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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    All Black so call Afrikans now days act out of our original character, we have strayed away from the center of our Black Life identity, but allow me to reveal to you the eccentric Black so call Afrikan American, but before I do, let me share this with you, there are no so call Black Afrikan in Afrika that has the Divine Right to determine who among us Black People are or are not Black so call Afrikans, and it is the so call Black Afrikan in Afrika that is the furtherest away fron being Black so call Afrikans of us all, and the evidence of what I am sharing with you concerning the so call Black Afrikan in Afrika, is the present condition of Afrika and the Tribal Divisiveness of the present day so call Afrikans in Afrika, such is not the Divine character of a original Black so call Afrikan, Black that they are, by pigment only, they being the most eccentric Black people of us all.

    Now I know you do not want to here this Divine fact about our Black so call Afrikan Selves, but today it is not about what you Black People Want to hear, it has come to what you Need to hear about your Brand New Black so call Afrikan Selves, you now being a People that do not know your Divine Characteristics today, meaning that you do not know whom you Black People Divinely are

    So let me get to the so call Black Eccentric Afrikan American, a people who have grown to be so full of their do not know whom they are selves, a people that now wear the character of their white oppressors, a people that have been in captivity for over four hundred years and have grown to like the life of living as an eccentric Black so call Afrikan Human Being, a Life that do not have and do not get respect, not from themselves and most certainly not from the people that have made the so call Black Afrikan Americans.

    I have been asked, don't you see anything that is positively good about the Black so call Afrikan People and more so of us in America, and I say, in our present state of Mind, you point to one thing that we Black so call Afrikan Americans are doing that is positively Good, not three things but just One thing and please be Honest with yourselves.

    Beloved, as long as we Black so call Afrikan Americans remain to function as Eccentric Black so call Afrikans Americans, there can not come anything positively good that can come from the so call Black Afrikan People, because you are now acting outside of your central characteristics as Black People and you will continue to do so as long as you function as Human Beings and not Divine Beings, so no, there is nothing that you do that is positively good to and for your Black so call Afrikans Selves, you who refuse to re- identify your Black selves and you do so because you do not know whom you Black people are, so how can anything positively good come from a people that do not know from whence they come nor know whom they are as Black Beings upon this Planet.

    So beloved, I invite you to observe the Brand New Black so call Afrikan American Human Beings, we who now act and behave outside of our original character, which was a Divine one and not a Human Being one, that character that now have us Black so call Afrikan Americans, being the biggest hypocrites in America, even surpassing those lying and Deceiving White People who are in power over us Black People, we now calling ourselves Afrikan Americans, a sign of self rejection, and any people that will reject whom they are, there can not come anything that is positive good to come from such an Eccentric Black people.

    Beloved, it is a given that White Folks Lie and they Lie about everything that they involve themselves with, but now I can say the same about the Black so call Afrikan American, Afrikan Americans Lie, and we Lie about the simple things about our Lives, every time we change our appearence we Lie, every Time we speak out of our original speech pattern, we Lie, every Time we joke and pretend to be joyful, we Lie, every Time we kill each other we Lie, we Lie about being a Revolutionary, and the biggest Lie of all, is when we pretend to be whom we are not, so how can something positive good come from an Eccentric Black so call Afrikan, you acting and behaving outside of your Black center of Gravity in Life, worshiping a God that you know nothing about, just what a lying White Devilish White Man tell you about a God that he created and got your Black Behind to believe in, and to convince others of the Black Family to accept such a religious lie as being religiously true, is that not the supreme of all of the Lies Black Folks tell each other today, that Jesus is coming back to save us, implying that he once was here on this Planet ?

    The Lies We Tell About GOD !!!

    Tell me Beloved, how do you expect your Life situation to change so that it may come to be to your Life advantage, allow me to share this with you, as long as you continue to Lie to yourselves or to allow others to Lie to you about what is needed to change your Life Living condition, you now living an eccentric characteristic that serve to the disadvantage of your Black Life, toy can look to remain as is today and if you are satisfied with your living condition in America today, Oh Well.

    Beloved, it is eccentric of you to not desire to learn the Divine Truth about ourselves and to rather remain in an environment that you did not choose for yourselves to be in, and not have a desire to change your condition in life, you see, trying to have a fish to live out of water is evil and cruel to the fish, as a matter of fact it would be down right stupid, what would be your motive in doing so, other than to show how desensitized you have become to the fish and the fish normal and original habitat of environment, you certainly should not expect the fish to live a normal life, because such an act assure the fish death, is that not what happen to us Black so call Afrikan Americans, we who now are dead to our original environment of Living ?

    Beloved, it is eccentric of the Black so call Afrikan American to accept the life we now suffer and not attempt to get back to the life we once lived, a Life of Divine Quality, accustom to a Life of Peace and Joy, with knowledge of What God Is , The Meaning And Purpose Of The Universe, and a Divine awareness of the True Nature and Character of Black People, because you see, without the Divine Knowledge of our Black Selves, we will continue to believe that no one can Live a Divine Life on this planet and believe no one ever has, and to deny that Divine Truth, is to deny your Black Selves, and as long as we remain ignorant of who we Black People are, it is that ignorance that keep us to be an Eccentric Black People, having no desire to be Free, just to have a want to lie and deceive each other, living a life of a hypocrite, and to call that way of living to be the Human Being way of Living and claim such a life to be natural to you Black People.

    Beloved, to be enclosed in such a Human Being Mind, will prevent you from getting up off of your behind and demand your Freedom in a Revolting kind of action, and it is Reparation that represent our Freedom, and our Freedom Represent a return to our Black Life center of Gravity, meaning our Original Character in Life.

    Beloved, it is totally abnormal for a people whose Life Living condition is of such today as ours lives are, so much to the degree that it has caused those people to live an Eccentric Life, and for those eccentric People to have a need to be convinced to get up and do what is needed for them to do, in order to free their lives from such a way of Living, which is an oppressing and depressing Life, serve to show the gravity of such an abnormality and because of that abnormality, there is nothing positive we can point to about our way of living, today.

    Be Kind

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder
    The Fir5st Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation
    [email protected]