Chief Elder Osiris : The Dynastic Structure, Is Universal In Nature

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    The Dynasty Structure, Is Universal In Nature.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
    [email protected]

    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    As I meditate over what is happening in the world, and over the condition of the world, I am shown that today, Afrika is no longer a hidden interest to the evil forces of the world, and that Afrika has always, since learned about by the evil forces of the world, been a target for transition, from being dominated by the Black Divine Beings, to become under control by the Luciferian Human Beings, those forces who have a plan to restructure the world into becoming a, "One World Government", using the evil unjust structure of so call Democratic Capitalism.

    Now, allow me to share with you Black people what has been revealed to me concerning us Divine Black Beings, we who are indigenous to this solar planet call earth, but is the primitive resident to another planet in a constellation of stars and planet that is a member of the so call Orion constellation, located in what is referred to as the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Now, I am sharing this information with you, with a desire that those of you who are in mental uprising away from the Human Being Mind, that which have you to have no spiritual connection to Afrika.

    There is no reaction in defense coming from the Afrikan who has no aware of knowledge about the reason why Black people should be in action against any invasion and attack against Afrika and Black Afrikan people.

    Lucifer has introduced such a deceiving political structure for the world, claiming that democratic capitalism is what is best for the world to be govern by, a system that create a class of people without the freedom of ever rising from such a low class status, a status in a caste that prevent so call upward mobility.

    There is nobody that is the result from the Divine Essence action, that should have the power to create status for people to be of different quality of living condition.

    Such class differences, is the action that come from Lucifer the Human Being, emanating from a so call democratic capitalist social political system.

    So, my result from my meditation, has revealed to me, why it is that the great warrior and leader Mene, of upper Afrika, (Southern region) had to take his army to Lower Afrika Kemet, (Egypt) (Nothern region) and reunite divided land again, causing Afrika to become a Reunited Afrikan Continent once again, dominated and control by those who came to be indigenous Black Afrikan on this earth planet.

    Now, every since the people calling themselves Asian and a people calling themselves Caucasian, including all of their sub-ethnic progeny.

    They became aware of a civilization in a location upon the earth that was of a strange appearance of a people, a people who appeared with a pigment that was of a shade as the perfect Night.

    Because of the advance in knowledge and understanding of the Divine Essence,(GOD) the Universe, including all of the Ethereal Elements, and of themselves, gave to those Night shaded Divine Beings, the spirit of being Goddesses and Gods.

    Lucifer can not give Divine respect to Black people, he has elevated himself, based upon his light pigment, even in his Neanderthal state of being, racism was present and would be directed against the Night shaded people.

    So, what happen to the place call Afrika, and the people of that Land, as they revealed and displayed their wondrous Divine intelligence, that which caused them to be qualified to establish the greatest Civilization the world has ever been exposed to, the evidence being remnants of that great civilization, is as if to defy being denied.

    Now, let us go back to the great warrior Mene, he who restored power to the Black Afrikan in Afrika, by conquering the invaders of that Time.

    Mene, no doubt had an aware of, and a knowledge about the rise and fall of the Mother Land system of social governance, as power would be changing in authority, by those who would succeed in conquering the mother land.

    So Mene, after the reuniting the mother Land once again, he set up the system of what is referred to as the Dynastic system, but there is no record that show that is the classification that Mene and the people of Ancient Primitive Afrika, classified that system of governing to be.

    Mene set up that system which the devil classified to be that of a dynastic system, for the purpose to protect the Society of Black Afrikan people, having in mind to insure that the power, authority, and control of the Mother Land would remain in succession to be govern by the primitive (FIRST) people of that land, now call Afrika.

    Mene established the Dynastic system not with selfish dictatorial intent, but with the intent to have the governing responsibility to be assured and to forever be, under the governance of Black Afrikan people, and that is what preserved the wisdom coming from those in service to the Divine Beings of the Mother Land, and to be able to serve for such long period of Time, without internal rebellion by the divine Beings, because those Divine Black people, they lived in a Divine environment , being guided by Wise Goddesses and Gods, until the devil came again and again among Black people in Afrika.

    Even today, you Black people sit around and you watch without motivation, the Devilish Human Being, as he is attacking, invading the Mother Lind, which today once again a Divided Land, Upper and Lower Afrika, Lower afrika now dominated by the invaders who now occupy Nothern afrika nd is moving to gain possession of the upper part of Afrika.

    Now, I know many of you will not have the quality of mind to see the Divine truth in this I share with you, so what are you do now?

    The Divine Truth will always reign supreme along with Reality, over the profane lies and illusions been taught to about you, and all that you believe and not know, is taught to Black people by Lucifer the Human Being, concerning the Divine Essence, System of Service, and about the meaning, reason, and purpose for Life, the Black Body Life included.

    There Is Much More to This Revelation, But Then, all Must Not Be shared, showing no caution, if what is to be shared, is about the reclaiming Afrika for the Afrikan and acting to reunite the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Much is encrypted in the above missive, elevate your mind to discover the Divine message within it.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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