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    The Divinity Of Mythology

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, have you ever noticed those Black people who attempt to appear so serious about the events that affect our lives and how they present themselves to be oh so in the Now, and make claim to not be interested in that which they do not know about, and all that they do not know about they make claim of it not to be real?

    Well those are your staunched believers in the now about everything that affect our lives and the forces who are in control of presenting the events of the now that affect our lives, are those forces with a history of lying and deceiving you about all you make claim to believe about life, a exercise of the Mind that take you no further than what your oppressors have told you about everything you now believe about the religious God, the Universe, and about your Life, a reason why it is that we do not know who we are today.

    So tell me, what is mysticism other than a Dimension where action take place that is beyond the looking ability to know about all that is happening beyond the looking glass of your life, which is not real,

    Beloved, it is that false level of living of our lives that has Afrika as it is today and Black so call Afrikans to be a believing do not know thyself divided Black people, a people always living a life of hypocrisy, every time we make claim to be in the know of all that we have been conditioned to believe, and believe come riding into your Mind action on the wing of Doubt, because you can not know by believing, beloved.

    Lucifer's have taken it upon themselves to define every word that you Black people use to express your self today, and that is why we display a spirit that is an emulation of our oppressors.

    Because you must see, we live a life based upon belief and not on that which you should know, and knowing come from Divine Thinking and Divine Thinking will take you on a journey of Mental Dimensions that will reveal things to you that is a mystery to a Mind that only believe all that a liar and deceiver has told you about those things that you only believe in.

    It be those things meant to guide your Black life, as you make an attempt to disclaim the Divine validity of Mythology as a Mental Science to be mastered and will qualify you to know the Knowledge of that which is a mystery to you, beloved.

    Here you are, you taking Mythology to mean a Fantasy when all that you believe is the embodiment of your Mental fanticisng about all that you do not know about and qualify you not to be able to solve the mysteries about that you now believe in, beloved

    The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the three being one, all has gotten Black people to Trust and worship everything that they do and say about their Religious God, about the Universe, and about our Black selves.

    Beloved, it is no wonder why Black people are running around Mentally ill, a state of Mind sickness that have you believing that you sound so intelligent when you make such a statement that you do not acknowledge the Mythology that require for you to Divinely Think in order for you to become qualified to know with understanding the Mystery that surround the Divine Truth and Reality about the Divine Essence, about the Universe, and about your Black so call believing Afrikan selves.

    Beloved, anything that is very easy to learn is not worth knowing, when on a search for your Divine Mind, and it is your Divine Mind that is qualified to teach you to know all that you learn about your life.

    So, when you come to know who you Black people are, then you will begin the journey into the Dimension that consist of knowing the mythology, knowing the Mysticism, and Understanding the Mystery that require for you to know in order to be able to see the Divine Truth and Reality of the Divine Essence (GOD), both Universe, and about the Life of your Divine Being self, and how the Three must become as One, in order for you to be wise in knowing and Understanding the mystery that encapsulate the Divine Truth and Reality of all that would have you come to be qualified to See all that reside beyond the illusion of the physical believing self.

    Physical Reality is a secondary standard to knowing the Ethereal Reality, the former is profane and the latter is Divine, and it is the latter that reside in the mysticism of the mythology concerning the Mystery which you are require to solve, by getting to know, Understand, and be Wise in your comprehension, concerning that which require for you to know, by using your Divine Mind to Think.

    It is such that will qualify you to be able to solve the questions you have about all of that you have been conditioned to believe and not know about those Divine Entities that is beyond the physical.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    It is the Mentally ill that attack the Divine Mysteries, that which require for you to use your Divine Mind to Think, and Divinely Thinking take you into the Dimension where the Divine Mysteries are there for you to solve by seeing to know, with Understanding, the Divine Truth and Reality concerning our Black so call Afrikan life.

    So, not until we engage with the Mythology of our Lives and of the Universe, and of the Divine Essence, Black people will live a life of ignorance of self, and will carry the disease of Mentally illness, a level of Mind that have you believing and not knowing the Divine Truth and Reality about all you now been made to ignorantly believe about all that you can only look at today.

    Such a state of mind is what prevent you from giving respect to the Mythology of Life inner action, and to disrespect the Mythology of life, is to disrespect the Divine Essence, the Divine Intelligence that cause all things to Be..

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So yes, I do not hesitate to inform Black people about our need to assemble at a Divine Spiritual Retreat, and yes, the Mysteries concerning much of which you have questions about, will be explored and answered, and yes, you must not come with preconceived notions concerning that which you have been indoctrinated to believe about all aspects of life.

    Because such will serve as a Mental stumbling Block to you getting the Divine Mental Experience for which the Divine Spiritual Retreat will be the Main cause for you being there, which is for you to have a Divine Mental Experience which will put you on the Mental course to reclaiming your Divine Mind, beloved.

    So to all of you who are not dissuaded by the naysayers against the Mythology about getting to know about the Divine Essence, about the Universe, and about your Black selves, and would desire to be a member of this Divine Reclamation of your Divine Mind effort, which will take place at the June 2010 Divine Spiritual Retreat, then do not hesitate to contact IsisWisdom at this address: [email protected]

    IsisWisdom along with goddess Isis, and others, are in the motion of coordinating this Divine Spiritual Event which is to take place in Sedona Arizona in 2010, the Year Of The Reawakening For The Black Nation.

    It will be a happening that will be the start of knowing and Understanding the Mysteries that have already begun to be revealed, concerning the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and other Life in the Universe, of which the Black Divine Being serve as evidence that Life does exist in the Universe that is beyond this planet Earth, All of which will be dealt with at the Divine Spiritual Retreat, without the confusing crutch of Religious Belief.

    Again, I invite you to purchase my just released Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    The First and Only Book written by A Black Writer That goes as Divinely Deep to reveal all of the misgivings and misinformation about God, the Universe, and about Life and its Body attributes.

    Attributes such as the various level of Conscious , the different in the quality of Mind use, and its ability to delve into the Mysterious Dimension of your Mind activity, and how we have been conditioned to misrepresent the Heart and what Dreams and Vision is all about, also about Channeling, Remote Viewing, and much, much more, all being exposed by Divine Revealed Information without a Religious base, such is a Book for all Mental Dimension and All People, regardless of Race or Creed, or religion, this is a book of life to the world.

    Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, Is About You, So You will Be Doing Your Self A Favor By Getting This Book For You, and Not For Me, Beloved.

    Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You can be purchased from Amazon Book Store on Line, and from Barnes And Noble Book Store, as well as from following this link below and make sucr there is no space in the link..

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]