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    To educate is to lead externally (e=external, out; duct=to lead).

    Education is sifted into the minds of students while nothing is done to process "the what" that is receiving and processing this information.

    Therefore, nourishment of "the brain" is neglected altogether.

    The 90% (subconscious/spirit) is ignored; while the 10% (conscious/self) is over flooded. This is where the statement "you only use 10% of your brain cells" comes into reality. Therefore, when you extract from "the within" the 10% of the 90/10 equation rises tremendously. This is yet another example of GOD's power and mind working inside you....

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    In the United States, we have the worst educational systems in the
    world. They used to be okay, but compared to the Education that
    Europeans get, we are not even getting close.

    In Early America, the colonists had college level educations by the
    time we would be heading into High School.

    Why do you think that is?

    How could it be, that the Founding Fathers were in their Twenties
    and early thirties, when they Drafted the Declaration of
    Independence, on their own?

    Could anyone in this country do that today?

    I seriously doubt it. One must have a basic and fundamental
    understanding of "Government", & "Economics" on a world-wide level
    to be able to Draft such a document. Do you think anyone in the U.S
    today would be capable? I doubt it!!!

    I first started to learn about the differences of American education
    with European education when I read Antony Sutton's book "America's
    Secret Establishment - An Introduction to the Order of Skull &
    Bones". This book has always been one of my favorites, since it is
    so revealing, and was not put out by the "Establishment". Sutton reveals to the reader, what is known as the "Look-Say" reading method, wherein, a student is taught to associate a "picture" with a "word". This would mean that a teacher would show a student a picture of a "Dog" and then tell him/her that--that is a "Dog". Good enough??

    Maybe, if you are trying to teach "Deaf and Dumb" people. You see, that is what "Look-Say" was originally developed for. It was to teach "Deaf and Dumb" people how to read and write. It was not developed for "Normal" people.

    "Normal" people throughout Europe were educated by learning
    the "Root-Meaning" of the "Word." So if a teacher was showing you a
    picture of a "dog", you would also learn where the meaning of the
    word "Dog" comes from. Where the word "Canine" comes from. And
    that "word" comes from another word and so on.

    (From Secret Establishment Pg.71-72)

    Look-Say reading methods were developed around 1810 for Deaf Mutes by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Thomas H Gallaudet was the eldest son of Peter Wallace Gallaudet, a descendant from a French Huguenot family, and Jane Hopkins. Jane Hopkins traced her ancestry back to John Hopkins and the Reverend Thomas Hooker in the Seventeenth century, who broke away from the congregational church to help found Hartford Connecticut. This parallels the story of the Lord family.

    The Lords also traced their ancestry back to Hopkins and Hooker and
    the Lords founded Hartford Connecticut. And it was in Hartford,
    Connecticut in 1835 that a printer named Lord produced Thomas
    Gallaudet's first Look-Say Primer, "Mother's Primer".

    Gallaudet's original intention was to use the Look-say method only
    for Deaf Mutes who have no concept of a spoken language and are
    therefore unaware of phonetic sounds for letters. For this purpose,
    Gallaudet founded the "Hartford School for the Deaf" in 1817. The
    Gallaudet system works well for [Deaf Mutes], but there is no
    obvious reason to use it for those who have the ability to hear

    Anyway, in 1835 Mother's Primer was published and the Massachusetts
    Primary school Committee under Horace Mann immediately adopted the book on an experimental basis. Later we shall find that Horace Mann ties directly to the Order - in fact, the Co-founder of the Order.

    On pages 73 and 74 we reproduce two pages from the second edition of 1836, with the following directions to the teacher:

    "...pointing to the whole word Frank, but not to the letters.
    Nothing is yet to be said about letters..."

    Why did Horace Mann push a method designed for deaf mutes onto a
    school system populated with persons who were not deaf mutes?

    There are two possible reasons. The reader can take his or her pick.
    First, in 1853 Mann was appointed President of Antioch College. The
    most influential Trustee of Antioch College was the Co-founder of
    the Order (Skull & Bones) - Alphonso Taft.

    Second, Mann never had a proper education and consequently was
    unable to judge a good method from a bad method for reading.

    By 1840, there was a backlash, and the Look-say system was dropped
    in Massachusetts. But, toward the end of the 19th century The Order
    came on the scene - and the Look-say method was revived. The
    youngest son of Thomas Hopkins and Sophia Galludet was Edward Minor Gallaudet. Two of his sons went to Yale and became members of the Order:

    1. Edson Fessenden Gallaudet (1893 Initiated), who became an
    instructor of Physics at Yale, and
    2. Herbert Draper Gallaudet (1898 Initiated), who attended Union
    Theological Seminary and became a clergyman.

    Then the method was adopted by Columbia Teachers College and the
    Lincoln School. The thrust of the new Dewey-inspired system of
    education was away from learning and towards preparing a child to be
    a unit in the organic society. Look-say was ideal for "Deweyists". It
    skipped one step in the learning process. It looked "easy", and de-
    emphasized learning skills.

    The educational establishment rationalized look-say by claiming that
    up to the turn of the century reading was taught by "synthetic"
    methods, i.e. children were taught letters and an associated sound
    value. Then they learned to join syllables to make words. This was
    held to be uninteresting and artificial. Educational research, it
    was claimed, demonstrated that in reading words are not analyzed
    into component letter parts, but seen as complete units. Therefore,
    learning to read should start with complete units.

    Well, there is a lot more to this than just the transference of the
    look-say method onto our current reading and learning structure.
    There is also the Experiential Psychology brought over from Germany,
    under Hegelian Principles..

    Other Sources: s/book.htm

    America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (Paperback) by Antony C. Sutton
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    oh! i thought you were talking about the book by a very similar name. sorry, everything about it (title, author, isbn) completely escapes me. i heard about a book by a similar name, or at least very similar content, about just how dumb americans are and how that came to be. this was a very very long time ago. i never searched out the book or read it because the subject matter is so very evident that i felt it to be a waste of my time, and, in fact, an insult to my intelligence to SPEND MONEY to read someone else's acknowledgement of what i had long since observed to be self evident. <shrug> so shoot me for sounding "arrogant".

    sister fine1952, thank you for having the fortitude to continue bringing all these truths and wisdoms!! eventually, The Children of Life will come to realize that everything that they are reading is ingrained in every micron of every "Being that IS Life", including them. <sigh> but since, apparently, it still needs to be brought; thank you for being so absolutely FINE in your Sharing!!

    Bless You!
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    Oh, Sister. How close to home this one comes. It's occurred to me that if a space ship were needed to collect the lost souls of people here on Earth, then we must be in a heap of trouble. And we are. By this I mean that no civilization that is truly advanced needs to synthesize travel of their being. (Unless it's to rescue beings who need to synthesize travel of their being?) We did so in Egipt by spiritually projecting our Selves anywhere throughout the Universe.

    The problem is that we are focusing so much on our passive "me" that we fail to create anything of Real substance. Few thoughts are meaningful. Far less are original. We tend to create meaningless thoughts, which create meaningless things, which lead to creating more meaningless things, resulting in less meaningful thought.
    It's a very well planned cycle to keep us from realizing who we are. To keep us from "getting back," so to speak, to who we really are. Having us here substantiates their world and gives it meaning. When nothing could be more meaningless than the world in which we are currently living (besides that of the future which Chief Elder Osiris spoke of).

    When you think about what we collectively think about on a daily basis, you realize that little of it really means anything. It just pleases us. Cell phones, computers, ipods, furniture, clothes, even food. We desire all of it because it gratifies us emotionally. The more we focus on the things SOCIETY creates, the less we focus on That which created Us. The less we focus on That which created Us, the further down the spiral we fall. Until we are ultimately lost in their matrix. The powers that be know they can't get back to that of which they were never a part. So they trap our conscience here for eternity. The natural progression of reality is that you learn as you grow until you reach the highest plane. But if you never learn any(Real)thing, then how do you progress? They only teach us what we need to know to further qualify their existence and false reality.

    In/around 2000, it feels like we stopped learning and moving forward, and progression came to a definitive halt.
    The 90% you speak of, the active (third) "I" behind the "me," will never open if we don't proceed in our natural progression.
    Then the Law of inertia implies that misfortune will be timeless unitl we are awakened.
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