Black Poetry : The Drums Scream The Million Man March Shall Return

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    The Million Man, Women, March Will Be Televise

    The Drums Screams
    The Million Man March Shall Return
    Through The Eyes Of A Woman

    I sleep no more in de mist of dawn or in the midnight shade,
    Invoke ideal the black mask to my
    aid, de bark, the blackness of cane,
    He pleads for the bounty of my head,
    dignity stands, at greed, change hands,
    the hidden secret, the bounty , to the
    lynch man, I cry in secret, my people
    dignity, the hands of nature. Nevertheless
    I the foundations of the roots, brown
    maple sugar come from my root.

    I have been the slave to death, the root
    of tree, that lynch my spirit of man and
    bond him around my palms, I the incubation
    the spirit that lives within me, I have held
    my brothers upon the tree,
    I the roots of my bark, the brown maple, that lives within me.
    I the wimpling willow tree, the subscriptions of my legacy.
    I have lived and I have died, I return to earth,
    the raw of the red clay, nature resolves my roots.

    Oh I sit upon the cross I the black Man
    there’s times that I feel I am all a lone.
    I have not given up I shall carry my scars.
    Nations of black men cry; I shall not go under
    I will continue to walk with pride and become
    The warrior of my turf.

    Many times man feel that the world don’t care.
    sometimes he become angered; asking God
    where is he in time of need.
    Nevertheless I confess my like
    Of responsibilities put me in this demise.
    My women sit in judgment why am I
    not a stronger man.

    Mother was the mother and father
    How am I suppose to know my role.
    All I learn was from an angry women
    A man my daddy a bandit his crown.
    Who passed on his pain.

    My father I am blind and cannot see.
    I have been the lynching of my own family tree.
    There are times I question thee.
    My weakness of my pain that flowed within my soul.

    The man of wisdom shall hold its own. Through the valley of death,
    Man do not understand the philosophy of a true king.
    My sisters in strength, my brothers in denial,
    I the ebony king shall not be erase.
    My victory has succeeded before man of revenge,
    Throw stones upon my house.

    A message to the sisters who wear
    the cross, the queens of
    Gods garden, I the man, the seed,
    the warrior, of my fathers palace,
    Marriage within the realms of Gods house,
    the jewel the blessing from God.
    The gift to man from God.
    The Queens of my fathers house.

    Many have been cursed those who
    wear my identity, but not the legacy
    Of the ebony king.

    Understanding the observation
    of tarnished
    Creation, I am man, but my mother
    name was women,
    Who was sacred upon Gods ground,
    fear not thy love of thee,

    I give her love she thinks I am weak.
    I give her honor she frowns upon me.
    Many times she joins with the enemy
    I must not shed a tear, many times her denial
    confuse me of what a real black women is.

    Cry no more my son your mission is not complete.
    I have never forsaken you, I have been right there.
    Only the righteous and conscious,
    will see the realms of my gate.
    There is no validation of the ignorance of man.
    Their children will be curse upon the land.
    Raise my son and cry no more.

    Thou body is the closest to God, when
    women allowed man to befoul,
    The sacred grounds of Gods house, man looked upon her,
    With the curse of his fathers house, I hear your cry,
    Man who has tarnished the grounds of Gods house.

    I come to thee, with the message from truth,
    Even though you were my eyes, that I could not see,
    The breath when it was to hard to breathe,
    The heart when it skip the beat,
    I the loyalty to my fathers house,
    Listen as I speak, thy family house has been tarnished,
    Thy roots have been poison, I hear you cry in the deep of the night.
    Thy loneliness cries to be touch, Oh God you cry, I have given,
    Everything what’s left, let thy words comfort the lonely heart

    Man no longer the warrior of his sacred grounds,
    The curse shall fall upon the children,
    the mother who laid down with
    The devils son, now she cries alone.
    Marriage the sanctuary of Gods house.
    Oh what a bitter pill to follow, many
    who will feel the pain , the children of
    A forbidden tree. Rise up my queen and
    live by Gods rules, its never to late.
    Just don’t make the same mistake, you
    are worthy, the queen of the Universe.

    I stand before the universe, in barked through history
    I live upon the roots of the birth of earth.
    My branches have felt the emphatic of the cold dark nights.
    I lean my arms upon the east, the heavens protection
    Upon the earth, I the incubation of nature,
    I the birth of new inheritance, I can sing, and wave,
    My limp sings through the wind.
    Raise the children with wisdom, if you
    fail to they will be your own curse.
    Motherless Fatherless children, look beyond the hurt.

    Man chooses the women to wed, not the women to man.
    Satan has played a terrors of illusion,
    of the roles that the sanctuary of Gods blessed jewels.
    Hate not my words, question not my attempts,
    Look at the devastations that separates
    the kings from the queens.

    Noumi Collectives
    All rights reserved. Copywrite 2004​
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    The Lone-Star State
    We march to the beat of our masculine drum
    and bow to our Queen,
    She, second to none!
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    I march that march daily.

    I did learn it's never 2 late, unless U no longer breathe.

    Speak on it.

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    My brothers it is time for all the warriors to reclaim there stools.
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    well done sistah i feel ya on dis here
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    yes the drum do indeed scream...the March for Us
    Nice one sis