Black People : The Division Of Afrakan Peoples

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Keita Kenyatta, Mar 1, 2012.

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    I have stated before and I will state again, there will be a division of Afrakan people/Black people/Moors or whatever we may choose to call ourselves.

    There are those of us who want nothing what so ever to do with white people or their system and who actually don't want to be in this country.

    There are those of us who want nothing to do with them but have been led to believe that some spook from the sky is going to come back and help us...and as a result, do nothing what so ever to get them off our backs because we incorrectly with no proof at all, think that a higher power is going to do it for us.

    There are those of us who actually don't see anything wrong with white people because after all, we're all the same...we're all human and only God has the right to judge other people...and so these people claim to have no racism in the sense that they claim that they don't see color and that we should all just get along.

    Then there's a set of us who are seriously spiritual and who do in fact read all the holy books...but in doing so, tend see an entirely different story in those books as it relates to our people and white people. The spiritual people recognize in those books that "anything that a said God wanted done, they did it through a man or a woman", according to the religious books that is...and it is these groups of people who tend to be proactive in the sense that they know that, any change that is to be, must be done through our own hands, our own spirit and our own minds based upon the legacy of our culture and history that dictates the time of day that we are in.

    Then of course there is a set of us that has just sold the f*** out period. They know they are black and they know that white people are evil as a group...however, this group of black people don't see black and they don't see white. All they see is Green and will screw anybody to get more of it. They will protect those who they see the Green as coming from and will go out of their way to try and convince themselves and those dispensing the Green that they are really one of them even though their skin is black.

    Then there's a set of us who literally don't have a clue as to the time of day that it is, even though they are crying out for direction, information and some form of change or a voice that might give them a clue as to what direction to move in.

    Then there's a set of us who are so beat down, mentally exhausted, emotionally a wreak, spiritually lost and just plain old tired that they just want some peace. They just want to live this life as quiet as possible with no drama and are content to just "let someone else deal with all this mess".

    Did I cover all of us??? I'm looking at this to try and find common denominators and answers that maybe we can all reach...but that's extremely hard since we all can't even agree that we all have the same enemy!! I got to think because I once learned that the answer is often in the question....I just can't find it yet.