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    These Extraterrestrials have come to this planet and set up amongst Humins , as well as Human Kind . Earth has benevolent and malevolent infuences . In Nubia , that is called Ganawa today . , in a land referred to as Mail , whose inhabitants moved from the land of Kemet in Cush , you find one such influence . That is the Dogon . Their Imman had an astonishing Knowledge of the star Sirius in the Canis Major Constellation , given by extraterrestrials long before they migrated to Mali . While yet living in Ta - Mera Kemet , called Egypt , where the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth ceremony is centered around the Sirius Star in the Canis Major Constellartion . They Knew that Sirius A . which is the brightest star in the sky , has a stellite , called Sirius B, which revolves around it . Sitius B is invisible to the naked eye . and the Dogon Imaams had no telescopes , But they knew that it exists and that its Orbit around Sirius A is elliptical not circular . They knew the position of Sirius A within the Orbit and that the Orbit takes 50 years . Sirius B was not discovered in the west by telescope Until 1862 A.D. and was not photographed Until 1970 A.D.

    The ancient Egyptians had an advanced knowledge of astronomy , and they knew about Sirius B , which is why the 3 great pyramids of Giza are lined up perfectly with the Orion star contellation . They made their map face south towards Sirius . The 3 pyramids of Giza were originally built by Adafa , with the help of extraterrrestrial beings .Adafa was in Tune with the celestial beings that originally erected the pyramids . They are visitors from other galaxies . One of the great pyramids was built to preserve all of his friend's Texts during the period of the flood . The Giza pyramids today were reconstructed by the pharaoh Khufu , also known as Cheops , and his son Khafre and Menkure . Khufu reigend for 23 years ; and had many sons and daughters . He sponsored several building projects . And monuments bearing his name can be all over Egypt . Khufu also sent mining expeditions to Sinai , Nubia and the Arabian Desert for their mineral wealth . In later times , Khufu's name was engraved on Scarabs . The most famous of these are related in the Westcar Papyrust . Khufu was an able and energetic ruler , during those reign , the land flourished and the art reached perfections .

    Khufu left the land in such a stable economic position , as to enablehis son Khufu , to reconstruct the Second Pyramid , a monument almost as colossal as that of his father . Khufu was responsible for only one accomplishment of magnitude ; Yet the size of the one is so gifantic that it overshadows all his father's military and trading exploits , And has brought Khufu's name and fame down undiminhed through thousands of year . So much has been written about the Great Pyramid of Giza . Not only is it the largest monument of its kind , but it is the result of excellent workmanship , accurate planning and proportionate beauty . The great pyramid has 4 major internal features , the underground chamber , the queen's chamber , the grand gallery , and the king's chamber . The king's chamber is made from Aswan granite . There is an entrance to a 2x18 inch shaft , north from the king's chamber , and a southern shaft , both extends through , from the outer casing of the pyramid . And there's a northern shaft from the queen's chamber , which does not reach the outer casing it's closed as both ends . The pyramid form has a certain austere beauty , and the tawny gold of the stone is capable of bewitching and there are subtle variations in the colors as the sunligh changes.

    The complex of the Great Pyramid has a valley temple that is , even today almost completely untouched . It isadorned with statues , sculptures and reliefs . The Great Pyramid itself stand 137 meters high as present ; originally it stood 146,59 meters . Including the casing . the Great Pyramid It estimated to consist of 2,600,000 stone block , averaging 2 and 1/2 tons each . Some even weigh asa much as 15 tons . The weight of the pyramid is so great , that it had to be built with '' relieving '' chambers designed to take the weight of the pyramid's upper portions off the roof of the burial chamber . The greatest thing about the Great Pyramid is , it is the first and last of its kind . No other pyramid before or after it has matched it in size ; beauty , nor magnificence
    The shaft originally point at something in the heavens . The position of the stars today is not the same as in the time of the ancient Egyptians , due to precession .

    Due to precession the angle of the southern shaft of the king's chamber is 45 degrees , The shaft lined up perfectly with Orion's belt . There was one Egyptian statue that stood erect , and there's only one constellation of an erect man , and that is the Orion Constellation . The identity between a deceased pharaoh , and the deity Usir ( Osiris ) made Orion immediately a candidate , foe a shaft whose purpose was to enable the soul of the pharaoh to communicate between Earth and the sky , The shaft in the maluka's chamber point to Sirius , a star in the Canis Major Constellation . Rededef , Khufu's immediate successor , built his pyramid . at Abu Rawwash , About five miles north of his father's pyramid at Giza . Because he did not agree with the way his father ran the kingdom , he chose this distant lonely site . high on a lofty spur of the plateau . Another son of Khufu , Khafre succeeded Rededef . , who reigned for only 8 years . He reconstructed the second Pyramid at Giza , which has the most preserved complex of the Giza Field . Its Valley Temple is so close to the Sphinx that , it was at one time , known as the Temple of the Sphinx . The Valley Temple is built around a core of massive blocks of local limestone , covered with finely polished red granite .

    Alabaster was used for the floor of the building as well as the walls of some of the smaller room . Flanking the Mortuary Temples are 5 rock - cut boat pits . Most of the casing has worn away , but that which remains retains such a high polish that it reflects the moon at shadow hours ! It attained a hight of one 43.5 meters . with a slops of 53 percent , 10 inches . Khafre's son and successor we Menkuara , also called Menkure . The third pyramid at Giza , though smaller . was set off by the granite casting . covering the lower 16 courses . However , before the casing of the pyramid could be completed , Menkure dided ; And his successor , Shepseskaf , finished the monuments . He built the complex of mud brick and didn't bother to built a large pyramid for himself . One of the splendid burial chambers is built with red granite walls and roof .

    The vaulted ceiling was made by first erecting a pointed roof and then hollowing out the slabs to make them concave . In this room was the king's beautful basalt sarophagus . It had the typical '' palace- facade '' paneling . and was no doubt contemporary with the pyramid . The real splendor of the complex of the Third Pyramid is the Mortuary Temple . The core masonrt isof huge blocks of local . limestone , which were originally , lined with graite on the outside . The western side of the court , originally , had red granite pillars . On this end was the sanctuary , or offering shrine , built against the face of the pyramid . It was paved with red granite . One of the corridors in the Northern end of the Temples has walls of black granite . The parent pyramid stood at a height of 66.5 meters ; the base being 108.5 meters square at a slope of 51% percent .

    Shepseskaf , the last of the Pharaohs after Menkure , completed his father's tomb . Once again the trend for building tombs change . Choosing a site between Zoser's step pyramid and the pyramid of Sneferu , the father of Khufu . Shepseskaf's tomb differed completely from any monument preceding it . It is neither a mastaba nor a pyramid . It stands 100x72 meters , andstands 18 meters high . It is merely called a sarcophagus , All these pyramid align perfectly with the three stars of the Orion constellation , which was directly above Sirius . The shaft in the queen's chamber pointed to Sirius . The position of the three pyramids and their relation to the Nile , is the same as the three stars of Orion's belt , in relation to the Milky Way .

    The constellation of the Great Dog '' lies just below Orion , and a little to the left of it . Canis Major is also known as the Dog of Orion , and its constellation pictogram fairly represents a dog . With Sirius , the brightest star in the heavens on the dog collar , it should be easy to find . The brightest stars are of zero magnitude , and as the magnitude numbers increases , the stars get fainter . Thus a star of magnitude of 4 , is less than a star of the second magnitude . First - magnitude stars are very bright . Sirius is also called Dog star . Yet another of its names is , '' Nile Star '' , and it refers to the time 5,000 years ago when ancient Egyptians worshipped it . And surely , he Yahweh is the Rabb of Al Shi'raa , Sirius . This the very star you Arab's worshipped .

    Each year when the Dog star rose just before the hot morning sun , and was visible for a little while at dawn , the Imaams knew that the Nile would soon overflow , and that they would see the Milky Way arching across the sky . This they knew was the celestial Nile . The Nile would overflow and spread the life-giving water on the waiting crops which had been planted on the riverbanks . The flooding of the Nile coincided with reappearance of Orion . The deity Usir , whom the Greeks call Osiris represented Orion , and to the left of him , was thestar Sirius , which represented Aset , also called Isis , and together they would light the skies by shadow hour . Giant temples were built for them with their corridors oriented toward the point where the Dog Star would rise , as with the Golden City of Wahanee or Kodesh , which is built to them , in this day and time in the Egypt of the West . So this was the ancient Egyptian name for Sirius as it was spelt by the Greek . Sirius was the most important star in the sky to the ancient Egyptians . The Ehyptians had a Sothic calendar , the ancient Egyptian calendar year , consisting of 3651/3 days , . A cycle consisting of 1,460 years of 365 days in the ancient Egyptian calendar , and the first appearance of Sirius on the eastern horizon just before the sun . After 70 days in the Duat . '' the underworld . the Egyptian name for the Underworld - was what is called the heliacal rising of Sirius , which is seen as Sirius and the sun joined together at the moment . This event occurred once a year and gave rise to the Sothic calendar , the ancient Egyptian calendar year consisting of 3651/4 days . The heliacal rising of Sirius was so important to the ancient Egyptians , that gigantic temples were constructed with their main aisles '' passageways '' oriented precisely towards the spot on the horizon where Sirius would appear on the expected daylight hours , as with us Nubians Moors today .