Black Short Stories : The Doc - Part 1

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    It was raining and Taylor decided to take a walk to the park down the street. It was a nice Indian fall day with that mist rain in the air. Not much traffic on the sidewalk or in the street. She looked at her watch and it was only 2:30 in the afternoon.

    Hmmm, one of those lady afternoons where you and the one you love could cuddle all day. Except, I didn't have anyone to cuddle with. No one of importance that is. Except, I wouldn't mind meeting that new guy who lived on the 2nd floor thats the latest buzz around the complex. Word is he just moved into the complex 3 weeks ago and is a single very wealthy doctor. Once word was out about that, all of sudden at 7:45 AM every morning all the glamorous petite socialite divas in the complex was suddenly crowded leaving the main gate trying to get a glimspe of Doctor Single before going to work. They just knew he wanted them. Though, I heard he is true knockout. I'm not much into looks but, perhaps maybe one day I'll get to see what all this fuss is about.

    Wow, the rain sure does smell good. Nothing like divine water from heaven. I finally reached the park and began to enjoy my walk in the rain even more observing nature's beauty inviting the rain to fall upon it so it could prosper even more. There were a few people in the park walking also. And one person jogging. Jogging? Is this guy for real jogging in the rain? I haven't done that in years.

    Couldn't quite phantom the thought getting these thighs to tredge up and down in running motion. Mind you I'm in shape. Have a great body, but running is not one of my best exercises. Don't get wrong now, I will walk fast, but that's about as fast as they wonderfully built thighs will go.

    Suddenly, the rain began to fall heavier. There were these two huge trees with branches and leaves that gave enough covering from the rain to drop lite raindrops. Wow, the rain air smelled so fresh and the gentle breeze with it made me feel like I was glad to get out of my quiet townhome. Seems everyone in the park was now escaping
    the rain looking for shelter.

    All of sudden out of no where the jogger was now standing beside me totally wet and out of breath.

    "Whew, the rain all of a sudden fell fast didn't it?" he said bending over trying to catch his breath.

    "Yes it did", I said noticing this wonderfully, fine looking tall black man standing beside ME under the trees in the park.

    "Good for you miss, you walked with your umbrella."

    "Well yes it was misty rain when I left, but you can never know when the down pour will start. So, do you always run in the rain like this?"

    "I love the rain and yes. It's good for the soul. Though I don't always run in the down pours. Not good for my speed nor time jogging. Do you run?."

    "Oh noooo! (laughing) Well, the only time I run is when I'm either late for work or going to the bank".

    "A motivational runner huh" he said laughing. "Do you live nearby."

    Wasn't sure if I should answer him since he was a complete stranger, but I proceeded ... "Yes I Do." Wow he has such a nice smile and white teeth.

    "Cool. I just relocated to this area from California. I still don't know my way around too much though. Can you refer any good restaurants in the area? I'm still in between unpacking."

    The rain look like it was about to let up any time soon.

    "Uhh yes. There is a great southern restaraunt down the expressway called "Blue Topaz". The food is excellent, moderate price and good service".

    "Do you go there often?" he asked.

    "Well kind of. My girlfriend owns the place."

    "That's real nice. Would you mind the next time you go, I go with you so I can get a feel for the location and atmosphere since I'm still trying to find my way around town and plus I could use a good meal."

    Who in the hell did he think we was just inviting himself like this. Well then again it was just my friend's restaurant right? Not like it was a personal date or anything and other people would be there.

    "Ok. Matter of fact I was thinking about going there this evening for a bite to eat".

    "Cool. Do you mind if I come along and try this excellent restaurant that you talk highly about". His eyes were directly starring at me as if to find the gateway to my soul.

    "Not at all. I'll be leaving around 7".

    "Great. Please allow me to pick you up. I promise I'm no maniac driver, killer or crazy person. By the way what is your name and where do you live again?"

    "I live at Building 433 Zahara Lane, Townhouse 8P and my name is Taylor and yours."

    "Nice to meet you Taylor. That's funny I live also at Building 433 Zahara Lane, townhouse 2L. What do you know the rain is letting up." He started to jog again ... "so, I'll see you at 7 then Taylor and looking forward to it."

    "See you then ....."

    He was waving goodbye and began to jog.

    "Hey .. you forgot to tell me your name".

    Continuing to jog he slightly turned around halfway and said "Just call me Doc. Looking forward to seeing you at 7 Taylor" and he resumed his regular jogging speed.

    The other people in the park began to resume their walk as the rain stopped, the sun came out with a beautiful rainbow at the other end of the park.

    "Doc? What kind of name is that?" Then all of a sudden the bells and sirens went off in her head. She was about to have a causal dinner with "Doc", the single doctor that all the women was raving about.

    Taylor hurried walking back to her townhouse as she wondered what would the other women in the complex say when they saw her with Doc. All of a sudden a huge smile came across Taylor's face and she closed her door.
    - Stay Tune for Part II
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    loving this storyline can't wait sis......seem like Doc got her in da mist
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    really cool. Love to read things that have you on the edge of your seat in antisipation.