Seychelles : The Double Coconut of Seychelles


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
On Almond Beach
he sleeps
while the intimate
climate of the
Gold Coast cleanses
his body

The sun sets at his feet
and offers up
the secrets
floating just on the
other side of a
full-figured daylit sky
while the rich bounty of
Barbados awaits the
signal to fall freely
upon his
Yucca Pole Trunk
each star filled night

In all of his splendor
he thrives
in roots
made of white sand
and he drinks of
clear waters drenched
across a vast Bajan land
With plush cool green
feather-duster leaves

With those branches
he collects
two handfuls
of the winds' breeze
and settles in for
a still life
in a living spa...

There's an Almond Beach
off the Gold Coast that
surely must be pleased
to host the inhabitants
of such marvelous
Palm Trees
nothing else that
I know of can create
such a relaxing
sight as this...
the Double Coconut
of Seychelles



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001

u took me there and how beautiful.......thankz


Well-Known Member
Mar 19, 2001
yeah you took me there too. i'm sitting in the sun chair twelve feet away from $$RICH$$ with a long island at my side...well...okay three of 'em at my side.

(you know this is right, right?)


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