, a female One, forms concepts from words, so she doesn't think in terms of words to form want.

    The idea in the gas prices going up is not in the fact that the gas prices in a projected economy is going up, but in the spiritual, the the cost to obtain the sustaining force to move the vehicle is becoming out of reach.

    Life only mimics the unseen.

    And he continues and "eff u with ur add vice and that's righteous." To add vice is to add sin to what has no capability to even sin.

    Time is made for the righteous so that they might change prior to the bullets of their own intent returns.

    Within that time God watches, and GOD feels.

    There is only one trick that could treat me bad, think about the future you could've had.

    Witches new year is sure to show, u tricked on a winna for a supah ho.

    Scott had a ball for all, and turned u trick.....

    Why don't you finish that while your thinking with me.

    That's all folks.