Black People : The Dream That Never Was Meant To Free Your Mind

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Dream That Never Was To Free Your Mind, Black Afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Is Being Too Serious About Black Afrikan People To Out Of Bound For The Mind Now Guiding Black Afrikan People, Which Is What I am every time I Communicate With Black Afrikan People, so what I am sharing with Black Afrikans here should be of no surprise to the Thinking Black Afrikans, which is not that many around anymore given the state of condition of Black Afrikans and Afrika, today!!!

I am allowed to share the Divine Truth and the reality about the Greater Good-God because that racist Luciferian Human Being is overly confident of having control of Black Afrikan people mind and you verify that fact by Black Afrikans being so in love and overly trusting of that Devilish Satanic Lucifer Human Being with total dependency on everything that devilish Human Being educate Black Afrikans to believe in everything that Human Being has Black Afrikans to believe about the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence of us all and to ignore everything Black Afrikans are required to know about the Greater Good-God and the Black Afrikan people connected relationship to the Greater Good-God who is no God of persuasion and not a dictator telling lies, handing out no blessing, having no favorite, promising you nothing Black Afrikans, you who are too trusting of those who you have elected your enemy to be a mental guide for Black Afrikan people.

I have no Dream, no desire with Divine intent regarding Americans America controlling stock in and over the United State Of America and if you remain to be Black as Nature designed you to be, then you have no compelling interest in having a Dream about America unless it is a Dream of being in action that is to Free the Black Afrikan From America, Black Afrikan Woman, and Man!!!

Dreams are the affairs of the Mind which is no more than an energy process having information flowing over the Magnetic Waves of the Mind in a state of unconscious, performing Energy that is controlling and guiding you and the You of your Black behind have no determining privilege that is involved in determining the quality of information the mind is to process to have it be information trolling through the Mind that has Dreams you have no control over and if you do it mean you have no dream, such be just your imagination with the behavior of Dreams because Dreams are uncontrollable.

So, to be able to dream about the things you have experienced you do so with a mind activity lucid in its performance and superficial in the nature of your Dream performance.

So, to have a Dream you can have control over and can dictate too and you can determine the quality and nature of your dream, then you have no Divine self exclusiveness from the Dream and to say you have a dream about something you "WANT" to happen in your living experiences is to indicate you have control of that dream which mean you are not Divinely Dreaming but profanely is.

I have a dream is self evoking imaginative and has nothing to do with you have a vision even though both is Mental driven, the vision is about what your Mind is seeing that has you with knowledge of what transforms to become a living reality by you, based on what you have seen to be a reality of your Sense to Mind performance.

A fool can have dreams but to see visions you must be wise being guided by a Mind that Thinks to see what you are thinking about and seeing is having an experience that verifies real-time affecting your living experiences.

So, there is a religious saying that tells you that Elders Dream but the Young has visions and the Divine Truth be, is that Living has you to be qualified to experience both, Dreams and Visions, both phenomena are mind action that has you to be aware of our natural surroundings, physical and mental.

Dreams have you with awareness the mind does not project in the sleep state but the vision you have is seen by the mind projecting to have you to be able to see while looking, based more on what you play no part in the vision appears to be while living in the physical..

Divine Meditation takes you beyond what takes you on the level to look at you being without control of what you see, and Divine seeing is beyond mental, it be with the intuitive self that resides beyond the scope of the mind activity, it becomes the information distributer you see needing not a want to look at.

I guess my point is the same about Dreams and visions, as with talk, all Greater Good without action, an action that will have Black Afrikans to be a Unified Black Nation again and to have Afrika being for the Black Afrikans and with a United States Of Afrika Government to assure Freedom to come back among Black Afrikans and Afrika.

There is no Greater Dream or Vision of Desire to have without action to make it so, Black Afrikan people, so you see, talking about anything other than Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom and being without a willingness to act to make it so, then you go on ahead keep looking like the fool we Black Afrikans been made to be, which is depended on that racist unjust prejudice Lucoferian Human Being for our every need, wanting Lucifer let you pursue that which we want but not our needs, which is off-limit to any action to be taken by Black Afrikan people, just stay stuck in the caste of Dreaming with that evil racist determining the nature of our Dream, which serve as a sure sign of the Black Afrikan and Afrika Demise, Black Woman and Man!!!

You Black Woman Must determine the Status Of The Black World Today, The Black Afrikan Man Has Long Gone To Lose Our Divine Mind And Has No Desire To Reclaim It, Negro talking about It Would Be Too Boring To Be In A State Of Mental Perfection, where is the Divine Desire located In Such A Wanting Looking Dreaming Mind, Beloved????

So, I will appeal To You Black Afrikan Woman, You Being The Strength Of The Black Afrikan Nation, Get Up and Communicate With Each Other And Organize Yourselves and make your way to come See Me So I Can Communicate To You What It Is We Black Afrikans Must Do To Save The Black Nation, you being Of a Divine Cosmic Universal Origin And What I have To Share Exclusively With You Out Of the Presence Of That White Racist Oligarch, Will penetrate your Thinking Mind To The Extent The Black Afrikans No Longer Be The Walking Dead But The Life Living Of The Greater Good-God, The Divine Essence Of Us All and The Divine Truth And Reality Is Not depended on no Dream But On The Divine Truth And Reality of whom you Divinely Are, You Needing To Be With Action To Make What Is Divinely True And Real About You The Black Purity, The Black Divine Deliverer Of Living Beings With A Quality Of Divine Intelligence That Knows What Constitute The Greater Good-God Beyond Dreaming, Visionlizing The Divine Nature Of Existence, God The Divine Essence Being The Greater Good Uncompromising and is Unable To Be Exactly Duplicated, Beloved, You With All Of Your Blackness being the Divine Representative Of All The God-Heads, You Being the Natural Organic Principle Of Divine Energy Intelligence, through You Black Goddess Of Everlasting , The Black Afrikan Nation Is To Rise Again And Afrika To Be The Earthly Kingdom Again, beloved.

You Do Not Know What Magnitude Of Power Invested In The Issue Of Reparation/Repatriation, Which Represent More Than Words Of Lucifer Making But Is Representative Of The Greater Good To Come To a Now Lost Not Yet Founded Black Cosmic Divine Universal Presence Of This Earth Planet, Beloved Goddess Of the Physical Standard Of The Infinite Divine Essence, Greater Good-Goddess. ( Infinite Energy Intelligence)

Divine Respect

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