Black Short Stories : The Doc Part 2

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    When Taylor arrived at the front of your building she was tickled by the overwhelming women standing around. She was sure that there probably wouldn't be anyone there by the time she had to meet Doc for their very casual dinner.

    She was wearing simply blue jeans that snugged her well proportioned hips with a nice white sparkling blouse that had tiny sequinced buttons down the front. She was wearing her navy blue ankle heels. Though she look fabulous to her she was dressed casual.

    One of the women among the crowd noticed Taylor standing in the background as if she was waiting for someone.

    "Hey Taylor. How are you" said Bridgett.

    "Oh hey Bridgett. I'm doing good and yourself."

    "You got a hot date or something" smiled Bridgett.

    Taylor all of sudden seem embarrassed, but she didn't have no reason to. It was just a simple casusal date. Nothing more. Plus she didn't need these nosey women in her business assuming she and the single Doc were an item.

    "Just a causal dinner with a friend. So Bridgett how's the new job coming along"

    "It's good, but slow. Hopefully, things will pick up soon."

    "Hey give it time. I'm sure it will."

    "Sis, it was good seeing you. Let's do lunch soon ok."

    "Sure. I'll let you know when I'm free. Take care and enjoy your evening".

    She looked at her watch. It was 7:15. He was 15 minutes lates. She hated folks that were late. It was an indication to her that they didn't take time seriously. She continued to stand in the back out of the swarming women's way who were still gossipping about other folks living in the complex.

    "Oh my gosh girls. Look coming out of the elevator" said one of the women.

    Taylor looked up and it was him. She all of a sudden felt lightheaded. He was a nice looking gentlemen, but **** .. he sure looked even better that he did in his jogging gear.

    He noticed Taylor standing looking at her watch waiting for him.

    All the ladies were gleaming and showing their pearly white teeth as he walked by.

    "Good evening ladies".

    "Good evening" they all barely said. Some looked like they were about to pass out. All their eyes followed his every movement and was suprised to see he was meeting with Taylor.

    "Hey there Taylor. I'm sorry I'm 15 minutes late, but I was on the phone with a client. I do apologize for keeping you. Girl, I'm starving. You ready?"

    She smiled back at his politeness and manners.

    "I thought for a minute you'd forgot all about me." Whispering to him she said "I didn't know you had your own little fan club" she laughed.

    "It's been hard to avoid them since I moved in, but for the most part they seem harmless. Let's go."

    As they were driving to Blue Topaz, Doc and Taylor couldn't stop laughing from the reaction of their faces as they walked passed them as he held the complex door open for Taylor, and opened the car door for her.

    She was truly enjoying the ride. He had a nice car too. You could still smell the newness of it. It was a BMW 325. Nice, very nice she said to herself.

    They arrived at Blue Topaz. She introduced Doc to her girlfriend and ordered their food. He enjoyed it so much he had an order to go.

    "No one would ever guess that you have a big appetite. Your so fit and trim".

    "Well that's only because I work it off daily. And plus you were right this food is great. Thank you so much for bringing me here."

    "Don't mention it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. So what type of medicine do you practice?"

    "I'm an OB-GYN. Been practicing for 10 years now and you?"

    Hmm, a finger doctor and a good looking one at that. Bet you send all the women into a fienzy as you are examining them she thought to herself.

    He noticed she had something else on her mind ... "hmmm Taylor" ...

    "Oh ... I'm a biology teacher at an elementary school."

    "That's cool. So you like working science with the little one huh. How long you been teaching?"

    "I've been teaching for 13 years now. Yeah, I love the children. They are truly loads of fun. Do you have any children."

    She noticed it was a question he lingered and pause to answer. She wonder why he didn't answer her question directly.

    "Children are wonderful to have around. Hey, not to rush you, but looking at the time, I have a busy schedule tomorrow so what you say I pay for the check and we head on home. Is that ok."

    "Sure that's fine. I have a busy day tomorrow myself."

    They had arrived back at the complex and to their suprise none of his fans were hanging around.

    "Taylor thanks so much for this evening. It was good to get out and venture some of the town. Like I said I'm new here and don't know my way around much. Your girlfriend that owns Blue Topaz has a goldmine for the food is great. Can't wait to go back there."

    "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I will have to tell her that. Well, you have a great day tomorrow and thanks for this evening."

    "My pleasure and looking forward to seeing you around and doing it again sometime. Have a good night Taylor.:

    As Taylor closed her door. She reminisced about the evening with Doc and smiled. He was very interesting .. especially the part she noticed how he ignored answering her question about whether he had kids or not. A simple question. There was no harm done in asking him that. He had asked her questions all night, but apparently that was one topic he escaped and ignored. She didn't like people ignoring personal questions if they so easily asked her personal questions about herself.

    As she walked to her bedroom she told herself she would find out about this Doc. Hmmm, perhaps she should make appointment for her pap exam.

    She immediately shook her head cause that would be just too much for her to handle and try and concentrate on finding out more about him.

    "Oh well. There's always tomorrow." She said as he turned off the light and went to sleep.

    Stay tune for Part 3
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    o' yes maybe tomorrow the tale of DOC will be revealed
    loving this next part please.........................................